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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 224: Live to Sienna Pt.224 Bahasa Indonesia

But soon his anxiety turned into awe. This was because the sound of a child crying came from inside the tent, along with a “slap!” It meant the birth of Sharillo.

“How is the Empress?! Is the Empress all right? Is the child all right? Why aren’t you answering?!”

Carl yelled without giving them a chance to answer. Soon the maid, who was helping the midwife, came out with a child wrapped in a red blanket. The child was crying in a loud voice.

“Ah… is this Sharillo?”

Carl looked over the child with a thrilled look. The child, wrapped in the blanket, was very red and swollen. It was not cute in any sense and couldn’t even open its eyes properly.

However, Carl was completely taken by this tiny, fragile-looking creature. It felt indescribable. Deep down in his stomach, all sorts of emotions seemed to fluctuate.

“You need to wake up. Stay alert and give me strength.”

Then there was the urgent sound of midwives from inside. Carl, startled, tried to get into the room. Then the maid restrained him.

“The birth is not over yet. So you can’t go in.”

“What are you talking about? The birth is not over?!”

“Her Majesty was conceived with two heirs.”

Her words surprised not only Carl but also Pavenik and Hain. Soon they began to get excited.

“Are you sure there are two heirs? What do you mean, twins? That’s a good sign! You can see the effect of bathing in Elf’s lake. Of course, my efforts to stand on one foot so far have played a big role. I can’t even feel it anymore. We can’t change our feet until our second one is born, right?”

“Oh my gosh! Two… Oh no, I thought there would be only one of them, so I prepared everything for one. The second one will be disappointed. I’m going to have to look for the supplies I need.”

Unlike the two delighted people, Carl looked distressed. It was a great pleasure to have two precious babies, but the fact that Sienna’s pain was not over made him suffer.

Carl whispered softly as he looked at Sharillo in the arms of a maidservant.

“Why don’t you tell your sibling not to give his mother a hard time and come out quickly? This father is waiting…”


Shortly after the midwife finished her work and Sienna was examined by the imperial doctor, Sienna took two children in her arms and looked one after the other. The reddish color was still lingering, but they were lovely.

The first child was a son and the second child was a daughter, and the two looked very alike. Sienna couldn’t take her eyes off the two children for a long time.

“Good work.”

Said Carl, looking at sienna. Sienna smiled tiredly and said, “You did a great job, too. I don’t understand why you did that, but…”


“I’m giving birth to a child, and why you and the Chancellor are doing such terrible things.”

While Sienna went through a child’s labor, Carl and Pavenik did what Hain said would be helpful. While standing on one foot, he was slapped on the back with a tree branch, lit a candlestick full in the rooms, and smoked spices that smelled unpleasant.

“There’s nothing I could do, so I thought I’d have to do something.”

Carl said, blushing with embarrassment, though he ordered Pavenik to do those things.

“I didn’t feel any better because you did that outside. I’d rather have you come in next time and hold my hand.”

“I will.”

As Carl nodded, Sienna burst into laughter and said, “You’re fearless. You don’t know what I’m going to do. It hurts so much that I might tear out all that fine blonde hair.”

“Well, if it’s better for you to do so, then you should.”

At Carl’s words, Sienna smiled and nodded.

She really didn’t mean to do that even if there was another one. By all means, can you tear off the Emperor’s hair? Still, she was grateful that Carl answered like that.

Their daughter wriggled her fingers whether she was trying to wake up. Carl was amazed at the little creature as small as his palm. The size of the children was a little smaller than the average, perhaps because they were twins.

“Wrinkly and red.”

“It’s because they’ve been in the amniotic fluid for a long time. You don’t have to worry because they’ll be okay over time. Would you like to hug him?”

Sienna asked. Carl looked at her with a face full of fear.

‘Carl’s face full of fear.’

Sienna felt very strange.

“It’s so small, I don’t want to hurt it…”

“It’s okay. All you have to do is support the neck and the back properly.”

When Sienna winked, the maid, who was assisting the midwife, carefully lifted the sleeping boy and handed it to Carl. Because Hain was inexperienced, for the time being, the midwife’s maid was going to help Hain and Sienna and teach them how to handle the child.

Carl took the child with care. Fortunately, the child, wrapped in a white sheet, seemed to have no discomfort in his father’s arms. He kept sleeping, munching his lips.

The weight was so light that Carl, anxious, held the child close to his arms.

“With Carl holding him like that, he looks even smaller.”

Sienna smiled and said so.

“It’s too small. When will he grow up?”

“It’s going to grow every day. I’m sure you will be sad that they grew up too soon.”

Carl nodded. But it was Sienna’s words, so he just nodded as usual.

He couldn’t believe this little boy would grow up. He couldn’t imagine.

Sienna looked at the other child who lay beside her and said, “But more than that, twins! It’s amazing. I guess both Carl’s conception dream and my father’s dream were correct. By the way, who’s the light and who’s the Kraken?”

When Sienna spoke in wonder of her conception dream, Carl said with a soft smile.

“No matter what the dream is, they both just need to grow up healthy.”


“Your Majesty, I know you’re happy to have your children, but there’s a lot of work to be done urgently.”

Carl frowned at Pavenik’s voice from the reception room outside the bedroom. It was true that state affairs changed from day to day, so there was a lot of work, but Carl didn’t want to be disturbed at this time.

Carl ignored Pavenik’s voice and looked at Sharillo in his arms. After watching them, Sienna spoke out.

“Carl, give him here and get back to work. So that they can trust their father and grow up at ease.”

Carl looked at Sienna with a sad face. He looked like a child begging his mother to play more with his friends even though the sun was down. Sienna said, holding back a sulky laugh.

“The heirs and I are going to be here all the time. Why are you so worried? First, finish your work.”

“It’s not something that can be done in a day or two. You told me that a child grows up day by day. What if I miss my child growing up?”

“Don’t worry, it won’t get too big in just one day. They’re like a garden tree, if you look at them every day, you wonder when it’ll ever grow up, but one day they will grow up as big as the sun and create a cool shade above your head. They’re going to grow up like that.”


Still, Carl couldn’t let go of his child in his arms. Eventually, the midwife kicked out Carl, saying Sienna should breastfeed the children.

After being kicked out of the room, Carl glared fiercely at Pavenik as soon as he went out the door.

“Can’t a Chancellor work without me? You can leave me alone on a day like today.”

“Do I do this for my own happiness? I have to get back to work even though I can’t feel my legs because of someone. In the present situation, if you take a day off, you’ll be two days behind. As soon as the work is stabilized, I’ll leave you alone even if you say you have to breastfeed the heirs yourself. So hang in there for just another month.”

Pavenik said, with an unfair face while massaging his legs.

Carl kicked Pavenik’s shin hard, who threw a nonsense joke and headed for the Oval Office.

Pavenik’s screams did not arouse pity for Carl.


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