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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 72: CH 62: EDEA?… MEDEA Bahasa Indonesia

“Sigh, now I have done it.”

Sol sighed as he laid down on his bed. His thoughts, going back to what happened one hour ago.

After he declared war against Lilith, Sol, accompanied by Edea and Freya left with a huff.

He had already asked Edea to use her control of the tower to observe Lilith. From what he understood, he didn’t really have to worry about Lilith for now, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have acted in anger.”

Seeing his beloved teacher apologize with her head cast down, Sol let out another sigh before shaking his head.

“It isn’t a problem. Anyway, it was something that should have happened sooner or later. You gave me the push I needed.”

It has been centuries since his teacher took a step into the outside world. No way he was going to reprimand her in such a day.

Forcing a smile, he got up and walked toward Edea before crouching down in front of her.

Admiring her for a few seconds, he sighed again at how beautiful his teacher was. Her long and beautiful silver-white hair, her extremely pale skin as well as her jet black dress. The contrast was so perfect it gave her an otherworldly aura.

“Do not worry teacher. Right now though, I am glad and I am also extremely happy about you finally leaving your golden cage.” His smile became more genuine when he said those words.

Edea, looking at his radiant smile, blushed before using her witch hat to cover her face in embarrassment before raising her head and looking at him with her cheek puffed up.

“You are too straight forward.” She murmured under her breath.

‘So cute!’

Looking at her like that, Sol could already feel his heartbeat like crazy in his chest. Edea, seemingly being in the same situation, stopped blushing as she looked at him. They could feel their surroundings vanish from their minds as they slowly drew closer. But, just as their lips were about to connect,

“You are so cute!” squealing in excitement, Freya jumped on Edea from behind and hugged her with all her strength, effectively breaking the magic moment between the two of them.


The two of them click their tongue in disappointment while staring at the third wheel who seemed totally oblivious.

Of course, even though Freya had basically no experience with men. She wasn’t oblivious to the situation nor was she dense enough to not understand what was happening.

It was just that, seeing Sol and Edea look at each other with so much affection,

‘I was a little jealous.’

The moment she thought about that, à feeling of disgust and helplessness filled her.

It wasn’t just Freya. Any witch who lived for a certain amount of time would be jealous of Edea’s current situation.

Being a witch wasn’t something particularly enviable for people who couldn’t stand loneliness. She had many friends who killed themselves because they couldn’t stand the effect of the curse.

The worst was that even changing sexual preferences didn’t change anything.

Despite that, it was unthinkable for her to have an emotion as ugly as envy toward her own sister. She closed her eyes as she did her best to control her emotions. Slightly shaking while doing so.


Noticing her abnormalities, Sol called her out, but Edea shook her head.

It took a few seconds before Freya finally opened her eyes, her breathing rough as if she just had an intense workout.

Sol frowned a little at this, ” Freya, are you alright? What happened?”

Freya let go of her as she swiped her hair aside, her forehead covered in sweat.

“It’s isn’t anything you need to care about. Just a personal problem of mine.”

Sol hesitated a little before nodding. Freya wasn’t a little girl, and their relationship wasn’t close enough for her to share her secret with him. What’s more, Sol wasn’t nosy enough to meddle in the affair of someone who was at best an acquaintance.

Discarding any thoughts about Freya abnormalities, Sol faced Edea again.

“So, teacher what do you plan to do?”

Throwing one last look of worry at Freya, Edea gathered her thoughts.

“I… I don’t really know. Perhaps I will visit the world?” Letting an awkward laugh, she looked down before continuing. “I will most likely visit mother. But aside from that…”

Edea closed her mouth as her eyes swam in confusion. Now that she was outside, she remarked that she had nothing particular in mind.

“Then, why don’t you follow me?”

“Follow… You?” She was a little confused about his choice of words before her eyes widened in surprise.

“You mean, you want to engage my services?”

“Of course. We lack a court magician. Why not change it to a court witch.”


Edea hesitated a little and he understood why.

It went without saying, but witches weren’t particularly appreciated in Lustburg. Sol taking Edea as a court witch was sure to create some great backlash to him.

“Do not worry. If everything goes well, by the end of this week, there will be no one who will try to oppose us.”

“What do you mean?”

Sol wished to answer her as he had nothing to hide from her, but, seeing Freya from the corner of his eyes. He decided to steer the direction of his discussion toward another subject.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Freya or that he was too suspicious. Sol just believed that trust was something earned not given. He blindly trusted Camelia, Setsuna, Lilith, Lilin, Edea, and Milia and he could share basically all his secrets aside from his reincarnation because he knew that they would never betray him.

But what about Freya? So what if she was basically Edea’s sister? At the end of the day, the two of them were just strangers.

Freya, seeing his short hesitation snorted but otherwise didn’t take offense. She didn’t fully trust Sol herself. It would be rather hypocritical of her to expect him to trust her.

Edea also understood the situation. But she was helpless in changing the situation. She just hoped that time would help them become closer. She really wished that Sol and her family became friends.

‘Perhaps more than friends if possible.’

It was something she had thought of many times in the past. Sol’s ability to touch and possibly impregnate witches made him akin to an oasis in a desert.

It wasn’t as if no witches never thought of fornicating with some dragon. But from what she understood, all witches were basically covered in Asmodeus scent. No dragon would even arouse the slightest lustful thought in front of a witch and the sole dragon equal to Asmodeus was a female.

Then, this begged the question of why Sol wasn’t affected. From her own conjectures, either it was because he was a hybrid or because he was blessed by luxuria herself.

‘But at the end of the day, everything depends on him.’

She was burdened by the curse of love. For her, Sol’s well-being came even before her own. If he wished to have a harem of witches, she would be happy to help him.

Her train of thought was suddenly brought to a halt by the words Sol suddenly uttered.

“Medea, now that you are out. I believe that I can receive the official answer to my confession.”

Edea was both surprised at how Sol used her true name rather than calling her teacher or Edea. She stammered a little as she tried to divert the subject.

“Why suddenly call me by this name.”

Sol’s answer was straight to the point, “Teacher is the form of respect while Edea was the name you used with my ancestor. Your true name is Medea. At least, this is the first name that was given to you and this is the way I will call you now. if you permit me, that is.”

Saying so, he gave a slight bow and stretched his hand, his palm facing upwards, clearly waiting for her answer.

A blush covered her face. She understood the underlying meaning in this last sentence. Edea was the name she gave to her first love. Forgoing it meant that she truly discarded this part of her life and was ready to start a new page.

A few months ago, this question would have stumped her. But right here, right now, the answer was evident and no doubt clouded her heart.

Putting her hand in Sol’s, she spoke with determination, “As of now, I will only answer to the name Medea.”

This was her decision. She would once again try to believe in love. She would once again give her everything to him.

“Thank you. Medea. I promise I will not disappoint you.”

‘I promise to not be your second Jason.’

Then, deciding to strike while the iron was hot, he continued,

“Let’s have a date.”

He hoped that this one would end on a better note than his previous one.

(AN: For those who didn’t know. The character Edea/Medea was based on the myth of the witch Medea. A Greek myth. A poor woman who falls in love with a bastard named Jason because of a curse thrown by goddess Aphrodite. Here Jason is played by Jupiter. The funny thing is that in some myths she is the granddaughter of the sun god Helios and Sol’s name came from the sun god Sol invictus who is also an Incarnations of Helios in a certain way. Though the Roman version. Meanwhile Freya is basically the Norse version of Aphrodite. Yeah. I like Myths if it wasn’t already evident XD.)


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