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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 66: Live To Sienna Pt.66 Bahasa Indonesia

It was also surprising that such a Marie had no presence still. Since Arya, who looks like her, wields enormous influence, she seemed to receive relatively less attention from people.

‘By the way, they look so alike. Are the Panacio clans blood genes stronger?’

The Empress Arya and Marie’s tusks resembled curly black hair. Especially, the tip of their noses was very similar.

“My wife looks like my mother…”

She knew there are men who say their mother is their ideal type, but it must be symbolic. It may be a wish to meet a woman who forgives and loves whatever he does like their mothers usually are like. But she doesn’t seem the same as his mother.

She knew it was rude to Valore, but Sienna felt strange to see her mother look just like his wife. She felt like she was facing something she couldn’t understand.

“It would be the first time for the princesses to face each other in private.”

Marie nodded and smiled shyly. Unlike her looks, she seemed shy.

“I think this will be a meaningful occasion in many ways.”

When she finished speaking, the servants, who had been standing behind her back, put the bowl on the table in one movement. It was a soup with a bowl of porridge on top of the yellow broth.

“I prepared seafood because Princess Sienna can’t eat red meat.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh, I don’t know if I did anything useless. Princess Sienna, who grew up in the north, has less experience with seafood.”

“It won’t be uncomfortable to eat for the first time. The cod meat on the potato soup is prepared carefully by the chef, so it doesn’t taste fishy. So, take it easy.”

Valore answered. Arya raised her eyebrows to make sure to express that she didn’t like Valore’s actions. He acted as if she cared about Sienna and pointed out the lack of quality, but this was not something Arya had wanted to do, but he had gotten dibs first on Sienna.

Sienna looked toward Carl. For some reason, Carl’s facial expression wasn’t as good as hers.

“It’s very delicious.”

“The new chef is pretty good. It’s amazing. The northern part of the country must have an easier to access meat than vegetables or seafood because of its natural environment, but you can’t eat it.”

When Sienna was young, she loved eating red meat. It was only natural that something that had been eaten so much would settle down to one’s taste. Sienna replied with the most plausible words, “I’m trying to control red meat by following the doctrine of the goddess of the earth.”

“I see.”

When the soup was removed, the next dish was served. It was a crustacean shaped like a goblin. A fork alone seemed to make it difficult to apply. Sienna cursed Arya in her heart.

‘I’m sure she prepared this dish to humiliate me.’

It was a dish that was difficult for her to be courteous, as she grew up in the North and had never had access to a variety of seafood. Arya’s obvious behavior made her laugh. But contrary to Arya’s expectations, it was a familiar dish for Sienna.

In the past, she had a meal with Carl and Bluebell, and this was the first ingredient dish she had encountered. In contrast to Bluebell, which held the food with tongs with graceful hand movements, she grabbed the hard-shelled food ingredients with clumsy-like movements with her tongs and was humiliated as her plate also slipped out of her hands and fell to the floor.

Bluebell and Carl, who had been sitting at the table together, didn’t show much concern, but she, who had jealousy and qualms about Bluebell, returned to her quarters and ate only that dish for a whole month.

‘That’s enough…’

When Sienna was about to pick up the tongs, Carl took her plate. Everyone’s eyes around the table turned to him.

“I’ll peel it for you because it’s not easy to eat.”

His attentive voice changed everyone’s expression. Arya’s eyes were thin and Valore tightened his mouth. Above all, Sienna felt embarrassed by Marie’s eyes looking at her enviously.

“I can do it, but…”

“I know you can do it well. But it’s because I want to do it for you. Don’t bother.”

“Oh, my God!”

Marie, across from her, looked at Carl with a rapture look. Sienna shouted in her heart, “Why are you doing something out of place to me, Carl?” When she tried to open the door of her heart, she would say she couldn’t blindly believe it and try to build walls up instead. But when she tried to build walls in her heart, he would tear it down in an instant. He was a man who she couldn’t keep her eyes away from.

He laid a plate of flesh before Sienna to make it easy to eat. Sienna felt bitter in her mouth and took a sip of wine.

Just in time, Arya raised her glass and said, “I’m glad Prince Carl is back in such good health. I heard you were seriously hurt by the assassin’s attack, but I think the rumor is wrong.”

“I was hurt by the attack, but it wasn’t life or death. I was injured when I heard of my wedding, but I had to come. I gained a wife, something that I didn’t even think to imagine yet.”

“Well, it was unclear whether Prince Carl was alive or not. Even before Prince Carl, who is respected by many, was recognized as an adult, so we were all worried that you were wandering in between life and death and whether this would not be recorded down in the imperial history.”

“It’s strange, no matter what. I haven’t gotten a letter from my marriage partner at all during the time away. The news that I was killed by an assassin was delivered to the capital city surprisingly quickly.”

“Well. I’ve heard that you’ve sent a steady stream of wedding-related letters there, but you must have made a mistake somewhere.”

“Yes, the rapid communication between the front lines and the imperial palace is also very important militarily. If we don’t get the information in the hands of the enemy, or if we don’t get the important information at all, it’s a big deal, so we’ll have to track it down and make sure there’s nothing wrong.”

“That’s unfortunate, by the way. Prince Carl has not been able to marry his beloved Bluebell Fair Duchess. You’d love to be with someone you care about, but, you know, Duchess Fair hasn’t grown up yet. Did she say she was going to hold an adult ceremony next year?”

“I love Bluebell, but I don’t have any complaints about this wedding. Rather, I should say thank you to the Empress. Thanks to you…”

Carl overlapped his hands over Sienna’s left hand.

“Because I was able to tie the knot with Sienna.”

“So, you said previously that Sienna and Prince Carl knew each other before they got married, right?”

“Yes. Sienna is my life-saver.”

Carl looked at Sienna with his deep eyes. Sienna rolled her eyes with a nervous expression. It was because she had no idea what he was up to.

“I guess you two are meant to be. When you look at it, it’s like this.”

Sienna took her eyes off Carl and looked ahead. In front of her, she was looking at herself with a heavy face. With no place for her eyes to settle, she lowered her head and brought the transparent wine to her mouth. Even though it was a delicious drink, she didn’t know whether it was going through her nose or through her mouth.

“Then the man who came to the room on the first day of Princess Sienna’s wedding must have been Prince Carl.”


Carl and Sienna’s face froze at the same time. At the thought of it, Arya followed with a smile of intent.

“Well, I must have made a slip of the tongue. Do act as if you haven’t heard.”

It wasn’t a slip of the tongue, but it was definitely a call for Carl to listen.

“I’m curious. Why did you come up with that?”

“I saw the footprints of a man in Sienna’s palace, so I thought maybe I misunderstood. It must have been a footprint of a maid with big feet.”

Sienna laughed at Arya in her heart. It must have been a remark to embarrass her. It would have been aimed at making Carl think she had another man.

The problem was that the person who visited her that day was really Carl. So, Sienna didn’t have to be embarrassed. Then suddenly, he stepped in.


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