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Return Of The Devil’s Son – Chapter 64: Bonus 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Heaven was taken aside by her mother who had a serious expression. 

“Listen, Heaven. That wasn’t good behavior. I want you to apologize.” Her mother said once they were alone. “Sincerely” She added knowing how stubborn Heaven was. 

“But mother, why do I have to apologize? He is always rude.” Heaven was still holding her ground. 

“Because that makes you a bigger and stronger person. Fighting doesn’t make you strong. Being kind does.” 

That was so her mother. Heaven sighed. She couldn’t understand how her mother could be so good with words and kind all the time. 

“Alright. I’ll apologize.” Heaven said. 

“And you won’t do it again.” Her mother added. 

“I won’t.”


Zarin sat in front of his father who seemed displeased. He had his arms crossed over his chest and a stern look in his eyes. His father was silent for a long while instead of scolding him and that made Zarin feel uncomfortable. Soon he couldn’t handle the awkward silence. 

“Alright. I know I did wrong.” Zarin began. 

“What exactly did you do wrong?” His father asked. 

“I called her crazy.”

“And why did you call her that?” 

“Because…” Zarin did think she was crazy but he couldn’t say that out loud. She was crazy, stubborn, odd and annoying. 

Suddenly Roshan laughed. 

Roshan’s laugh always made Zarin nervous. It was as if his father knew what he was thinking. 

Suddenly his uncle Lucian came into the room. “You shouldn’t be so hard on him.” He told Roshan. Then he turned to Zarin. 


Zarin stood up from his seat. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Is your hair alright?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Thank you for your concern.”

“I told you not to be so formal with me.” Lucian reminded. 

“I am sorry Your ma…I mean uncle Lucian.”

Lucian smiled at him. 

Zarin liked his uncle very much. He was always kind to him despite all the fights with his daughter. 

“I know Heaven is lacking in many ways but that’s not her fault. It’s not easy living protected and isolated from the rest of the world. Other children, including you, go out and play with other children and you have many friends, but she doesn’t. I hope you can be the friend she never had.” Lucian explained. 

Zarin never thought about it and now he could understand a bit more. It must be sad not having any friends at all. He couldn’t imagine being without his friends. 

“I’ll try,” Zarin said unsure if he could succeed. 

His uncle patted his head before leaving him alone with his father again. 

Roshan gave his son a stern look. “First I want you to apologize.” He said. 

Zarin’s shoulders dropped. Even though he felt bad for Heaven he was not good with apologies. How was he supposed to apologize?

He came up with many different ways to do it while he was looking for Heaven but none of them sounded good. 

“Zarin!” Suddenly her voice came from behind. 

No! No! He wasn’t ready yet. Slowly he turned around and there she stood looking at him with those fascinating green eyes. 

Slowly she walked closer to him and he clenched his teeth trying hard not to show that he was nervous. 

“I have something to say to you.” She said and then looked down at her hand. 

At that moment she looked so innocent and vulnerable that he felt bad. It was really sad that she didn’t have a friend and always had to stay protected. 

“I… I am…” She began.

“I am sorry.” He blurted. 

She looked up, her eyes widening with surprise. He was surprised himself but then quickly he decided to man up and tell her straight and clear. 

“I am sorry I called you crazy.” He said. “It was rude.”

She blinked a few times then smiled. “Yes, it was very rude.” She agreed. “But I forgive you.”

He nodded feeling awkward again. “Thank you.” He said and then tried to leave quickly but she blocked his way. 

“I need to apologize too. For pulling your hair.” She pointed at his head. 

“Oh, it’s alright.” He said despite that his head was still hurting. Then he tried to walk past her. 

“Are you leaving?” She asked looking somehow concerned. 


Heaven looked down at her hands again. Yes, she did find Zarin annoying but at the same time, she liked it when he was here. Sometimes she wondered what he did when he wasn’t here. Did he have friends? Did he play with them? Did he have fun? Because she was very bored being at home. 

Sometimes Heaven wished that Zarin was a girl. Maybe then he wouldn’t be so annoying. 

Suddenly an image of Zarin in a dress popped up in her head and she burst out laughing. Zarin gave her that look again. The look where he thought that she was crazy. 

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

“Nothing.” She put her hand over her mouth and kept laughing. 

Zarin shook his head. And he actually thought he could be friends with her. That would never happen. “I am leaving.” He said turning his back to her. 


He ignored her and kept walking away.

“I am sorry.”

He stopped. Did she just apologize again? He turned to her just to see if he heard it right. 

“I just imagined you wearing a dress. You looked funny.” She explained. 

He sighed. He couldn’t understand this girl.

“What’s funny about that? You have dressed like a man already. I don’t need to imagine that.”

“At least I don’t look funny in it.” She said. 

He had nothing to say to that. She actually looked good in it. 

“I actually wore this so that I could play with you. I can’t play the games you play with a dress.” She explained. 

She wanted to play with him?

“Then what game do you want to play today?” He asked. 

Suddenly her eyes lit up as if she couldn’t believe what he said and her lips curved into a wide smile. 

“All of them.” She replied. 



Hello guys! Congratulations on having finished the story and thank you for reading. 

Hope you enjoyed it. If you did, you probably want to read more. Maybe Heaven’s story?

You can find Heaven’s story as volume 3 in chapter 124 in “Married to the devil’s son”. 

I decided to put all the books in one as different volumes so people who are new to the app can find all the stories easier. Return of the devil’s son is there as volume 2 so don’t waste your money on it since you already read it. Just jump straight to volume 3. 

Hope you enjoy this one as well. Lots of love ❤️


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