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Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 337: Uneducated (没教养) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 337- Uneducated (没教养)

Jing Yun Zhao continued talking endlessly by sharing her wealth of knowledge to the point that Cui Jun’s face was starting to turn blue.

They were all only around 17-18 years old and were still studying, even if they had a good understanding of the medicinal herbs in the business field of their family, it was still based on what little they heard from their parents and other grown-ups talking about it. They were the total opposite of Jing Yun Zhao who was able to speak about the medicinal herbs using unfamiliar jargon.

With so many medicinal materials here, if Jing Yun Zhao were to explain the uses and methods of each of them, even a few hours may not necessarily be enough. Additionally, there were still the seventeen methods of processing she talked about. At a glance, although the methods she talked about all looked the same, each method was fundamentally different from one another, and were all needed to serve as a foundation to concoct medicine.

“The colour of this bile looks greenish and is also relatively fresh, it probably came from cattles. Although it smells bad, it’s inherent nature of being bitter and cold could reduce heat and improve a person’s eyesight, and when it’s paired with Tian Nan Xing (Arisaema heterophyllum Blume), it get rids of the dryness, and has the effect of clearing heat and extinguishing wind.

Ji Shan Shan was about to faint from the information overload she was receiving.

“S-Stop…all these materials, you know how to use them?”

Ji Shan Shan was also someone that followed their parents to learn about medicinal herbs, however she was still learning the ways to recognize medicinal herbs since there was just too much to learn.

Although these youths weren’t doctors, and needed to be informed about the unique properties of each herb, they were still more talented than the average doctor and were able to recognize the authenticity, age, and even freshness of the medicinal herbs with a glance!

“Since I want to concoct medicine, isn’t it natural that I understand the uses of each herb?” Jing Yun Zhao replied.

All of these medicinal herbs related knowledge was already memorized by Jing Yun Zhao early on, and ever since she was acquainted with Old Man Xu, the pharmaceutical theory she had to memorize was even more. Furthermore, every Saturday, she would go to Old Man Xu’s courtyard to conduct some experiments and was also helped with the godly assistance of her Spirit Jade and Old Man Xu. As such, if she were to still be a beginner even after all this, there would truly be no hope for her.

“Aren’t you an orphan? Also, the netizens all said that you were abused by your adoptive family, so how could you know about all these medicinal materials? You wouldn’t be lying to the netizens about your past right?” Cui Jun instantly asked.

He himself could understand what Jing Yun Zhao said to a certain extent, but if someone were to ask him about all the minute details of a medicinal herb, he wouldn’t have the ability to do so.

On the other hand, his parents would probably have that capability to answer all the tiny details about a medicinal herb. However, that was after decades of non-stop learning.

As his father used to say, there wasn’t any need for him to purposely memorize and learn the ways to concoct medicine, since to concoct medicine, one must be closely involved with the medicinal herbs, and through that, sooner or later, he would understand how to do it…

Jing Yun Zhao hated scum like Cui Jun who always talked about a person’s past with a burning passion.

When Ji Shan Shan knew that Jing Yun Zhao was the ‘Jing Yun Zhao’ from the internet, she instantly changed the topic. However, Cui Jun couldn’t let the matter rest and kept bringing it up.

On the other hand, hearing what Cui Jun said, Tong Yan frowned as he replied, “Cui Jun, you are exposing people’s shortcomings.

Ji Shan Shan felt embarrassed, yet at the same time felt that Jing Yun Zhao was suspicious, causing her to be at a loss of words.

“Just because I had a difficult childhood, does that mean I can’t change for the better in the future? Cui Jun, you must’ve peed your pants before when you were small right? Then can I assume that right now you’re still wearing diapers?” Jing Yun Zhao said, causing the mouths of the surrounding people to twitch.

Ji Shan Shan eye’s flashed as she felt that what Jing Yun Zhao said was right, yet she turned towards Cui Jun saying, “You shouldn’t say such words, you’ll appear uneducated…” (C: the raws says that JSS is talking to CJ, however the sentence below shows that JSS is actually talking to JYZ)

“Then you tell me how an educated person should act? Like you guys? If so, then my apologies, I wouldn’t be able to stomach it.” Finishing her words, Jing Yun Zhao suddenly turned and walked towards a bag of money, pointed at the soil and continued, “Who brought this here? The soil used for these medicinal materials are usually Zao Xin Tu or yellow soil right?”

The colour of Jing Yun Zhao’s face suddenly changed, causing the surrounding people to subconsciously look towards her.


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