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Chapter 154: Unexpected Development

“Almost forgot what came for here.”

Only after Lucy mentioned it did Shien finally remembered his goal for coming back.

Actually, Shien just wanted to borrow something from Lucy.

“Do you have more of those rings that seals up the Holy Sword?”

Indeed. Shien wanted to borrow that ring that could seal up the Holy Sword.

“So that’s what you wanted huh?” Lucy understood and nodded as she replied, “Indeed. For a wielder of a Holy Sword, it would indeed be quite troublesome without it.”

The Holy Sword’s appearance is just way too eye-catching. With the addition of its reputation, the moment it’s used in front of anyone else, the chances of it being recognized can be said to be 100%.


“The Holy Sword’s magic power is just far too distinctive. With that divine aura, it’d be recognized right away by anyone who has seen it before or the sharp-eyed gods and demons.”

In response to Lucy’s words, Shien unconsciously rubbed at his nose.

Speaking of, back when Leisha originally discovered his identity, it seemed to have been because she found out about the Holy Sword’s existence.

In that case, it’s very likely that it was just as Lucy has said, that Leisha realized it because she recognized the Holy Sword’s magic power.

Shien had though that it was good enough just bundling the Holy Sword up, but just that much was absolutely not enough.

Thus, the sword ring for the Holy Sword was born.

“This was originally a sealing item made specifically to keep Heroes from being targeted. Each Hero in the previous ages will nearly all be given this item. Otherwise, in the age when the war was still raging, the moment a Hero’s Holy Sword’s magic power was detected, he’d definitely be killed right away before he’s had a chance to grow up without any mercy.”

Lucy took a sip of her honey tea as she spoke.

Before a Hero has full matured, they’d nearly all chose to seal up their Holy Sword this way and take their time to grow stronger. Only when the time is ripe will they show themselves to the world. The fact that you lacked this item but was still able to be fine all this time is quite lucky of you.”

In response, Shien pursed his lips and didn’t particularly comment.

He didn’t think that he as lucky at all.

Putting aside everything else, didn’t Leisha manage discover his existence via the Holy Sword’s magic poer?

Shien also got dragged into the debacle with the Old Demon Faction because of that. This should have counted as quite unlucky for him.

Of course, if Baydr and Jillian were still alive, then they’d definitely be objecting with all their might.

“You’re unlucky?”

“The unlucky ones are obviously us though!”

It’d haven been quite a moving sight to see Baydr and Jillian complain like that from hell.

Back to the subject at hand.

“Do you have more of those things?” Shien brought up the matter that he’s actually interested in.

If he could do as Lucy did and seal up his Holy Sword, then he wouldn’t need to worry anymore about the issue of his Holy Sword getting exposed. Nor would he need to worry about getting a new weapon either.

Even sealed, the Holy Sword is still far stronger than most magic weapons.

Thus, Shien really did need this seal.

“Wait a moment.”

Lucy didn’t answer directly. Instead, she made that statement before standing up and opening up a drawer in a corner of the room.

Shien gave a glance at it, and he was nearly unable to pull his eyes away.

The reason for that is simple: That drawer was just too attractive to the eye.

Hn. To attractive indeed.

After all, there were so many colorful small articles of clothing inside, and each and every one of them were a feast for the eyes.

Doubtlessly, any man who lays their eyes on it will consider it quite attractive.


(Those sizes really are big. What nice numbers there.)

Shien gave praise without any hesitation.

And the completely defenseless princess just opened up her drawers like that. Then, in the end, she pulled out a box and brought it before Shien.

“Here, take it.”

Lucy just tossed the box before Shien without any hesitance. Her movements were careless and inelegant, but when said movements were done by this beautiful princess, it still looked really good.

Shien didn’t hold back, and he just directly grabbed the box and opened it up.

Within the box were three sword rings just like the one on Lucy’s Holy Sword.

“These are the Holy Sword sealing rings used by past Heroes.” Lucy spoke somewhat lazily.

“Every Hero summoned to this world were given a sealing ring like this on arrival. And when they died, the sealing ring won’t disappear with the Holy Sword. After all these ages, quite a couple have ended up accumulating. The royal family over the past thousand years have collected them whenever one popped up just in case they’d ever come in use. Right now, all of them are mine.”

After all, in anyone’s hands but Lucy’s, the only value these things have are as collectibles.

“Go ahead and pick one.” Lucy spoke readily.

“Aren’t all of them the same?”

Shien rolled his eyes and randomly grabbed one while taking out his Holy Sword.


The Holy Sword was as eye-catching as always. Light shone, illuminating the entire room with a golden brilliance.

“Isn’t your Holy Sword a bit too bright?” Lucy couldn’t help but comment after seeing that, “It’s a lot more brilliant than the Holy Sword passed down through our Mitra royal family. It can’t be that this Holy Sword is even more powerful than mine, right?”

Shien didn’t answer. He just took a glance as his own Holy Sword.

[Holy Sword]

Wielder: Shien

Level +100

All skills level +10

All damage resist 99%

All negative status immunity

Sharpness level maxed

Durability level maxed

Extreme damage bonus VS. Evil

Purifying and exorcism effect VS. Evil element

Bound to wielder. Cannot be lost. Cannot be transferred. Cannot be destroyed. Cannot be modified. Cannot be interfered with.

The row after row of effects really did give Shien the feeling that it’s a nuke among Holy Swords.

Shien didn’t want to give Lucy too much of a shock, so he just placed the sword ring in his hand right onto the sword.

In that instant, the sword ring shook and expanded like it was being disassembled. It broke up into several pieces and enveloped the Holy Sword.

Right then, Shien’s Holy Sword received one seal after another. It was like a sheath was placed on it, having been firmly covered by several steel clamps.

The light from the Holy Sword instantly dimmed greatly.

Yet, what Shien and Lucy didn’t expect was that the Holy Sword wasn’t completely sealed. It was only about a third sealed, and quite a good portion of the blade was still exposed to the outside, still shining brilliantly.

“This is…?”

Lucy was completely shocked.

Shien was the same.

Because, in Shien’s eyes, the Holy Sword’s effect has changed.

[Holy Sword (Sealed)]

Wielder: Shien.

Level +70.

All skills level +7.

All damage resist 70%.

All negative status greatly weakened.

Sharpness level special grade.

Durability level extreme.

Amazing damage bonus VS. Evil

Chance of purifying and exorcism effect VS. Evil element

Bound to wielder. Cannot be lost. Cannot be transferred. Cannot be destroyed. Cannot be modified. Cannot be interfered with.


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