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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 84: Live To Sienna Pt.84 Bahasa Indonesia

“I didn’t know this lake was hidden in the woods. I guess this forest is really huge.”

“I can’t guess the size. Elves are known to be in the castle, but the fact is, the castle stands over the elf’s forest.”

“It’s really amazing. Thank you, for showing me such a nice place.”

“It’s not a big deal.”

Carl threw a rock from the floor into the river and there were ripples on the river. Sienna stood near the lake and reached out. The water in the lake, which had been wrapped around her fingers, was as cold as ice.

“I thought I’d like to swim here, but I guess it’s impossible. The water is really cold. I’ll have a heart attack if I just soak my feet, not even with my body.”

“Do you know how to swim?”

“It’s not to a degree that I just know how to do it, but I’m as good as a seal. Although I’m not that confident in a race on the grounds, I’m sure l can beat Sir Carl in the water!”

Sienna expressed confidence.

“It’s amazing that you know how to swim when you’re from the north. I know there are no rivers or lakes in Heidel.”

He was also right. There were no rivers or lakes in the north. In summer, however, the snow melts and floods. The damage from the accidents was greater than expected, resulting in the occasional loss of lives.

Because of that, Jamie forced Sienna to teach him how to swim. It was something that everyone in Heidel’s land learned. Instead of elaborating, she said with a jest-like fist,

“Haha, ha, if you have the will to do it, you can do it.”

As Carl stared, Sienna poked her mouth.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

“How am I looking at you?”

“You’re looking at me with a profoundly analytical face. Are you thinking about whether I’m telling you the truth or not?”

He didn’t answer her, but something was positive.

“It’s true. I know you don’t trust me, but it’s real. I’m really good at swimming.”

She could have just said that she was good at swimming and pass it off as a joke, but Sienna got stubborn for no reason. He seemed to treat herself as a habitual liar, as he said, ‘I can’t trust you’ whenever she said anything, and he was staring at her with his ‘I don’t believe’ face, either.”

“I’ll… I’ll believe you.”

“I think you just answered me by forcing yourself, but it still sounds good. I like how you say you’re going to believe me. I’ll show you how I swim someday. To make sure you feel that faith was not in vain!”

“I’d rather not.”

“What? You said you believed me. I really know how to swim.”

“It’s not because I don’t believe it, but because of it, a bit much for the Crown Princess to show herself swimming in the water. There might be a lot of eyes watching. On the southern end of the sea, I heard that women sometimes play in the sea, but this is still the case of the Crown Princess swimming…”

“Oh, you’re right. I couldn’t think of that. Sometimes, I forget that I’m the Crown Princess.”

“There’s something else you can forget. But don’t forget for a moment that you are my crown princess.”

Sienna’s heart pounded at every word of Carl’s. His words may mean that she should keep your dignity as a princess, but she was still in a good mood from it.

“It’s really nice. I mean the lake.”

A smile stuck at the mouth of Sienna. Carl, who was looking at her like that, smiled. The sunset fell over the lake.

“Can we walk back?”

When Carl said to go back, Sienna asked. She wouldn’t have to have that scary experience again. No matter how tight he held onto her back, it was still scary for her.

“We’ll be there the day after tomorrow then. Well, that is to say, if we walk back as you say.”

“That long? But I’m really scared. And there’s nowhere to hold onto. Then can’t I ride on the back? I’ll hold on to Carl’s waist. That’ll do!”

“That would be more dangerous. If you get in front, I can hold you, but if you get in the back, I can’t hold you. If you fall off the horse because your hands are weak, you’ll be badly hurt. Horses are more dangerous to ride from the back.”

Sienna looked at the horse. Looking at the smooth, curved hips that fell gently, it seemed as if she would fall off at his word. If she falls off the horse… she tried to ignore the terrible imaginations that came up in a chain.

“It scares me to ride even more.”

“I’ll help you get back safely, so get on. Or you can walk all night.”

Sienna had no choice. She could walk as close as she could. She was obliged to hold his hand.

Carl grabbed Sienna and sat in front of him. Sienna sat sideways and hugged Carl with both arms.

“This way, you’ll be satisfied because you’ve got a place to hold onto.”


As he said, there was a sense of stability than before, but she was nervous about staying close to Carl.

“This is how you hold me. But if you’re scared, make sure you close your eyes.”

Sienna shut her eyes tightly. In the meantime, she squirmed as Carl’s hand came around her waist. He smiled smirkingly as her unstable breathing rang in his ear.

“Try to hold in with your screams. People would be more sensitive to hearing it than me.”

The black horse began to walk slowly against the opposite of the sun. He scared the horse as if he were going to drive it fast, but he actually drove the horse slowly. Sienna could see the elf’s forest slowly and for a long time in the arms of Carl, she was blushing.

Hain questioned Sienna from the morning yesterday, who did not return to the palace immediately but only after sunset.

“Where in the world did you go yesterday? You didn’t come back until nightfall, so I almost reported the guards of the garrison that you had gone missing.”

“I told you. I had something to think about. It’s been a long time since I walked.”

“For that, your shoes were too good. There were mosses and dirt on it, but there were not many signs of it being worn out.”

She squinted at Sienna. Sienna tried not to make eye contact, admiring the reasoning power of Hain.

“I’m having breakfast in the bedroom, so please take it easy.”

“What in heavens’ name happened to you yesterday and you’re going to go this far? Did you meet a fairy who lives in the Elvin Forest? Did she tell you to keep her secret?”

“Think as you like. And I’ll take the tray with me. Please don’t let anyone in my room today. I don’t need cleaning either.”

Sienna told her never to come into the bedroom. In any event, they should not have noticed the presence of Carl. He was not supposed to be in the capital right now.

At the words, Hain looked at Sienna with a suspicious look. Sienna, who felt a tinge of guilt from her conscience, made an excuse,


“I’m so tired today. We had a lot of work yesterday.”

“It was amazing yesterday. I didn’t know Lord Waters was that good. The Waters family isn’t famous for nothing, but since it’s was so far away, there’s not much news that reaches here. But it’s amazing to say how he was able to compete against on equal terms with the imperial knighthoods’ most famous swordsman, Lord Trint!”

“Yesterday’s duel was a victory for Lord Trint.”

“But he’s much younger than Lord Trint. When Lord Waters is the same as Lord Trint’s age… I can’t even imagine it… And he felt really cool yesterday. To be honest, the Phoenix Knights have been so mean up until now. They can ignore Your Highness, but they can’t resist you! But when I saw them this morning, I did feel sorry for them. I could hear their pains from how much Lord Waters was working them. The public doesn’t even get close to the Phoenix Knights. They’re scared to see that miserable figure in their dreams.”

“I’m pretty sure he’s being generous if it’s only that much.”

“That is? I heard that he isn’t a human being…”

‘But I told him to leave at least half of them and work them. Don’t tell me they couldn’t stand it all, did they? I even mentioned the dishonorable expulsion in any case if they quit easily. But even if they all quit, I don’t have any regrets.’


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