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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 208: Live to Sienna Pt.208 Bahasa Indonesia

Ahead of the big event, Arya asked Castro to help her prepare eighty expert-level knights.

In fact, the Castro empire complained to Arya when spies planted in Leipsden were executed in the process of clearing up Arya’s case. On top of that, she demanded as many as 80 knights, so the Castro empire refused at first, calling it a ridiculous demand. But in the end, as she expected, they decided to send the knights.

It wasn’t just because Arya offered to hand over considerable land and interests after the event.

Castro had already fought a war with Carl. And as a result of the war, the army led by Carl had come right up to Castro’s capital, or the country’s Adam’s apple. Carl was called ‘the one loved by the God of War’ for a reason.

They knew they couldn’t face Carl in an all-out war. The value of the eighty expert-knights was enormous, but the sacrifice was relatively light if they succeeded in removing Carl from the Leipsden Empire. They thought it wouldn’t be difficult to deal with the centerless Leipsden Empire where Carl was not part of.

Of course, even without Carl, the national power of the Leipsden Empire would still be strong, but the story would be different if Arya ruled the empire with a young emperor.

Arya also knew that Castro had decided to support herself with such interests. She knew it was time to pay more than ever. Now, it was necessary to act so.

“Yes, have you found the mothers?”

Arya asked the maid in a low voice. After Carl took away the knights she had planted and filled the door with royal knights, everything had to be done cautiously.

But this life was close to an end. If this plan was successful, she doesn’t have to worry about anyone. She would sit on the throne with a scarecrow.

“It’s hard to find people with olive eyes. I’m trying to find out as much as I can, but even if I’m looking for a mother with olive eyes, I can’t guarantee the color of the kids’ eyes.”

Olive-colored eyes and golden hair were rare enough to be a symbol of the Imperial House of Leipsden.

“Such a fool! Then you should find a child who looks like the second empress!”

“That’s… … silver hair isn’t common either…”

Arya wanted to raise her voice and admonish her maid with a whip. The only thing that’s left was this idiot! She said with a gnarled tooth.

“Okay, any color of hair and eyes are fine. Sometimes children who don’t look like their parents are born! But those involved should keep their mouths shut, forever!”

Arya didn’t want to mess things up again because of those light-mouthed like Bronis.

“Whatever the hair color or whatever the eye color! It’s the only bloodline of the imperial family that’s left, and who’s going to raise the issue?”

Arya laughed with joy at the mere thought of it. If the day came, she would wield absolute power.

“It’s frustrating to stay in the palace. I’m going to go find out how the second Empress is doing with the prince she holds. Let them know that I’ll come and visit Empress Bluebell.”

Arya stood up from her seat, ready to step out.

The empress’ palace, which did not pull the curtains, was dim with no light. Even the windows were not open well, so the interior of the castle smells stale and gloomy. Whenever the maids tried to open the window or close the curtains, the owner of the palace began to yell. The atmosphere of the empress’ residence was like a deserted house.

Bluebell, the owner of the empress palace, was hanging on the sofa in the living room, closing her eyes. The maids held their breath and stayed away from her.

They found their owner acting strange, but they couldn’t find a solution. After her beloved nanny died, Bluebell’s personality turned violent. No, it seemed that she’s been eccentric since she got pregnant.

One of the maids, who was worried that it might be because of a problem with Bluebell’s baby, called in a physician but was severely beaten by Bluebell, and she quit her job. Since then, no one has stopped Bluebell from doing anything.

A maid approached Bluebell with a frustrated face. There was a cold sweat all over her neck, even though she was merely passing words to her master.

“Your Majesty the Empress.”

The maid called her master carefully. Nevertheless, Bluebell did not respond.

Believing that the master was asleep, she called her up a little more. Only after the maid called her five or six times did Bluebell stand up nervously.

“Why the hell are you being so loud! Is the castle on fire?”

“No, no… Empress Arya informed us that she was visiting…”

Bluebell frowned at the maid’s words. She didn’t want to meet anyone at the moment. She was in pajamas, and she didn’t even wash her face properly.

However, she could not refuse her visit. The reason for her visit may be a serious matter.

Eventually, she ordered the maids to clean the living room and then went into the bathroom to take a bath. As the maids took off their clothes, Bluebell put herself into the bathtub.

There was a scent of fresh fruit. The maids filled warm water with fresh-scented fruits and flowers.

She used to like this scent very much, but now she felt a headache. Though she wanted to change the bath bombs, there’s not much time left for Arya to arrive. She ordered the maid.

“Get me a cold wine.”

The maid said she would bring it straight away. Bluebell smiled bitterly at the reaction.

“If my nanny was here, she would have nagged not to drink… instead, she would bring me a warm fruit tea.”

Until she entered the castle, Bluebell did not drink at all. But now she couldn’t sleep without alcohol.

Alcohol was also needed when she wasn’t sleeping. She felt like she could live only after she drank a strong drink that heated her heart.

“It’s all because of Sienna that I’ve become like this!”

Bluebell gnashed her teeth. Sienna ruined everything. It is because of Sienna that Bluebell has come to tell a false pregnancy.

“You stole Carl from me…”

Bluebell used most of the day to blame Sienna. Emotions piled up every day, so she felt sick and helpless even without doing anything.

She couldn’t even call a physician for her sickness for fear of being caught that she was not pregnant. After all, all she could do was lie down all day long or spend the day under the influence of alcohol.

She spent a lot of time in the bathroom because she had a lot of miscellaneous thoughts. When she came out in her gown, the maid informed me that Arya had already arrived and was drinking tea in the living room.

Though Arya had to go back or wait outside because the palace master didn’t allow her in, Bluebell didn’t react much to Arya’s rudeness. If Arya wasn’t polite, Bluebell didn’t have to be polite as well.

Bluebell slowly chose her clothes, knowing that Arya was waiting. Her pride had already been hurt. She didn’t want to look shabby in front of Arya.

She put a lot of effort into dressing up. It wasn’t until Arya’s tea cooled off and the maids came back several times before Bluebell came out to the living room.

“What’s going on? I didn’t know you would come so suddenly.”

Arya’s forehead was briefly frowned by Bluebell’s rude speech.

“I don’t have to have something going on to visit you, do I? I think we are close enough to have a quiet conversation anytime.”

Arya looked around and said. Bluebell made the maids go away. The only stories to share with Arya were stories that should not be leaked out. The maids working under themselves were completely unreliable.

After confirming that the listening ears had disappeared, Arya frowned, scanning Bluebell up and down.

“What’s with your clothes?”

Bluebell’s face was wrinkled by Arya’s attitude of pointing out the costumes.

It was a carefully chosen dress. She chose a bright red dress to make her face look lighter, so that her pale face that had not seen the sun for a while would not catch attention. She tightened her waist with a corset and added a lot of wrinkles to make her hips look rich. Bluebell cared about even the smallest things.

Bluebell said in an irritating voice, “What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“The one carrying a royal baby should not wear so tight on the waist. There are many eyes inside the castle. If you act as usual, people will definitely suspect.”

At Arya’s point, Bluebell pouted her lips. She wanted to say something back, but Arya was right.

Until now, Bluebell had acted as she wished in her own castle. Even though the maids were around, she changed her clothes and got drunk. Surely there are some of the maids who doubt her pregnancy.

“It’s been quite a while. Well, then you’re supposed to have a bump…”

Arya grabbed a cushion next to her and handed it to Bluebell.

“This should be the only way to avoid doubt.”

It was just a cushion, but Bluebell felt it was hideous. If she puts that over her stomach, she’d definitely look ridiculous.

“Do I have to? Some pregnant women might have no bumps.”

“It’s not common. Moreover, wouldn’t it be strange if you conceived a child before the Empress Sienna and yours isn’t as full as hers? There’s not much time left. Please be more careful.”


Arya squinted her eyes and asked, as Bluebell answered in an unpleasant way.

“You haven’t changed your mind now, have you? Or you have lingering feelings about Carl?”

At Arya’s words, Bluebell looked dumbfounded.

“No way! I’m going to watch them fall into the abyss.”

She told Arya strongly, but in fact, she changed her mind twelve times a day. The animosity towards Sienna still lingered, but her affection for Carl was too complicated. The resentment was great, but on the other hand, she thought he might change his mind.

After Arya’s rebellion was over, it’ll be hard for Carl to survive. No, only when he dies can he and her family live. She has already made an irreversible choice.


Nevertheless, Bluebell still had remaining feelings. If it’s not for nasty Sienna, she wonders if Carl will look back on herself, or if she only deals with Sienna, not Carl, in this matter, he would have no choice but to choose herself. But she couldn’t confide her feelings to Arya.

“Well thought. The one who laughs at the end is the real winner.”

“Will it be me and you who will laugh at the end?”

Bluebell was surprised at what she said. It was a disgraceful remark to make before a big occasion. Nevertheless, Arya smiled vigorously and said, “Don’t worry. I’ve prepared for this not to be a failure. We have eighty expert knights, we’ve prepared crossbows, and we’ve trained archers.”

She was already told that a considerable number of knights had been secured. She was curious about where Arya got eighty people, but she didn’t really care. She thought that if they gather one by one from the territories that cooperate, they might fill that number.

However, Bluebell was surprised to hear that they had saved the crossbow. Owning a bow, a long-range weapon, was forbidden. The crossbow was a state-controlled item and was a weapon that can only be used in the military.

Because the bow’s power on the battlefield was enormous, Leipsden Empire regulated that it could not be owned by individuals. Only the frontier forces fighting wars with other countries and the emperor’s immediate unit, the Central Army, had archers who knew how to shoot arrows and bows.


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