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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 59: Live To Sienna Pt.59 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 59: Live To Sienna Pt.59

“You’re coming to the party?”

“It’s your debut. It’s a natural duty to attend as a husband.”

“Why are you saying something like a duty? That’s not what Carl is doing right now. Officially, it’s just another event that comes and goes, and unofficially, we have to grab the number in favors to get ready to hit the back of the Aryan forces.”

“I didn’t say I was not going to move on with your plan. Whether Valore advances the time to become emperor or agitators, it’s just your plan. All I’ve decided is to participate in the relations regarding the rights to buy wheat.”

Of course, all he had to do was block the roads and waterways of the wheat.

Sienna seemed to have developed a burning sensation in her stomach. This was a far cry from the plan. Of course, she knew very well that it would not go as it had been in her previous life. Each little action would have been a butterfly effect and twisted destiny otherwise.

Still, she didn’t expect Carl to act so quickly. He still had to be in the doctor’s service as usual. The wound that was betrayed by his believer was so deep that he only returned to the capital after recovering from his feet and later ascending to become the emperor.

She tipped him off in the hope that she didn’t want to hurt him, but he might get even worse.

“You don’t have to look so scary.”

“You were joking, weren’t you? I was surprised. I don’t know what kind of ruse Empress Arya would use if she found out that Carl was in such good shape…”

“It’s going to be dawn soon. I’ve got to go.”

“Then when are you coming again?”

“Why? Are you going to wait?”

“No, it’s not like that. I’m always surprised when you show up. So, to be prepared in advance.”

“It’s not that I am a surprise to you, it’s that you are horrified at nothing. With such a frail heart, how will you be able to stand up against Empress Arya?”

She tried to tell him that she was confident that she would eat Arya steamed if she had fought purely in the flesh, but she remained silent because she was afraid she would be laughed at by Carl. She couldn’t wrinkle herself in front of him who was called the Battlefield God.


“You said you were going to bed early yesterday, and…”

Hain was ashamed as she touched Sienna’s head.

“I just couldn’t sleep, Hain.”

She yawned profusely, answering Hain’s words.

“You deserve to be nervous. By the way, I’m worried about the dance.”

“I can’t help it. It’s not going to be good.”

“Your Majesty, the Empress has sent you a dress.”

The young lady-in-law, Shaylin, entered with a large paper box. Because of her small size, the box of dresses looked unusually large.

“That’s great. I was afraid I didn’t have the right dress. I got my debut date so suddenly that I couldn’t find a good tailor.”


Although she was skeptical about the gift Arya sent her, she couldn’t show it in front of the maids.

“Shaylin, will you open it and show me the dress?”

She thought she should check carefully in advance because she was afraid that it would be torn if she wore it.

“Oh, my God!”

Hain sighed. Sienna held back her profanity from beyond the sigh.

“It’s a black dress.”

“Yes, it’s a black dress.”

The reason they were surprised was the symbolism of the black dress. Black dresses were usually worn by people who sold themselves in the back alleys.

They say they wear black dresses, which means they are already dirty, but they prefer black dresses that are easily untainted and bloodstained because they cannot change as they are bought so often.

So, the perception was that the black dress was a whore’s costume. It was never a dress worthy of the nobility’s love.

“You must have been confused whether the Empress should send clothes to the Warden or other.”

“Your Royal Highness.”

Sienna’s words made Shaylin cry because of embarrassment.

“Shaylin, I’m not mad at you. First of all, can you show me the dress? I’d like to take a closer look.”

“You’d better wear another dress.”

Hain stopped her from looking at the black dress.

“No, but she brought it for me to wear it. Should I ignore her sincerity?”

“Your Majesty!”

Hain tried to dry it, but Sienna scrutinized the dress. To put aside the meaning, it was a dress made quite beautifully.

Transparent gems were embroidered like galaxies on the chests of dresses. A black velvet ribbon sat smoothly on the waist, followed neatly by a patternless fabric of translucent material. The rich spread of skirts was quite cute. To be honest, it was a design that she liked.

“I’ll wear this.”

“Your Highness, what are you talking about?!”

“Please put my hair up so that it’s not as glamorous as the dress. I can’t have it down because my hairstyle will just make me look like a whore.”

“Your Majesty!”

“Hain, I’m going home. I know why you’re drying it, but it’s a gift from the Empress, isn’t it? She sent it to me to wear it, but she’ll be mad if I don’t wear it. I can’t ignore her sincerity.”


“Paint my lips with something very red.”

Bite Empress Arya with her red lips. Her eyes shone fiercely.

“That’s a real deal.”

Sienna tried to pass her hair nervously but dropped her hand after being sanctioned by Hain. She couldn’t ruin her carefully done hair.

“We don’t have much time left. I can’t wait any longer…”

Hain said in an uneasy voice,

‘Did you do that before? But at a time like that, you didn’t even know you were being ignored. It was foolish of you to not know of such a situation. You deserved to be laughed at then.’

“What do I do?”

Originally, when a member of the royal family enters a party, knights were to escort them in and out of the event. It was basic for the imperial family to move with a minimum number of people even when they moved across small distances. It was an important basic guideline for safety and for maintaining dignity. That’s why the first thing she did before her wedding was; she had been given a knighthood unto her.

She received the knighthood. The Phoenix of the Knights was given to her name because of her red hair which was as colorful as her name. But today, of great importance to Sienna, there were no knights to escort her.

‘I’ve been so distracted by my etiquette education, but I see they’ve never made an appearance once before me. I haven’t even said hello once.’

She was very angry that the humans who were supposed to be her own kind did not even have the decency to show their presence on such an important day.

“Lady Sienna, I think we’re going to be too late.”

“All right. Hain, I’ll let you take the lead.”

Sienna was forced to take the lead of the poet-daughter Hain to the banquet hall. She thought today would be a bad day because she had been pouting like this from the start.

“The first Royal Highness, the Princess, is entering.”

Introduced by the gatekeeper, Sienna entered the banquet hall.

‘Whenever I see it, It’s always gorgeous. Is Arya trying to imply this is still an empire even though it is rusty.’

Sienna was amazed at the spectacular interior that was visible.

She came down the stairs, staring as far away off into the distance as possible while descending at a speed that is not too urgent or too slow. It was the moment when Kitrol’s education started shining from her.

Seeing many people paying attention to themselves, Sienna had a soft smile around her mouth. Her eyes caught Arya sitting on one side of the banquet hall. There were many women around. Sienna headed there.

She felt more eloquent than the sound of the entire hall. That’s why Sienna was so unconventional in her black dress. The one in the black dress that symbolizes a whore…


After reading their eyes, Sienna drew up her waist more upright.

“I’m here to see the Empress.”

Empress Arya nodded her greetings. A sarcastic smile spread around Arya’s mouth.

“It’s a black dress.”

Arya opened her mouth, unaware that it was a gift from herself.

“Yes, a black dress.”

“I’ve never seen anyone in a black dress.”

At the words of Queen Arya, the women around her mimic her echoed words like a parrot. Some smiled unpleasantly, covering their mouths.


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