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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 203: “Let Me Take a Peek.  Just One Peek.” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 203: “Let Me Take a Peek. Just One Peek.”

The big shot’s mad.

The results of that seems pretty serious too.

Just as Shien was worried over this matter, Airi looked toward him and spoke.

“So then, you really aren’t planning to subjugate those Old Demon Faction?”

Airi seemed to want to confirm this matter.

Shien didn’t even think about it before answering.


Shien’s answer was very decisive.

“Why? Didn’t you say that you really hated those Old Demon Faction though?”

Airi started questioning Shien.

“I do indeed hate those guys. They’re the villians after all, who doesn’t hate them?” Shien continued to speak in a decisive manner, “Firstly, I have other important things to do here in the Capital, so I don’t have the time for that at all. Secondly, why should I have to go out of my way to subjugate a bunch of guys I’ve never even met before, even if I hate them? Thirdly, I don’t want to get scammed.”

That’s how it is.

For the upcoming month, Shien will definitely be shutting himself up in the magic books library underneath the palace. That part doesn’t even need mentioning anymore.

Even without that bit, there’s no way that Shien would go running to someone else’s territory to subjugate some villains there. Why should he when he could be studying magic or taking baths with Diere, after all?

Hmm… Although he can only look and not touch, so it’s indeed kind of lacking, but it’s not like Shien is so bored that he’d really go out of his way to fight against dangers to the Kingdom and the world, right?

This isn’t even mentioning the fact that the Stalim territory is that Duke Bali’s home turf.

That guy obviously dislikes him, although it’s unknown if he’s antagonistic to Shien because of his relationship with Lucy or if it’s for some other reason.

Shien might not know exactly what Bali’s plans for him are, but since Bali is obviously antagonistic against him, it’d be just plain retarded to go run off to Bali’s territory, gift wrapped.

That kind of guy is obviously a hardass. Then there’s the whole coldblooded and heartless settings as well. If it was in his previous world, then those setting would pretty much designate a minor villain for the protagonist to humiliate and kill. Even if Shien himself doesn’t exactly fear him, there’s no point to running off to play their game though, right?

And subjugation as well? Shien would be more than happy if those hateful bunch of the Old Demon Faction were to put in some more effort and just completely ruin that old hardass’s territory. He’d be quite happy if that actually happened.

And for him to go over and help out of his own initiative?

Not a chance.

In regards to that, Shien only has one thing to say: Go play on your own.

However, Airi obviously has something different in mind.

“What if I want them subjugated though?”

Airi stared at Shien and said those unexpected words.

“You?” Shien was stunned for a moment before he asked attentively, “What? Do you have a grudge against them or something?”

“What do you think?” Airi spoke completely stone-faced, “Those cancers of the Demon word is not only acting as they like using that personage’s name, but they’re also trying to destroy the balance and peace between the divine, mortal and demon world. They’re not only a plague to our whole race, but they’ve also constantly caused countless disasters within the past thousand years. It’s ended up making the mortals cautious of and fearful of even the innocents of our demon race. They’re the absolute worst.”

“If not for them, the demon race would definitely have integrated much better into the world as a whole, and we might have walked toward true peace alongside the gods and mortals. My big sisters wouldn’t have needed to work so hard either, constantly getting pestered by the gods and mortals over the actions of those cancers, being forced to expend who knows how much efforts just to repair relations.”

“Add in the fact that the important personages of the Old Demon Faction tend to be those who used to be from under us six great demon lords at that, so that makes them tantamount to traitors. Do you think then that I wouldn’t desire their subjugation then?”

Just as Airi said, the ones who hate the Old Demon Faction the most aren’t the gods or mortals, but the demon race themselves.

If not for those cancers, people wouldn’t be still so guarded against the demon race as a whole. Nor would the three races still merely maintaining a balance, but have instead stepped forward to true peace.

It’s all because of those guys rampaging as they liked that the gods and mortals still consider the demons as dangerous and untrustworthy.

Thus, Airi wanting to cut those cancers out is only understandable.

Perhaps, Airi’s appearance in the mortal world, her arrival in the Capital, and then her detecting his own existence may very well be due to the incidents with Leisha, Baydr, Jillian, and their groups.

That said though… Didn’t this girl just leak out a terrifying secret just now?

While Shien was still seriously considering the matter, Airi once again spoke up.

“Since I know where those cancers have appeared again, there’s no way that I can let them off.”

Airi looked at Shien.

“… You’re not asking me to go, are you?”

Shien’s eye twitched.

“Correct.” Airi spoke calmly, “You destroyed Baydr’s branch of the Old Demon Faction, so if you appeared near their field of view, then there’s a high chance that they’d show themselves. And at that point…”

Shien interrupted her before she could finish that sentence.

“But I already said it. I don’t want to go, I have things to do still, and I don’t want to get scammed.”

Shien was nearly on the verge of raising his hands in the air for emphasis.

“You’re really not going?” Airi frowned, “You’re not going even if I went with you?”

“You’re going with me?” Shien stopped and started thinking it over deeply.

If Airi really were to follow him along, then that’s not impossible anymore.

That girl’s battle power is definitely broken. It’s unknown if she could shatter planets with a punch like a certain monkey named Son, but even if not, she’s still definitely at a level that no one else could come close to matching.

If that girl’s with him, then no plots or schemes could possibly work against him, right?

After all, this girl’s not just unbelievably powerful in a fight, her status is also high enough that it’s scary. If a mere duke of the Kingdom tried to provoke him even so, then he’d probably end up annihilated in an instant.

If he were to bring this girl with him, then in the end, not only would there be no problem anymore, he’d even be able to turn the whole thing around against that old hardass, right?

In addition to hat, he wouldn’t even need to follow that old hardass’s plans at all. He could very well just take the girl with him and sneak in to do all that without anyone realizing.

As he thought that, Shien really was a bit tempted.

When he considers that old hardass that was plotting against him, Shien really did want to do some hitting back.

However, that’s all first on the premise of not getting in the way of his main priorities.


“Alright, I’ll go with you.” Shien told Airi, “However, I have two conditions.”

Airi was rather dissatisfied with that though.

“You’re the only one who could talk conditions with me.” Airi let out a sigh, “Say it then, what are your conditions then?”

“First of all, we won’t be going until a month later, not right now.”

Shien had first made sure to establish this point.

That’s his main priority here. It can’t be put off.

“But what if they’ve gotten away by then?”

Airi frowned.

“If that happens, then I’;ll figure out something else.” Shien promised, “Is that alright?”

“Fine.” Airi considered it for a bit before nodding, “And the second condition?”

“As for the second…” Shien gave a glance at the pillow Airi’s holding and smiled like a thief that had finally spotted an opening, “You have to move your pillow out of the way and let me take a peek. Just one peek.”

“Eh?” Airi was startled.

Immediately after, Airi finally realized.

That guy. So that’s what he was waiting for huh?

That piece of shit!


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