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Son of the Hero King – Chapter 60: CH 55: WOLF VS DRAGON (2) Bahasa Indonesia

<<Third phase: Godspeed>>

What did it feel like to be hit by a punch at the speed of the sound?

Sol just tasted the answer.



The entire Colosseum trembled as Sol was propulsed like a rocket before hitting the wall and becoming embedded in it.

*Cough* *Cough*

Even as his vision was obstructed by the debris of the wall and his mind slightly blacked out, he didn’t know whether he should be amazed by the fact that Setsuna reached sonic speed or the fact that he didn’t die under that hit.

‘Sigh. My situation is becoming increasingly worse.’

He debated using his mirror dimensions but ultimately decided against it. This was a trump card he wanted to use for truly dangerous matters. Like the war for example. Keeping it a secret was for the best.

‘Well, since she used magic then I guess I can use intent now.’

Exhaling a little, he firmed his resolve. His own intent was still a little weak and not complete because of his lack of experience, but it didn’t matter. After all, he had something else to support him.


The crowd fell silent as they observed the debris under which the prince was under. At first, they thought that he would come out blazing, but as time went past, it seemed incredibly clear that he was out cold.

They didn’t know whether they should cheer for the Gladiator queen or cheer for the display of power the prince showed just after awakening.

But, just as the referee was about to give the signal, they all felt it.

Something dangerous was about to happen.

This was their primal instinct screaming from the bottom of their hearts.


Don’t look.

But none of them listened to this instinct. Some because of their curiosity, others because of the confidence in their skills.

It was then, a hand came out of the debris before the prince, covered in dirt and blood came out.

Despite his rather embarrassing situation, no one was in the mood of joking.

Because they could all hear him clearly murmur as mana filled his voice.

<<Tyrant intent: Dragon Fear.>>

Intent was a will. A determination to reach a certain result. People could use different intent at very low levels, but to truly bring this intent to the maximum, they had to understand and experience.

Killing intent needed the user to be used to killing.

Sword intent needed the user to reach an mastery of sword art.

As for King’s intent, the user must have the experience of standing above the mass.

For Sol, even though he was the crown prince, he didn’t have the demeanor of a king. This is where his dragon blood intervened.

Dragon fear was a kind of intent every dragon possessed. Though Sol as a hybrid couldn’t use the power of Dragon fear easily, by fusing those two intents he reached a surprisingly good result. A mutation of sorts.

The moment Setsuna heard those words, even though she didn’t understand the effects of the intent Sol was using, she already decided to attack him first. But,

[You mongrel. Bow in front of the king]

It was like the voice of a god above commanding her, stalling all her movements.

She was already about to kneel before understanding what was happening. Even more so, the very idea of refusing his order made a deep fear attack her heart. She felt as if she would die the moment she refused.

Right now, Sol wasn’t a benevolent king who would sacrifice himself for his subjects. He was a tyrant who would use them for his selfish needs.

The sole result of fighting back was-death.


Setsuna gasped in amazement. As she felt the effects of this Intent.

‘Even though it’s weaker than that man, the potential behind it is out of the norm.’

Fighting back against the need to kneel, she stood back with difficulty, her breath ragged. Even keeping her Godspeed seemed way harder than normal.

‘Even though I can fight against the order, all my abilities are basically restricted. I can’t even use more than 70% of my full strength.’

Looking briefly towards the crowd, she was even more stunned by how many of them were already kneeling from their places. Some of them, unable to support the pressure, simply fainted. Even people in the VIP room weren’t spared, some of them showing a pitiful display that would have shamed their family if they had been seen by the others.

‘I need to end this fast. This intent is still too raw on the edge. There’s no way his highness hoped to beat me with this move. This means he also wishes to go for a last attack.’

Thinking about that, she gritted her teeth and brought her hand in her kimono, taking out a little marble made out of metal.

“Your highness, I am really surprised. I thought my third phase would be enough to win the fight. Never would have I thought you had such a card.”

“And so? Speak.”

Setsuna didn’t get offended. She knew that once an intent was used to a certain level, it could temporarily affect the personality of the user.

“Then, I guess it’s time for one last attack. One where we would go all out without hesitation. The winner will be the last one standing.”

“…I see. Very well.”

Receiving this answer, Setsuna released her Godspeed before focusing inwardly.

The sparks surrounding her body slowly began to move and gather around the marble she was holding in her between her index and her thumb.

Seeing this movement, Sol grinned, his tyrant persona slipping up a little.

“So you have finally completed this move. Then, let me show you–one of the most iconic moves for a dragon.”

Inhaling deeply, Sol held his breath as he concentrated pure mana in his lungs.

Silence settled between the two. The air, heavy with tension. The spectators still conscious gulped. Even without being told, they knew that this fight was about to end. The result, still up in the air.

Finally, the two of them were ready,

“This is what you taught me, your highness.”


“Ohhh! Then you can use lightning?”

“Indeed your highness.”

A young Setsuna was talking to an equally young Sol. The two swinging their swords while standing in the clearing of the hanging garden.

“Then, then! I can teach you a super technique.”

Tilting her head, she asked in surprise, “You? Teaching me? I thought humans couldn’t use magic before maturity?”

“Hehe! You will be surprised. This technique uses either a coin or a marble. The name is…”

—-Flashback end

<<Final technique: Railgun>>

<<Dragon arts: Dragon breath>>

Everyone was literally blinded and deafened by the flash of light and the explosion. The wind, stirring and blowing everything away. The heat was so intense that people were already sweating, while their hair curled because of the electricity in the air.

The explosion was so intense that casualties seemed inevitable but, thankfully, fail-safes, in the form of large glowing blue barriers, that were created to protect the crowd in case of a dangerous situation activated at full power, thereby avoiding the worst situation.

Finally, as the light abated only one question filled the mind of everyone still awake.

Who was the winner?

A gust of wind stirred the dust away, revealing the stats of the Arena.

Everything was blown away. Nothing was left. Only one word could describe this scene.


Finally, the two fighters could be seen standing. Their bodies, slightly charred.

The result?

The referee, seeing this, immediately understood the situation and screamed,

“I-it’s a draw!!!!”

“Beautiful fight.”

Milia murmured in happiness. She knew that Sol was receiving an intense training in Edea’s dimension. But, seeing the result completely left her shivering in happiness.

“A fight? Heh~! I wouldn’t really call it a fight. It was more like a display of power and some of their abilities. From the start, the two of them were holding back and didn’t want to show too much of their hands.”


Milia acquiesced. Setsuna didn’t use her Berserker mode. A power that all beast-kin could use. In Sol’s case, she also knew about his magic and knew that he could have ended the fight way more easily if he had been willing. What’s more, he hadn’t activated his core.

In short, “At the end, this was nothing more than a mating ritual. Fufufu~!”


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