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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 3: Live To Sienna Pt.3 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 3: Live To Sienna Pt.3

Carl and Bluebell were not present yet, but Arya, who had come early, welcomed her.

Arya raised her skirt to greet Sienna, who bent at the knees in response because she was holding Joseph. Arya greeted Sienna before Sienna had even reached the top, making her look like she was at her feet.

In Laifsden, where the emperor’s authority came first, the empress’ authority was higher than the queen’s. By law, Arya was not supposed to greet Sienna from a place above her.

“He’s the star of today’s banquet, but he appeared too early.”

At her words, Sienna looked at the empty seats of both Carl and Bluebell. It wasn’t that Sienna had come out early. Carl and Bluebell were late.

“I guess I was in a hurry. Today is the Prince Joseph’s official announcement so that all may know him. I wanted to be able to show my confidence as his mother as soon as possible.”

“Yes. Prince Joseph looks very healthy. He’s the scarlet of Laifsden.”

Sienna thanked her but tilted her head at the same time. Until now, Arya had called Joseph the Crown Prince, but today, she had called him Prince Joseph. The one in line for the throne was given the title of Crown Prince, which was an inappropriate title for Joseph, who hadn’t even received his name from the emperor.

Sienna recalled the conversation she had had with Arya not long ago. Arya had said that she would make Joseph the next emperor if Sienna could fulfill a very simple favor. Sienna had been so sad that she hadn’t understood her properly, and had forgotten about it after that…

“Have you forgotten my request?” Arya whispered in Sienna’s ear.

“But how can it…”

When she tried to ask how the little request could make Joseph the emperor, Arya shook her head and prevented her from speaking any further.

“You’ll know the reason soon. It’s important for Prince Joseph, so please.”

Sienna wavered, but she trusted Arya’s words and nodded.

The banquet resumed when the two women were seated. The noblemen danced in pairs to the merry music played by the musicians.

“The Emperor and Her Majesty, the Queen II,” the door guard announced Carl and Bluebell in a loud voice. Soon, the door opened, and the two entered.

Carl, with his vivacious golden hair, the symbol of Laifsden’s royalty, looked around the banquet hall with his commanding light blue eyes, and those who seemed easygoing straightened themselves. He had been born to be king.

Bluebell was next to him, as she should be. She was as beautiful as a fairy, with her blue, silvery hair well combed and adorned with pearls.

With her white skin and slender shoulders, she was almost leaning against Carl’s arm. They looked very good together to Sienna, who smiled bitterly at the sight.

“Today and any other day, I wish you’d come out with me in hand…”

After the couple’s appearance, the people inside the banquet hall remained on edge, but that wasn’t just because of their good looks. Everyone’s eyes were on Bluebell’s white, slender neck, which was adorned with a necklace. He didn’t have to explain what the 227 shiny diamonds and large sapphires meant.

Having drawn everyone’s attention, Bluebell changed her posture and supported her waist with one hand, as if her belly, which wasn’t even been popping out yet, was very heavy.

If the action was intended, it was a success. People realized that the one next to the emperor of the country was not Sienna and the child in her arms wrapped in the gangbo, but Bluebell and the unborn child inside her belly.

“Prince Joseph’s birthday celebration turned out to be a celebration party for Queen Bluebell’s pregnancy,” Arya whispered in Sienna’s ear.

Sienna didn’t reply to her words. She just looked at Carl’s hand, which was supporting Bluebell, with envy.

Standing at the top, Bluebell greeted Sienna.

“I wish the prince a happy birthday and a great celebration.”

“Thank you. By the way, I have to congratulate you on something as well. I’ve heard that Queen Bluebell is pregnant”

At Sienna’s words, Bluebell carefully wrapped her belly with her arms and said, “Thank you. It hasn’t been that long yet, so I was going to wait a bit before informing you, but… I think news of it has reached all over already. The child in my belly is so picky that there isn’t a single comfortable day. I was late again today because of the baby. Please understand.”

“Is… that so?”

While answering Bluebell, Sienna’s eyes turned to Carl. He hadn’t looked at either Sienna or Joseph, who was in her arms, after entering the banquet hall. It was always Sienna who thought it was her fault that she had pushed him away, but this time, she couldn’t help but feel resentment.

Carl, who didn’t even say hello to Sienna, said while assisting Bluebell, “Your body must be feeling uncomfortable. It’ll be better if you sit down.”

Sienna bit her lower lip with misery. The red robes embroidered with golden dragons surrounding Joseph felt shabby. Inside the embroidered cloth, a child who had a close resemblance to his father lay asleep, unaware that his father had not even given him congratulation or a simple greeting. Yes, maybe it was better not to know…

The banquet began in earnest when Emperor Carl entered the hall.

“What’s that box in the middle?”

Sienna looked at Arya with embarrassment. She had the answer ready at the tip of her tongue, so Sienna gave the answer Arya had hoped for.

“That is a gift from my father. It’s probably a wooden cradle. Heidel’s trees, which grow in the cold, northern wind, are famous for being strong and sturdy.”

Carl nodded and looked down at the banquet hall, and Sienna looked at his profile. How long had it been since she had peeked at him like that?

The girl, who had been just eighteen years old, whose heart had trembled at his straight nose and smooth lips, was now twenty-three. Five years later, after becoming the mother of a child, she was still peeping at his profile.

“The child’s kicked my stomach.”

“Ha-ha! You’re a tough guy. I’m sure he takes after me.”

At Bluebell’s words, Carl turned to look at her, and Sienna’s vision was filled with his brilliant golden hair.

‘When is it that I’ll be able to face Carl’s hazel eyes? Will the day ever come when he faces my eyes with those eyes? Why is it so easy for Queen Bluebell? Facing him, listening to his friendly voice, and feeling the warmth of his touch. How come something that is it so difficult for me is so easy for her?”

“Empress Sienna.”

Sienna, who was lost in thought, didn’t come to until Queen Arya called her three or four times.

“Why are you so enraptured when this is Prince Joseph’s banquet?”

“Oh, no. That’s not it.”

“I think the banquet hall is a little hot.”


Arya’s mention of ‘hot’ was the signal to call the dancers and singers known as Muhee. Sienna nodded and told Carl, “I’ve called the Muhee for Prince Joseph. Their dance will further illuminate the banquet.”

Carl nodded without looking at Sienna.

Wearing exotic costumes, the all-male dancer troupe carried knives. When Carl saw them, he made a face and asked Sienna, “Why are those dancers you called for wielding knives?”

It was the first time Carl had looked at Sienna that day. She slowly opened her mouth while facing him and said, “… It’s a traditional dance from the southern part of the country called Homulus, a sword dance to pray for the child’s long life. I called them in to wish Joseph well.”

“Is that what it means… Even if so, the act of recklessly taking up arms at the banquet hall should not be allowed, regardless of what empress calls for it.”


Sienna became nervous at his words. Regardless of whether he resented her or not, he could use that as an excuse to get her dethroned under the pretext of safety. He couldn’t kick her out and leave young Joseph all alone… How would the child live by himself in that stark castle?

Sienna hugged Joseph and bowed before Carl.

“Please, forgive me.”

Carl said with a look of annoyance, “That’s enough. It’s a celebratory day, so let’s just leave it.”

“Thank you.”

Her hands, holding Joseph, were soaked with cold sweat.

With the emperor’s permission, the dancers began to dance around with their swords. They swirled their heavy swords around easily, displaying the dance deftly. Sienna exclaimed at the splendid sword dance.

She was from the North. With more monsters than animals in its forests, the North was a place where men and women learned the sword as soon as they learned to walk. Sienna hadn’t learned the sword by herself because of her status as the duke’s daughter. She had done it because she had been confident that her eyes were quite sharp.


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