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Chapter 109: The Question Without an Answer

“Your magic power has been constantly increasing?”

With Vivian at the head, the group of girls were all focused on Melika at this moment in shock.

“Yes.” Melika herself seemed to be just as shocked as everyone else. She was also confused and uneasy, “I don’t know why either. At first, I thought that I was just mistaken, but following the fights during these last few days, I feel that my magic power had indeed increased.”

The evidence was that back when Melika was subjugating the ogres, the magic she cast were far more powerful than what she was previously capable of.

Due to her own magic power having increased, the amount of magic power Melika used when casting her spells had also increased. Thus, the natural result was that the power of her spells have also increased.

However, she had obviously not leveled up, so why did her magic power suddenly rise?

Melika was herself confused and uneasy at this phenomenon.

Vivian and group also started taking this seriously.

“Generally speaking, for something like magic power to grow, it would normally be something that follows the growth of one’s levels or from having learned some kind of skill that increases magic power. Beyond those, there are outside causes, such as having drank some kind of magic potion that increases magic power or the effect of some kind of treasure.” Vivian questioned Melika, “Melika, did you learn some kind of new skill or used some kind of treasure or potion?”

“N-Not at all.” Melika shook her head and hurriedly replied, “If I had, then I wouldn’t feel so strange about this.”

True enough. This was something that even Vivian knew, so there’s no way that an elf mage like Melika would be ignorant of it.

For Melika of all people to have no idea what the cause of this was, that at least proves that the increase in magic power definitely was not due to any mundane cause.

“Then, Melika,” Lumia also got worried, “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“Right. If something was wrong with your body and that affected the flow of your life force, then it wouldn’t be strange for there to be abnormalities with magic power, which is transformed from life force.” Vivian spoke seriously, “Melika, did you feel anything unusual about your body? No matter how small it might be. Think carefully.”

“Uhmn.” Melika immediately bunched up her brow and started thinking furiously.

Vivian and Lumia both looked at Melika. They didn’t hurry her and patiently waited for her to go through her memories.

Shien on the other hand didn’t speak again since the very start. He just quietly waited at the back, focused on Melika, and his eyes flashed.

At that moment…

“Do you have some thoughts on Melika’s condition?”

A voice came from the side, which brought Shien back to reality.

Only then did Shien discover that at some point, Diere had moved next to him.

“Speak.” Diere didn’t look at Shien, but she still spoke, “What are your thoughts?”

“Thoughts huh?” Shien scratched his face, “I can’t really call them a real though, but I did detect a few things.”

“What things?” Diere asked without beating about the bush.

Shien once again focused his gaze onto Melika and narrowed his eyes.

Actually, ever since a few days ago, Shien had already discovered that there were some abnormalities with Melika.

It was because of the reactions from the [Magic Detection] skill.

“You guys shouldn’t have discovered it right?” Shien took a pose and whispered, “Righ now, all around Melika, there’s been a constant near undetectable weak flow of magic power gathering about her and even flowing into her body.”

“What?” Diere herself bunched up her brow in surprise, “You’re saying that the reason that Melika’s magic power is suddenly increasing may very well be because a constant weak flow of magic power is entering her body?”

“I can’t particularly guarantee that as fact.” Shien shook his head, “However, if you’re asking me if I have any ideas, then that’s the only thing I’ve discovered.”

Diere’s kept her worried expression at that and fell silent.

A while later, Diere spoke up.

“Melika is an elf, and elves are life forms born from nature itself. If magic power is indeed constantly gathering in her vicinity and even entering her body, then it wouldn’t really be strange for Melika to have increased in magic power.” Diere spoke blandly, “Basically, this current situation isn’t all that different from the basic logic behind magic springs.”

“Magic springs?” Shien was stunned for a moment before reacting, “You’re saying that the magic power in question was the fundamental magic power of the world itself that was flowing through the air?”

Magic springs were formed because the magic power of the world had gathered in one place and materialized into a liquid form.

And Melika, as an elf born from nature, is naturally close to nature and the world itself. In that case, if the magic power in the air itself flowed into her body, then as an elf of nature, it wouldn’t be surprising if she were to absorb that magic power and grow from it.

“The question is though, just why is it that the world’s magic power suddenly started to gather around Melika.”

Diere brought up the question remainding.

This time, even Shien had narrowed his eyes and fell silent.

Shien thus didn’t discover that at that moment, Melika was currently blatantly staring at him.

Looking at Shien who was deeply in thought, Melika’s own gaze wavered.

If they’re talking about if there was anything unusual with her recently, then Melika could only think of one thing.

And that thing had to do with Shien.

(Ever since that night, I feel like the feeling of closeness to Mr. Shien had grown even stronger)

That had weakened the guarded feeling that Melika had held toward shien little by little.

A bit before, the reason that Melika agreed to allow Shien to accompany her to prevent her from ever being alone was also because of this.

At this point, Melika would even unconsciously want to get closer to Shien every now and then. Her gaze would also often unconsciously move toward Shien. There was even once that Lumia had told her that when she was asleep, her was unconsciously muttering Shien’s name, which embarrassed her to no end.

(Why did I suddenly become this way?)

Melika was rather worried over this, and her hands unconsciously touched at her clothes.

The flower crown that Shien had given Melika sat quietly nder that patch of clothes, undiscovered by anyone.

Then, not even Shien himself noticed that the magic power gathering about Melika was in actuality gathered to that flower crown. It was just that as it got closer to the flower crown, it was absorbed by Melika as an elf of nature.

(Uhmn, I feel like I’m becoming more and more unlike myself.)

Melika. who didn’t know any of this, mentally cried out.

In the end, Melika decided not to speak up about that particular abnormality. She instead just claimed that she hadn’t felt anything unusual.

With that, the question naturally became unanswerable.

Without any other recourse, the group could only give up and continue cleaning up the battleground.

Not long after, the transport team once again set off.

At this point, they have already entered the Fednis ducal territory. They’re already close to the capital.

However, others have come chasing them, and those others weren’t far either.


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