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Supernatural Movie Actor App (Unlimited) – Chapter 116: First Bahasa Indonesia

‘What nonsense about breaking?’ Xie Chi thought.

The ring was an orange item. It was quite strong but there were many restrictions. The other person had to be around to trigger the effect and the item would be destroyed once the relationship was broken. However, these two great shortcomings had almost no effect on Xie Chi.

Xie Xinglan and him were in one body. There was no situation where Xie Xinglan wouldn’t be by his side and the relationship broken.

After analyzing the effect of the item, Xie Chi was in a good mood.

The nearby Su Qing also came out after binding to an item. Xie Chi saw that his expression was different. Su Qing was shocked and embarrassed. He was even blushing and this made Xie Chi curious about his item.

Su Qing found that Xie Chi was staring at him and this made him feel even more embarrassed. He couldn’t help grasping the hem of his clothes.

He got the item… Halo of the Virgin Mary. When helping other actors, he could get a 50% increase in strength in a very short time. The item also had a certain healing effect.

Xie Chi knew Su Qing was embarrassed so he withdrew his gaze. “Then we will leave first. See you later.”

Su Qing nodded lightly.

The moment Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan left, the comprehensive evaluation of the actors came out in the cinema.

The audience who had been waiting for a long time stood up and looked on tiptoe to see who was first in the comprehensive evaluation. After all, Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan were evenly matched this time so the comprehensive evaluation was full of suspense.

The audience who saw the results were stunned. The noisy theater fell silent for a while until the sound of ‘fuck’ broke through the calm. They expressed their shock one after another.


“It can still be played like this?!”


On the big screen, the actors’ comprehensive evaluation slowly scrolled.

[Living Hell Cast List:

First male lead: Xie Chi & Xie Xinglan

Xie Chi: 86% plot exploration.

Reached the perfect ending: Conquered the eternal hell as a leader. Rewarded with 300 points.

Total number of fans: 30,377 (up to 50,000 audience members for an orange movie), rounded up to 304 points.

Xie Xinglan: 74% plot exploration.

Reached the perfect ending: Conquered the eternal hell as a leader. Rewarded with 300 points.

Total number of fans: 38,888, rounded up to 389 points.

Both actors have made contributions to the movie and are tied for the first male lead.

XIe Chi earned a total of 1,604 points.

Xie Xinglan earned a total of 1,689 points.]

“Why does Xing Xing have so many more fans than Chi Chi? I’m unhappy. Are the audience members blind?”

“Are you stupid? We have already followed Chi Chi. Can we follow him and add to the ‘fan’ data a second time?”

“Yes! I’m an old fan!” The ghost hit the back of his head and smiled.

“Hahahaha, fuck, isn’t this really intending to cover it up? I have seen countless movies and there has never been a tie for first—!”

“Fuck?! Is it true or false?”

The audience was boiling as they looked at the bigshot who had watched countless movies.

“Hahahaha, it must be! Since they scored first and second, the final total points of their personalities is averaged, which is too bad. For example, Xie Chi is first with 1,000 points and Xie Xinglan is second with 500 points. Their average is 750 points, which is still lower than the 1,000 points reward for first place? Isn’t this worthy of an actor? After all, he did two things alone so the app can only do this. I am laughing to death hahaha.”

“Looking down, the other actors have the highest points in their history but Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan are different. Hahaha, since the app exposed Xie Xinglan’s points, Xie Xinglan’s identity is immediately revealed. Although…” The ghost coughed and smiled. “The past points are hidden but isn’t this just trying to cover it up?”

“Hahaha fuck? Isn’t this too embarrassing? The app is saying helplessly, ‘I tried my best. I’m sorry but I still didn’t cover it.’”

“Wait, slow down. You mean… Xie Xinglan is Xie Chi’s second personality right? They tied for first place and the total points being hidden is strange. Then in the movie, they are lovers. They are a real couple kissing and holding hands…” The ghost’s expression suddenly solidified and his eyes widened after a few seconds. “Fuck? Is this right? The personalities fell in love with each other?” His voice was too loud and awakened the audience members who didn’t know the truth.

“Son Chi is a double personality?”

“My Xie Xie CP is in fact… the same person? Oh, I’m so stupid. I said that the fact that they’re both surnamed Xie was a good fate.”

“No wonder why my son always smiled inexplicably before! People are going through the plot while he is falling in love in his mind!”

“Xie Chi, this stinky man, this big liar! Wu wu wu, but I still love him…”

“To tell the truth, this old lady has supported countless CPs. This is the most ghostly and emotional pair.”

“Damn, I am racking my brains to pick up female ghosts and becoming braver after repeated defeats while Xie Chi has completed… mitosis?”

“Hahah, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand.”

“Your words are rough but it is the truth.”

“Smart people pay attention to efficiency. They save the time to find a suitable love partner and get it right in one step.”

“If I could split into a female ghost that I like then who would bother to pick up girls?”

“Don’t say that. Judging from the causes of multiple personalities, Chi Chi must’ve encountered bad things before developing Xing Xing…”

“Damn, I’m confused. I love Chi Chi so I won’t talk nonsense.”

“Wait, Xing Xing… protecting Chi Chi?”

“I’m eating sugar again!”

“The amount of information is so large. I have to take it slowly…”

“So I can’t see Xing Xing later? I just remember now. This Living Hell movie is about the souls of the actors going to hell. Xie Chi has two personalities so of course they are separated. Ah, I’m crying at the thought of not seeing Xing Xing in the future.”

“You can come to see Chi Chi. One payment for two shares of happiness. Isn’t it a profit hehe?”

“Smart, I know Chi Chi’s wish!”

“I know it as well!”

“Ahhh, so romantic. The two husbands want to marry. It is a good confusion.”

“I’ll take a step back to dig out the details. Wait for me to post the truth!”

It was noisy in the theater and the evaluation of the rest of the actors scrolled on the big screen in a lonely manner.

[Second male lead: Su Qing, plot exploration degree of 37%, 500 points are rewarded.

Achieved the Virgin Mary ending: Kill no one and 200 points are rewarded.

Total number of fans: 16,543, rounded up to 165 points.

Total: 865 points.

Total points: 6,563 points.

Third male lead…

Fourth female lead…


Cannon fodder actor: ……

Dead actors: Ji Xingchen, Cheng Zhou etc.]

“Xie Chi’s one was too fast. My son had no time to play… embarrassing.”

“Chi fans aren’t good, hehe.”

“If I remember correctly, Xie Chi should pass 5,000 points with this movie. What type of speed is this?”

“Fortunately, his talent was opened in advance and he won’t improve a lot later. Otherwise, it would be too scary!”

“Actually, I feel that his personality is a bit similar to the movie emperor but Chi Chi seems freer and more casual. The movie emperor is more spontaneous? They have the style of a leader. Chi Chi will probably lead people in a freer manner while Shen Yi is a dictatorship? Then what about Xing Xing? I know! The leader of an uprising against oppression…”

“Hahahaha your analogy is so apt!”

“I’m a fan of all three! Then if the real Xing Chi fights Shen Yi, who will win? If they are in the same cast…”

“Huh, look at your imagination.”

“As far as I know, Xie Chi has surpassed Shen Yi back then. This is Xie Chi’s fifth movie. He should be over 5,000 while Shen Yi was only over 4,500 after finishing his fifth movie…”

“Here comes the textual criticism party!”

“Damn, then won’t Chi Chi grab the position of movie emperor from Shen Yi in a few months?”

“Do you dare to think such a thing? In fact, as long as Shen Yi keeps shooting movies then Xie Chi can’t catch up with him. After all, his qualifications are there. Shen Yi came a year earlier than him and Xie Chi will leave after gaining enough points to realize his wish, right? Xie Chi has no interest in the position of movie actor. I feel he is the type of person who will leave when he achieves his goal. He won’t be greedy for others and isn’t interested in fame at all. Haven’t you found that he doesn’t have the heart to compete with others? No, he just wants to earn points.”

“I didn’t think about it but now that you say so, I am thinking about it.”

“Huh? Will Chi Chi leave after that? I’m starting to panic.”

“Pfft, it is still a long way to go.”

“Speaking of this, what is Shen Yi’s wish? He has to have tens of thousands of points, right? What wish is so big? He has dominated the rankings for a whole year. I hope he will never fulfill his wish. We can watch him make movies all the time…”

“Sigh, I’m a Ren Ze fan. Ren Ze was 800 or 900 points behind Xie Chi after the last movie. Once this movie is over, he will be 2,000 points behind Xie Chi. Damn, it’s too cruel.”

“Can I talk as a Xia Yao fan?”

“The gap between the same batch of newcomers will widen.”

“No one’s curious about what’s going on with Cheng Zhou?”


The dark screen lit up again. This time, it was the definition of the horror movie. The audience obviously knew how difficult it was for an orange movie to become a red movie. This movie was only the lightest orange and was a discounted price among the orange movies. It barely ranked among the orange movies and upgrading was even more difficult. They were all lacking in interest.

On the big screen, the light orange card slowly deepened and the scene where Xie Chi revealed the truth appeared. The card was obviously deepened by a degree. Then once everyone captured the eternal hell, the card deepened again.

The card finally stopped at orange and the audience wasn’t surprised.

“Chi Chi has two orange movies now. If he shoots another orange movie then he can barely make it into the third tier!”

“What do you mean by just barely making it to the third tier? There are so many third tiers. Isn’t this an overstatement? Xia Yao can be a third tier if she shoots another orange movie. It is just a pheasant third tier…”

“Whispering softly, Chi Chi has killed a third tier.”

“This movie can be regarded as a niche symbolic movie. The development of this theme is very good…”

There was a line of introduction under the orange card on the big screen that said: the orange card ‘Living Hell’. The quality is wonderful.

Advantages: brilliant performance of the lead actors, a novel setting and style, a meaningful theme and perfect ending.

Disadvantages: The plot is a bit simple and dull. The movie is a non-traditional horror movie with different standards, so it won’t be judged here.

The movie has been included in two lists: Movies with Different Styles and Starring Actors We Are Crazy About This Year.

The rewards for the lists have been distributed to the corresponding actors’ mobile phones.

“The movie Living Hell is officially over. Thank you for watching the movie and I look forward to seeing you again.”

The moment Su Qing pushed open the door of Shen Yi’s office, he saw Shen Yi’s agent bandaging Shen Yi’s hands. Shen Yi sat there without saying a word, his expression sullen and his mood strange. The atmosphere in the room was extremely depressed.

Su Qing only had Shen Yi’s hands on his mind. He rushed in and said anxiously, “What’s wrong with your hands?”

Shen Yi saw him and gave the agent a look. The agent left and closed the door. Su Qing stared at the bloody broken glass on the coffee table.

Shen Yi spoke lightly, “It’s nothing. The glass broke and got stuck in my hand.”

Su Qing was careful and saw deep handprints on the broken glass. The glass should’ve been crushed abruptly by Shen Yi.

“Is it about Cheng Zhou?” Su Qing looked up. Then the moment he asked it, he lowered his eyes in a self-mocking manner. How could Shen Yi be angry because he was worried about Su Qing?

Shen Yi beckoned to him. Su Qing sat down on the sofa and spoke dryly. “I don’t know who wants to kill me but he seems to mainly want to kill Xie Chi. I should’ve never had a grudge with anyone.”

“Yes.” Shen Yi listened and responded absentmindedly, dark eyes full of irritability. Su Qing was so good. How could it be possible for people in horror movies to hold a grudge against him?

“Don’t mention me in the movie in the future,” Shen Yi instructed in an extremely cold tone. Su Qing smiled bitterly. Was it impossible to even pretend to be a fan and mention Shen Yi?

“Yes, I see.” Su Qing answered.

Shen Yi smiled, looked at him and calmed down. “Do you have another movie to shoot before you fulfill your wish and leave?”

“…Yes.” Su Qing didn’t know why this was suddenly mentioned but he felt panicked.

He didn’t know what Shen Yi’s wish was and how long it would take to realize it. However, sometimes he thought that even if it came true and Shen Yi would leave, what did it have to do with him? He wouldn’t live a lifetime with Shen Yi.

Shen Yi said, “End it as soon as possible and don’t drag it out. I’ll ask my agent to choose a suitable one for you. I’ll ask someone to accompany you to help and then go back to reality.”

“…I can make another wish to stay!” Su Qing almost couldn’t speak from anxiety.

“It isn’t necessary.” Shen Yi couldn’t bear to say anything else and sighed inaudibly. He secretly thought that he was becoming more soft-hearted and indifferently said, “Be obedient.”

Su Qing was silent for a moment. “…I know.”

There was silence. After a long time, Su Qing couldn’t help asking, “Will you come to me after you fulfill your wish?”

In response, there was a longer silence.

“I don’t know,” Shen Yi finally replied. Before this matter was over, he couldn’t easily make promises, nor was he in the mood to promise.

“…I see.” Su Qing muttered. At least there was hope, right?

Shen Yi saw his eyes were red and gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “Rob people of something they cherish?”

Su Qing was taken aback. He realized what Shen Yi was mentioning and his ears turned red. “Did you see that?”

He didn’t expect Shen Yi to watch the movie he made. He was seen talking nonsense about Shen Yi to Xie Chi by Shen Yi. Su Qing became more embarrassed the more he thought about it and he lowered his head.

Shen Yi smiled. “I have nothing to do and how would I know you have misunderstood if I didn’t look?”

“Misunderstood?” Su Qing abruptly looked up.

“Didn’t you always want to know why I favor him?” Shen Yi asked.

Su Qing restrained his embarrassment and stared at this person intently.

“He and I have some of the same genes.” Shen Yi coughed before speaking.

Su Qing didn’t understand too much. He was completely stunned and became like a statue.

Shen Yi said with a smile, “In other words, in a sense, I am his… biological father.”

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