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Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 339: Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder (情人眼里出西施) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 339- Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder (情人眼里出西施)

Having interacted with each other for a few days, Jing Yun Zhao also knew of Ji Shan Shan’s crush towards Cui Jun. It was said that the Ji family and Cui family had a good relationship, and the two could be considered childhood sweethearts.

Beauty was in the eye of the beholder; In Ji Shan Shan’s eyes, she practically couldn’t see any of Cui Jun’s faults at all. For the past two days, she was accompanied by Jing Yun Zhao and Tong Yan and would suddenly bring up Cui Jun out of nowhere. To put it plainly, she was just an infatuated little girl who wouldn’t leave out her love for more than three sentences.

Now that she heard Cui Jun had returned, she looked like she was going to start bouncing on the spot. Not even caring about Jing Yun Zhao and Tong Yan, she ran back into the backyard and left the two behind.

“Actually, Shan Shan isn’t a bad person, she just trusts people easily,” Tong Yan described Ji Shan Shan in one sentence.

Jing Yun Zhao nodded as well, but didn’t express her stand.

The friends around her were comparatively more rational and maybe even smarter.

Xiao Hai Qing was so, and even though Su Chu was very soft and adorable, she was adept at going over the pros and cons of things. Not even mentioning Tang Zi Hua and Gan Jin Chen these two boys.[sexist much]

Having become used to hanging out with those kinds of people and suddenly encountering Ji Shan Shan, the feeling of wasting your own breath when their views are irreconcilable was even more pronounced and she could only speak bluntly. But if she spoke too bluntly, Ji Shan Shan would stretch her vocal cords just to confront her, as if they were fighting.

Thus, although Ji Shan Shan was insistent on dragging her everywhere she went, in reality, they didn’t say much.

Seeing how Jing Yun Zhao stayed silent, Tong Yan spoke up again, “You… Watch out when you go back. This time, Cui Jun left just to find someone to make you lose face. You might not know it, but Cui Jun’s cousin…donated quite a bit of things to you, and she’s also a disciple of the Cui family. Ever since young, she was very sensitive towards medicine. As long as it’s related to medical herbs, she would know it as long as someone taught her once. She’s a genius worthy of her name. She’s also doing very well in her studies and has always only come on the last day of the event…”

They were still two to three days away from the competition on the last day, so it was evident that she came just to meet her.

Contrary to Tong Yan’s expectations, Jing Yun Zhao was actually quite interested, especially after she was told as such. She wanted to know what this genius looked like.

The pair followed after Ji Shan Shan and was late to arrive at the backyard after her by two minutes.

The moment she entered, she caught sight of the Cui family’s ‘Cousin’ Tong Yan had described.

Her conduct looked natural and unrestrained, while the feeling she gave off was gentle and ethereal.

She looked to be in her twenties and wore a white overcoat, her long hair falling over her shoulders, and looked like she wasn’t the type to eat mortal foods.

When Jing Yun Zhao arrived, the other’s gaze also landed on her. She took a close look, sizing her up from top to bottom, followed by giving her a light smile and reaching out her hand, “Jing Yun Zhao, it’s really you. It’s like you’ve become prettier in the past months. I can relax seeing that you’re living so well.”

Jing Yun Zhao raised her brows. As expected, she was here to exert her dominance.

“Thanks for your concern,” Jing Yun Zhao replied politely.

Even though it was obvious that the other was here to make trouble, one doesn’t hit a smiling face. If she were to start things now, then she wouldn’t be on the side of reason.

“The day before, I heard from my cousin that you know how to treat medicine. I didn’t believe my ears and thought maybe he got the wrong person. Who knew he was so insistent on it, so I came to take a look…”

As the elder Cui cousin spoke, she touched her head. Jing Yun Zhao’s eyes shot towards it and found her hand empty, but still stopped her. “Excuse me, I just find my heart breaking whenever I look at you. You’re also so pretty, so I couldn’t help it and wanted to comfort you. If it hurt your pride, then I’m really sorry…” [wow such backhanded]

This Cousin Cui had been good-natured the whole time, but since she wanted to pretend, Jing Yun Zhao would be glad to play along, “I heard you are Cui Jun’s elder cousin. Your features look really similar, especially your personalities. The power of genetics is really such a mysterious thing.”

Cousin Cui’s expression suddenly became taut, how could she not know what kind of insults she laid upon Cui Jun? Improper intentions! Trash! Yet now she was saying that she was similar to Cui Jun?!


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