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Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent – Chapter 647.1: The Final Clash (Part 1) Bahasa Indonesia

Fang Yun flew in the vast dark space, alone. He no longer knew how many planets and stars he devoured. The only thing he is sure about is that his strength has reached an unimaginable point.

Everything in the universe felt extremely fragile to him as if they could pop with just a mere movement, including space itself.

“I have now reached the late-stage universe master level…”

Fang Yun took a deep breath, then raised his head and looked at the space in front of him. Most of his sight was filled with darkness. Not many stars are left.

That is to say, he devoured the majority of matter in this universe. The only place he didn’t touch at all was the galaxy cluster where the earth is located.

“It’s time to go back.”

Fang Yun acclimated to the extreme strength in his body while flying back towards the Milky Way. A day later, he reached the passage left behind by the great turtle.

He used the spiritual imprint to communicate with the space channel. Suddenly, an extremely bright light flashed in front of him. The next moment, his titanic body disappeared from this section of space.

When Fang Yun reappeared, he had already returned to the cultivation universe, and the moment he arrived, an inexplicable feeling emerged in his heart.

It’s like something wailing in pain in his mind.

This feeling appeared when he devoured planets and stars in the earth’s universe. At that time, he had swallowed many, many planets and stars, but the wailing was still quite weak, almost imperceptible.

However, in this universe, the wailing is extremely strong

This universe is decaying.

“What the hell did the Heisenberg empire do?”

Fang Yun was quite surprised, then started to move forward. Along the way, he didn’t rush to attack Heisenberg but scrutinized the state of the cultivation universe.

All the places he had swept away with his spiritual power were barren, broken planets, distorted space, and wreckage of stars floating around…

This universe lacked any trace of vitality. It’s a complete wreck!

“Has everything disappeared?”

He quickly reached the Heisenberg empire boundary but found that the so-called strongest empire didn’t exist anymore. In fact, all empires and civilizations have disappeared! Whether it’s the five empires or any other kingdom!

“What the hell is going on?”

Fang Yun was dumbstruck. All kingdoms, objects, and creatures have disappeared from this universe. Even the metaverse league disappeared!

“No, something is wrong!”

Suddenly, Fang Yun’s heart trembled. He stretched his mental power even further, covering most of the universe and carefully inspecting it. In the next moment, he seemed to hear something.

“Ba-dum, Ba-dum,”

It was the sound of a beating heart.

But strangely, he heard the sound of two beating hearts.

“Ba-dum! Ba-dum! Ba-dum!”

The beating sounds of the two hearts were quite weak, but one of them was stable and strong, and the other was very weak, almost dying out.

Of course, this wasn’t really the sound of a beating heart, but life fluctuations in Fang Yun’s perception.

“There are only two beings left in this universe…”

Fang Yun had a clear idea of what happened.

“In fact, one of these ‘beating hearts’ belongs to this universe!”

​​​​After reaching the top level that any creature could reach, Fang Yun has learned that the universe is actually a lifeform! One that’s different from any other…

In other words, the universe is an extremely huge creature. Galaxies, stars, and other celestial bodies are just small components of its body, and cultivators are like viruses and bacteria leeching on it. Of course, most cultivators are insignificant to it, but the top ones, especially universe masters are different.

Fang Yun felt two lifeforms in this universe. One is the universe itself and the other is…

“Hey, there you are. It seems that your strength has greatly increased over the years..”

A voice suddenly appeared in Fang Yun’s mind, but he wasn’t surprised. He already knows who this voice belongs to.

Hao Meng of the Heisenberg Empire.

“Hahahaha, you should have realized. Yes, I have become the universe itself!”


Just as this voice sounded, indescribable pressure suddenly swept across the universe.

This is the anger of the cultivation universe.

“Hey, angry? Continue to be angry, I’m going to destroy you and devour you. A spirit full of anger, and the spirit of the universe itself! It must be delicious!”

Hao Meng’s voice was filled with madness, but it didn’t incur any reaction from the universe this time.

“Hahaha! Obediently accept the fate of being devoured by me! You will not dissipate, but will continue to exist as part of me! Nothing will change the outcome, so why don’t you stop resisting?!”

As he continued speaking, Hao Meng’s voice was gradually filled with fanaticism and madness.

Fang Yun floated in the dark voice, the surrounding space didn’t stop shaking and tumbling, crushing every object in space. This occurred across all locations in the universe. This is the universe itself resisting!

No wonder that there isn’t the slightest trace of creatures in this space. Nothing would be able to survive in such an environment, apart from beings at his level of power.

“This Hao Meng is actually competing with the will of this cosmos for control… However, the cosmic will does not seem to have the ability to actively attack.”

Fang Yun remembered the feeling he had back in the earth’s universe, that subtle wailing… That was the universe’s consciousness telling him to leave!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

This is the true doomsday of this universe. The endless space is shattering and collapsing, breaking everything along with it. Everything is starting to become warped and distorted, and strange images started to appear.

This is because the spacetime continuum is being distorted, allowing Fang Yun to see an image that is beyond this dimension.

And in that dimension, Fang Yun has seen two giant beings clashing.


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