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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 76: Live To Sienna Pt.76 Bahasa Indonesia

Deli was Marie’s two-year younger sibling.

“Since he grew up receiving lots of freedom and love in our home, I wondered by what means he was able to get into the Royal Knighthood… I’m glad to hear that he was able to be of help to Lady Sienna.”

“I’ll have to thank you, too.”

“There’s no need to thank me. He just did what he had to do as a knight. Even if he didn’t get a reward, I’m sure right about now that he’s smiling to a point where his mouth might rip open. My brother, Lord Panacio, has loved talking about himself since he was a child. I’ve been worried about his lack of discipline, but I’m looking forward to this opportunity as it seems he’ll be able to prove himself as a real a knight.”

“Is that so. But I’m surprised Lady Marie already knows about this news as it happened early in the morning.”

“My mother-in-law told me she heard it from the laundry areas. I’m sure Lady Sienna doesn’t know this yet. The laundry areas are the resting place for the maids, and all the stories are told there. It’s embarrassing, but I often hear stories from my maids in droves about how interesting they are.”

“Ah… is that so.”

Sienna felt as if she was in the middle of nowhere.

‘By chance, did she hear that rumor?’

She recalled the rumors of Carl and Valore and their love triangle that Hain had just told her. It was not her fault, but she became uncomfortable to see Marie’s face.

As the embarrassed Sienna tried to concentrate on the meal, Valore asked Jamie in a friendly voice.

“The Waters family has been making a name. I’m sure Lord Waters is on the sword’s path because he’s a legend called the spear in the north.”

“Yes, I’m training hard under my father.”

“I wonder what Lord Waters is capable of. The Waters’ blood wouldn’t go anywhere, so I think you’ll be able to do it even without blinking an eye.”

“No, I’m just an expert beginner. I’m worried about who will be able to uphold my father’s reputation.”

“I’m an outsider for knowledge on this, but at the age of Sir Waters, it’s already a big deal being at a level like that. I’d like to take a look at Lord Waters’ skills.”

At Valore’s words, Sienna was at this point.

“Tomorrow, Lord Waters will have a friendly match with the Phoenix Knights. Would you like to come and watch it? It’s a friendly match, but we’re not going to do it grandly, they’re going to spar with swords just for training.”

Sienna was definitely going to invite Valore. The cleanup of the Phoenix Knights was to show Valore the problems of the imperial knights and to make him aware that she needed to reform them in the future.

It was better for Carl to be there with her than Valore because the Knights’ problems were caused by Arya. If Carl was to take care of the matter after he takes over as emperor, it could look like he’s putting pressure on the empress politically, which wasn’t good.

“That’s good. I really want to go.”

Fortunately, Valore accepted the invitation with pleasure. Sienna said with a satisfied smile.

“Then I’ll send someone tomorrow to pick up His Majesty the Prince. You’ll be accompanied by Lord Trint tomorrow.”

Asen Trint. He was the Knight Commander of Valore’s knighthood, a man of honor respected by all knights. She thought if he could handle the matter without any noise if she left him to mediate tomorrow.

“Yes, of course. Would it be alright if older sister… I mean Princess Marie accompanies me to go sightseeing tomorrow?”

As Valore asked, Sienna nodded.

“Of course. If you both come, it will be an honor for the Phoenix Knights and Lord Waters.”

Marie said in a careful voice.

“Thank you for inviting me. I’m really looking forward to seeing the juxtaposition between the knights. In the past, it used to be common for knights to sign up for fights, but now I’ve heard that it’s not easy to see those anymore.”

Valore said.

“It can’t be helped because there are so many aristocrats who easily throw their gloves off at small matters and take out their swords, losing lives even. But rather, I heard if you have similar skills to one another, there will be a lot more accidents. Are you okay with that? Most of the Phoenix Knights should be at expert beginners.”

Sienna answered with confidence,

“It’ll be all right.”

After eating in a relaxed and warm atmosphere, Sienna and Jamie came out of the palace. As soon as Jamie got out, he took a deep breath.

“I got scolded for being nervous. I didn’t even know if the food went through my nose or mouth.”

“You ate too well for that.”

“It was delicious, ha ha ha.”

When Jamie burst into a fake smile, Sienna smiled and shook her head.

“I’ve heard a rumor that they’re thinking of getting a divorce because they’re not getting along with each other, but after today, I’m quite relieved to say the rumors were false and a waste of time.”

At Sienna’s words, Jamie opened his big eyes and gave a surprised look.


“I guess that’s what the rumor is about because there’s no future between them. I’m sure only the two of them know the problem, but they looked pretty close today.”

“They seem to have affection for each other. But…”

Jamie did not readily say out what he was thinking until Sienna poked him on his side and she asked,

“What is it? Tell me.”

“Those two people to say, rather than a couple, aren’t they more like brother and sister? Although it was for a split moment, the Prince called the Princess ‘sister.’ When I accidentally kissed the back of her hand, he seemed to really enjoy the situation, let alone be jealous.”

After listening to what he had to say, he seemed to have, in fact, been right. There must have been some false rumors about her and Valore in the stories that the maids told her, but Marie greeted her with no discomfort at all.

Sienna said, squaring her shoulders,

“Well, in effect, both were pretty close to each other and probably due to their blood-tie relationships as well, so that could be the matter. Marie’s mother-in-law looks very similar to Empress Arya, who is Valore’s mother. ”

“Her Majesty the Empress must be quite stunningly beautiful as well then.”

Sienna hadn’t thought so because she had bad feelings for Empress Arya but, yes, objectively Arya had a very beautiful appearance. It was enough to say at this point in history already that she will be considered the most beautiful Queen.

Her eyes, her nose, and her cool mouth, which are always sharp like a cat, were clearly beautiful. The same was true of Marie, who looks just like Arya. If there was a sharp aura on Arya, Marie’s eyes were more round and her impression was more tender. Arya and her atmosphere were different, but Marie was definitely a great beauty, too.

Jamie said, turning his arms around to relax his shoulder muscles,

“I’m nervous to hear that His Majesty the Crown Prince and Her Highness are also going to visit the training grounds tomorrow. What if we invited them for nothing?”

At his words, Sienna asked with a playful smile,

“Why? Are you afraid of losing in front of the two?”

“Whether I win or lose the fight to the Phoenix Knights, it’s still a loss for you. If the Phoenix Knights win, it’s a disgrace to the Waters family, and if I win, it proves the Phoenix knights to be a misconception.”


At his words, Sienna shook her head and said,

“Don’t worry about that. I think I’ve been humiliated enough by the Phoenix Knights already. So, you have to win. I don’t want our family to be disgraced either. I want you to show them at the right time why the Waters Heritage is called the northern spear.”

At Sienna’s words, Jamie nodded with a nervous face. No matter how much so, the match against the expert’s middle class seemed to be tense.


The next day, as soon as breakfast was over, Sienna and Jamie arrived at the Phoenix training camp earlier. Perhaps thanks to yesterday’s visit, the knights were waiting for the two, warming up in the training grounds. They lined up with the leader. The leader greeted them as the representative.

“I, Clorel Simon, the leader of Phoenix Knights, give our greetings to Your Highness, the Crown Princess.”

“This looks better than yesterday’s mess. At least, it looks like the dirt was drained out of your clothes. But I guess we’re running out of time, though.”


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