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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 65: CH 57: LILITH AND LILIN Bahasa Indonesia

After Sol finished his discussion with Setsuna, he let her sleep a little and left the infirmary.

It was during this kind of situation he realized once again how much he was advantaged by his race.

The final attack the two of them launched was more or less of equal might with Setsuna’s Railgun being faster and slightly stronger. Anyone else in his place would still be in his bed, but thanks to his high resistance to magic he came out without too much damage.

Dragons were really the bane of mages. Still,

“I shouldn’t become conceited.”

At the end of the day, he was just a hybrid dragon. If even the full adult dragons weren’t the strongest in this world how could he dare to become prideful just because he had some of their power? That would be the height of stupidity. After all, even Tiamat, the divine beast was just one out of 14 of such beasts.

Despite that, he couldn’t help but smile as he clenched his fists in happiness,

“I have become strong.”

It wasn’t much. He still had a long way to go and many things to learn. But this didn’t deter him. It was just the beginning. His starting line was already the end line of many people of this world. He would be the most idiotic bastard if he didn’t become a legend with all the advantages he had on his side.

“Your highness.”

His shadow blackened before Milia slowly walked out of it. Ever since she revealed her identity to him, she began to hide less and less of her abilities. This shadow like power was truly worthy of an assassin. But something bugged him.

‘Her race shouldn’t allow her to use magic.’

The cow beast men were one of the weakest beast-kin race. At most, they had a somewhat higher physical strength than normal humans and could use mana since birth. But that was all.

‘Perhaps she is a variant?’

“What’s the matter? Is it about my speech? I thought I still had thirty or so minutes?”

He could see that Milia had a somewhat awkward expression on her face and tried to guess why.

The normal schedule had been completely destroyed. Initially each of the five fights should have had a time limit of 20 minutes while the fight against Setsuna had a time limit of 45 minutes. But he attacked the five of–

“Speaking of which, I thought I was supposed to fight five people. I did not think of it much back then, but what happened to the fifth one?”

In the lounge of Camelia, a young blonde-haired and green-eyed knight could be seen trying to fight back against the chain of mana that was binding him.

From her seat, Chloe would sometimes look at him with pity while sneaking a glance at the still smiling Camelia who was humming a song with sentences like ‘Naughty children should be punished’ or ‘Stupid children who get tricked by stupid nobles need to be punished.’

Shivering a little she stopped looking and turned back her attention to the fights that were ongoing in the Arena.

‘Aunt is seriously scary when she smiles like that.’


Laughing under her breath, “The fifth one should have been a member of the church. But it seems like he was slightly problematic, as such, Saintess Camelia decided to forbid him any contact with you until he received corrections.”


Understanding what Milia was saying but deciding to not waste brain cells on someone who wasn’t particularly important as of now, Sol discarded him from his mind.

“Your highness, this isn’t about your speech. Rather… Well, please follow me. I am sure it will be a pleasant surprise.”

Tilting his head Sol couldn’t help but wonder what was going on, but from her smile, he guessed that it should really be something interesting.

In the lounge belonging to the royal family, a somewhat awkward silence was hovering.

Three people were currently present with the third one standing and trying to not sweat under the pressure that was slowly growing heavier by the second.

The two who were seated were eerily similar. From their form to their temperament and even their hair and eyes color.

The only notable difference was their ages.

The silence was finally broken by Lilith.

“So you came back.”

Her voice seemed to lack any emotion as she looked at her daughter who had escaped from the kingdom about two years ago.


Silence settled once again.

Finally unable to bear it, the one standing tried to speak, but the moment Lilith faced her, she immediately shut her mouth and bowed her head.

As an elf, even though she wasn’t as stuck up as her peers, she still had some pride deep in her bones. Many times she had imagined how her first meeting with the legendary queen would go.

But the reality was far removed from her imagination.

She had imagined herself speaking eloquently as she sold her services but right now even speaking proved to be too much. Even standing as she was now was a defy.

She couldn’t explain why, but she felt as if she was facing an unsheathed sword. Any word of her would immediately result in her being cut into thousands pieces.

‘So this is the sword saint.’

On the other hand, the pressure emanating from her friend was insane. If Lilith was an unsheathed sword, then Lilin was an already drawn-out sword full of blood. Even standing behind her, she couldn’t help but feel that she was seeing a mountain of corpses and a river of blood.

This wasn’t the first time she saw the killing intent of Lilin. Each time she couldn’t help but wonder just how many people she killed before the two of them met each other.

Thinking about the intent the prince used during his fight against the wolf girl, she couldn’t help but curse under her breath.

‘This family is full of monsters.’

It was when she was finally unable to hold on that the pressure suddenly vanished as if it was a lie.

At the same moment, the door opened and the one who entered was none other than the prince himself.


Before she could even understand what was happening, Lilin was already jumping in the arm of the surprised prince.

Seeing Lilin acting all girly while slightly blushing, she couldn’t but feel that her worldview had been destroyed. She had to give her all to not scream in disbelief,

‘Who are you and what have you done to my friend!!!!??’


Caching the purple bolt that jumped in his arms, Sol was slightly surprised before his eyes widened in realization.


Smiling happily from the bottom of his heart, he hugged her tightly while she responded back.

Lilin Luxuria. Lilith Luxuria and Cerios Gorfard’s daughter. Normally, her full name should have been Lilin Gorfard Luxuria, but Lilith never accepted giving the Gorfard name to her daughter despite all the complaints of the Duke Gorfard.

This was also one of the reasons why the relationship between the Gorfard family and the royal family was so strained.

Lilin Luxuria was basically the spitting image of Lilith. Albeit a little shorter. She was as beautiful as Lilith and her curves were as bountiful.

She was wearing a low skirt and a simple shirt that showed a little of her cleavage.

“Hahaha~! I am really happy to see you. I thought you wouldn’t come for my coming of age ceremony.”

Releasing her from the hug, he admired his cousin whom he hadn’t seen for about two years.

Lilin had left the Tower of Babel one year after her awakening and since then, aside from some letters to show that she was alive, she never came back.

“Hey,” Pouting a little, she continued, “How could I miss this day? No matter how much I didn’t want to come back, you are far more important to me.”

Sol winced a little at those words. He knew that the relationship between Lilith and Lilin was incredibly strained. It was at the level where they even fought once. Though Lilin had been absolutely trashed back then. This fight had also been the last straw that made her leave.

Trying to change the subject, he scanned the surrounding before finally finding another person in the lounge.

“An elf?”

Sol’s eyes sparkled as he looked at her ears. He was about to speak, but when he remembered his first meeting with Setsuna, he coughed awkwardly before asking.

“Is she a friend of yours?”

“Oh! Look at me. I had totally forgotten her.”


Ignoring the hurts expression of her friends, Lilin continued,

“Sol, I am happy to present you, Clara, as you can see she is an elf. I brought her back because I thought she would do well as one of your retainers or perhaps a concubine.”


Looking at the surprised expression of the elf, Sol couldn’t help but pity her a little. He also wondered if it was in the gene of this mother-daughter pair to throw women at him.


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