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Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student – Chapter 2463 Bahasa Indonesia

2463 Jin’s wedding (2)

Shangguan Anning sat on the edge of the bed barefooted and said with a smile, ” my mother has hidden my shoes.

Ye Jinyu walked around the bedroom and finally found the pair of pearl wedding shoes embroidered with flowers in the pile of gold jewelry boxes.

He squatted down and put the wedding shoes on Shangguan Anning’s feet. Then, he carried Shangguan Anning and rushed downstairs.

The people who were blocking the groom downstairs finally reacted. Ye Jinyu had a fake Phoenix.

“Ye Jinyu, you’re cheating!”

Shangguan Ling was the first to cry out. Ye Jinyu hugged his wife and said happily, ” father-in-law, all is fair in war!

Li Youyou was wearing a black gown and smiling brightly at the side.

Those who knew the details only reacted at this time. So there was such a benefit to having twins?

Ye Jinyu and Li Youyou exchanged a look. Li Youyou took out a handful of red packets and scattered them in the sky.

“Come, let’s grab the red packets!”

The Shangguan family’s daughter was getting married.

The Li family was getting married.

This was a big event that caused a stir in the country.

Although the Shangguan family and the Li family had adopted some very strict protection, some photos and related details were still uploaded on the internet.

For example, on the way to the airport, the Shangguan family used luxury cars worth tens of millions as wedding cars. When they arrived at the airport, there was also a plane with ye Jinyu and Shangguan Anning’s cartoon characters printed on it that was responsible for transporting the Shangguan family to the capital.

Not to mention the standard of the wedding, which was completely the standard of a state banquet.

The netizens were stunned by the details that were leaked out.

Almost all the netizens were saying that Shangguan Anning was a winner in life.

A cow from her mother’s family!

A husband’s cow!

Old bull!

The two children were also awesome!

Shangguan Anning finally heaved a sigh of relief when they arrived at the wedding banquet.

The more than 200 pairs of dragon and phoenix bracelets on her body were naturally all kept away.

“Ah Yu, my neck hurts.”

Ye Jinyu reached out and rubbed Shangguan Anning’s neck gently.

Shangguan Anning and ye Jinyu were well aware of the entire process of the wedding banquet.

The two of them offered tea to their parents and accepted the red packet.

When Shangguan Anning stood up, her vision turned black and she almost fainted.

Fortunately, ye Jinyu was quick to help Shangguan Anning. Ningning, what’s wrong? ”

Shangguan Anning’s face turned red. that … she said.

Shangguan Anning whispered into ye Jinyu’s ear, ” I’m pregnant!

Ye Jinyu could not help but hug Shangguan Anning’s waist and kiss her.

ah-Yu, Ningning … ye Tianxin said, utterly impressed by her silly son.

Ye Jinyu hugged his wife in high spirits and announced the good news at the wedding banquet.

“Mom, dad, ning is pregnant!”

When little Yu ‘er and little sheep heard this, they ran to their parents’ side in unison.

“I want a younger brother.”

“I want a younger sister.”

Shangguan Anning reached out and gently stroked the little fish and the little sheep’s heads.

“The younger brother has one, and so does the younger sister.”

It was only then that ye Jinyu found out that his wife was pregnant with twins.

With the pregnancy, the wedding process was thrown into chaos. Shangguan Anning was supposed to throw the bouquet away, but she did not. Instead, she personally handed the bouquet in her hand to li Youyou.

Aiyo, ah Yu and I, all of us hope that you can meet someone who truly loves you and can live the rest of your life in peace and happiness.

Li Youyou took the bouquet from ruan Mianmian with tears in her eyes. thank you, sister-in-law.


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