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Return of the Mount Hua Sect – Chapter 106: Mount Hua will not disappear (1) Bahasa Indonesia

The world seemed to freeze as a chilling silence descended on Mount Hua.

No one could open their mouths, and no one thought to move.

Those who knew martial arts couldn’t speak because they understood just how incredible the spectacle before their eyes was. Even those who didn’t know martial arts recognized that something extraordinary had happened just now.

Sama Seung looked at Chung Myung with trembling eyes.

‘With just basic swordsmanship….’

He overpowered Yu Baek?

Without being hit a single time?

Those consecutive movements smoothly flowed together like water. Yu Baek, who was caught within, couldn’t counter.

‘Would it have been possible for me to do the same?’

Sama Seung couldn’t immediately answer the question that popped into his head.

Subduing Yu Baek in an instant was something Sama Seung could do. However, only using a basic sword technique to subdue an opponent without giving them a chance to counterattack was different.

Even if someone twice as strong as Sama Seung came, it couldn’t be guaranteed that he would perform at the level of Chung Myung.

It was a matter of how perfectly the basics were mastered and performed.

To put it crudely, a vast and robust root.

Not some colorful branches and stems. A firm root that supported everything but stayed invisible.

‘W-what the hell did he do?’

There was a deeper meaning to the fact that the roots were so massive.

That the child will grow into a giant tree; he will become a great tree that can cover all of Mount Hua!

At that moment, a cold voice penetrated Sama Seung’s mind.


Sama Seung’s eyes trembled as he looked at Chung Myung.

The cold eyes made one sink into the abyss, with his sword pointed to the Southern Edge Sect.

‘He must be stopped.’

This fight was fine. But if Chung Myung grows in the future, everyone will be covered under this child’s shadow one day.


It would be just like when the ‘Plum Blossom Sword Saint’ roamed about in the past.



Only then did Sama Seung come to his senses, and after looking at his disciples, he clenched his teeth and thought.

‘Who should I send?’

It was then.

Jong Seo-Han growled and glared at Chung Myung.

“Elder! I will go! I will take him down and teach a lesson to Mount Hua.”


One could only see as much as they knew. Chung Myung’s strength was unknown to the Southern Edge Sect disciples; Jong Seo-Han didn’t understand what he was facing.

‘What should I do?’

Sama Seung was a bit worried.


“Yes! Elder.”

“Don’t lose easily. Tire him out.”

“… what?”

“Do what you are told!”

Jong Seo-Han looked at the elder with a puzzled expression and nodded.

“I will do as the elder commands.”

“… go.”


Jong Seo-Han grabbed his wooden sword and moved.

Jin Geum-Ryong, who was silent till them, spoke.


“It might be difficult to say, but….”

Sama Seung turned his gaze to Jin Geum-Ryong. Seeing his face, Jin Geum-Ryong flinched and stepped away without realizing it.

It was cold.

A face that was so cold he could feel his bones chilling.

Sama Seung turned away his glare.

Jong Seo-Han took a deep breath.

‘I’m not being careless. I don’t underestimate my opponent, and I’m not overconfident.’

If he could do his best, the child would lose. If he was careless like Yu Baek, then horrible things could happen.

“I commend you for defeating Yu Baek. But I am—”

The words found themselves trapped within his throat.

His mouth which unable to speak and couldn’t move.


Chung Myung, who was standing in front of him, seemed to slowly be melding into his surroundings. Jong Seo-Han began to feel an oppressive sinking feeling.

‘… this?’

He didn’t realize it while standing in the crowd.

However, Chung Myung’s aura was something he’d never faced before. Not even Jin Geum-Ryong or their teacher could give him this feeling.

He gulped at the thought as his muscles tensed.

His instincts were screaming that it was dangerous just by looking at Chung Myung in front of him.

Chung Myung’s half-hearted eyes calmly observed him.

At that moment, without realizing it, Jong Seo-Han took his stance. All the thoughts inside his head disappeared. It felt like only he and Chung Myung existed in this world.

At that moment.


Chung Myung took a slow step.

Although everyone could clearly see that it was a slow step, Chung Myung’s body reached Jong Seo-Han instantly.

He firmly exerted force on the ground through his legs.

The force of the recoil traveled through the waist, and the waist moved to give power to the upper body. As if absorbing that force, the sword swung ferociously.


Nothing fancy.

Power, speed, accuracy. Just the basics.

The sword’s power that faithfully adhered to the basics ascended beyond the basics.

Jong Seo-Han’s legs trembled.

As Chung Myung advanced one step ahead, Jong Seo-Han’s posture crumpled, and he lost balance as his body twisted with a muffled sound.


And that was it.

Jong Seo-Han’s eyes saw the wooden sword falling toward his head.


There was fear and shock in his eyes.



Jong Seo-Han fell to the floor, blood dripping.

This sword.

Just this sword.

The second greatest of Southern Edge’s second-class disciples, Jong Seo-Han, was defeated with a single strike to the head. Everyone witnessing this stood aghast in shock.

Receiving these shocked gazes, Chung Myung softly spoke.


He just silently looked at the Southern Edge Sect.

Now, the Southern Edge Sect seemed to finally understand. Their faces went stiff as if they had seen a ghost.

‘Not yet.’

It was too early to be surprised. Because Chung Myung still had more to show.

He had no intention of being content with just this.

Considering what the Southern Edge sect did to Mount Hua, such a defeat was nothing but a light punishment.

Today, here, Chung Myung would leave an indelible mark on the Southern Edge Sect.

As long as Mount Hua survives in this world and as long as the Southern Edge Sect exists. This day will remain a stigma in their sect’s history.

‘You did something you shouldn’t have done.’

Mount Hua gave everything to save the world. Despite Chung Myung’s dissuasion, his Sahyungs all gave up their lives for the sake of the world.

And what was the cost?


The anger that had been suppressed turned into a cold flame that burned in Chung Myung’s chest.

‘In the world we protected, the Southern Edge Sect was there.’

Instead of repaying the favor, the Southern Edge Sect stole the Plum Blossom Sword technique and despised Mount Hua. Now, they were even trying to destroy it.

‘Well, everyone endured it till now.’

Chung Myung kept control of himself. Several times a day, he felt his broken heart ache. Finally, he didn’t need to hold back the anger he’d been suppressing anymore.


When Chung Myung sharply shouted, the disciples of the Southern Edge Sect shuddered. A few came forward and carried Jong Seo-Han away.

One of them remained with a stiff face and stood facing Chung Myung with a sword.

‘I’ve already shown off the Equilibrium of Six, then let’s move on to the next technique.’

Chung Myung retook his stance.

A groan that seemed to breathe in sounded from behind him

“F-Falling Flower Sword!”

After taking the basic form, Chung Myung raised his sword and aimed at the foe in front of him.

And sprinted ahead.

‘It’s different!’

Jo Gul clenched his fist.

Chung Myung’s movement changed completely. It wasn’t serious and concise like what had been previously shown. These were sharp movements, like wind blowing through a canyon.

Just by changing the sword technique, his entire bearing changed. How could one man have such perfect execution?

Flowers blooming on an old tree along the cliff seem to be swept away by this violent wind.


A completely incomparable speed to Chung Myung’s previous technique was displayed.

Such a formidable attack went flying for the disciple from the Southern Edge Sect.



The moment it seemed to be blocked, the sword was recovered faster than it stabbed and then continued the assault again and again.



The sword that was blocked quickly retreated back.

Usually, when dealing with a swift sword, a martial artist would strike after defending before their opponent has time to recover their stance and withdraw their sword. That was the trick. However, the Southern Edge Sect’s disciple had no way to counterattack despite knowing that.

The moment he tried to attack, Chung Myung’s retrieved sword would stab again.




Even faster!


Sometimes the sword would just brush past the shoulder. But even so, that light contact felt like it had enough destructive force to crush the bones.


The Southern Edge Sect’s disciple couldn’t find a proper way to deal with the attack and recklessly decided to swing his sword.

No, he tried to.


Chung Myung’s sword struck his throat before he could even place strength in his hand.


The disciple collapsed on the spot.


Chung Myung looked at the fallen disciple and said,


Yoon Jong seemed deflated as he gasped.

‘T-that is the Falling Flower Sword.’


It was different from what he or Jo Gul did.

If the Equilibrium of Six was loyal to the basics, then this sword technique centered on pleasure and was the core of Mount Hua’s swordsmanship.

Chung Myung was now showing them.

This is the true Falling Flower Sword. This is Mount Hua’s sword.

“… Falling Flower Sword.”

The sword they learned.

To be honest, Yoon Jong never thought that Mount Hua’s sword technique could be as good as the Southern Edge Sect’s.

Even though swordsmanship wasn’t everything, Mount Hua’s martial arts tended to fall a bit short if it was evaluated calmly.

So far, Yoon Jong… no, that was what all the third-class disciples thought.

But instead of using a hundred words, Chung Myung showed them through a single battle.

It’s been said that Mount Hua’s martial arts used to be superior to the Southern Edge Sect. That may be the reason that Chung Myung was fighting them with those techniques.

“… what have I even been looking at till now?”

The children that had envied the abilities of others without properly understanding their own techniques felt ashamed of themselves.

“Sahyung. The Falling Flower Sword…”


Yoon Jong knew what Jo Gul was trying to say.

Yoon Jong nodded his head and spoke.

“Don’t take your eyes off him. That is Mount Hua’s Sword. The sword of Mount Hua that we need to learn and pass on.”

Yoon Jong realized one thing.

Perhaps after today, the disciples of Mount Hua will no longer be the same. Once they have witnessed this absurd sight, they can never turn back.

The image of Chung Myung’s back, wielding his sword, was burned into their eyes.

That bastard who always ran his arrogant mouth, at this moment, was silently leading them with his back.

‘Show us more.’

What Mount Hua’s sword meant.

How strong Mount Hua’s sword can be.

The world was getting quieter and quieter.

In the eyes of Yoon Jong, the figure of Chung Myung grew larger. It appeared as if Chung Myung was the only one standing in the whole world.


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