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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 182: Live to Sienna Pt.182 Bahasa Indonesia


A few days later, Empress Arya sent word to Bluebell that she would visit her palace in the afternoon.

Bluebell didn’t want to meet the Empress. At first, she thought Arya was just being kind and considerate, but gradually, Bluebell was thinking that Arya was humiliating and teasing her.

What’s more, a visit at a time like this.

The maids busily cleaned the mess Bluebell made of the guest room, but there was nothing to replace the quality of the broken vase and the cabinet. Though not satisfactory, they decorated the room with gifts received thus far. It was quite obvious that they had hastily just arranged the room.

Bluebell took out the most colorful clothes to greet Arya. She didn’t want to show an ugly face to Arya, who came to see how she looked. She put on thick makeup to cover the slightest bit of swollen eyes and rough skin.

At the appointed time, Arya entered the guest room of the empress’ palace. Dressed in a purple dress decorated with jewels, she looked as colorful as ever. Overwhelmed by her beauty, Bluebell bit her lower lip as she felt shabby in comparison.

“I’ve heard the sad news about your nanny. I’ve heard that you’ve been with her since you were a baby, so how devastated you must be about that.”

Bluebell, who felt Arya’s words as sarcasm, replied that she was okay in a stiff voice. Then she tried to control her temper and offered tea to Arya.

“It’s all right. I’ve had enough tea.”

Bluebell couldn’t stand it because she knew why Arya was refusing her tea. A sharp remark came out of her mouth.

“Why? Are you worried that I might have poisoned it?”

At the words of Bluebell, Arya said with an embarrassed smile.

“No, of course not. It’s because I just drank tea. But give me a cup of nice tea if you have one.”

“There’s a fragrant tea that came in as a gift.”

A maid poured tea, but Arya didn’t even pretend to take it. Bluebell was annoyed by her behavior but couldn’t force her to drink.

“Why did you come to see me?”

“I’m here because I’m worried about how you are doing”

“As you can see, I’m doing fine.”

“I’m also worried about the baby in your womb.”

Arya’s words crumpled Bluebell’s face. Bluebell hated herself for being swayed by such trivial words even though she told herself to keep a poker face earlier. But she had already shown it to Arya.

“You don’t have to worry about me.”

“I can’t help but worry. In fact, I’ve been pondering why the empress came around taking a Depenhy drug. But today, I came up with a pretty good story.”

Bluebell’s eyes trembled fast.


“May I speak to you here?”

There were several maids in the guest room who were serving the two. Although they were maids working under Bluebell, it was never a good idea to let them hear this secret. If those light mouthed girls find out, the rumor would spread out of control.

Bluebell kicked out the maids and asked Arya urgently as soon as they left the guest room.

“What are you talking about? You know why Sienna happened to take Depenhy?”

“Of course it’s only a theory…”

Bluebell gulped down her saliva.

“I was curious. Why it had to be Depenhy, why. If it’s poison, I’d understand, but it’s an herb that causes only minor stomach pains if the person taking it is not pregnant. Empress Sienna may have existing conditions, but no one would have known that in advance.

Arya continued, looking at the stunned face right in front of her.

“That’s why I was wondering. Maybe, it wasn’t meant to be given to Empress Sienna, but maybe Empress Bluebell was intending to take it.”

Arya shrugged and continued.

“Of course, I don’t know why Empress Sienna drank the tea, not you, Bluebell.”

Bluebell retorted inwardly. Because that clever girl noticed what she was trying to do and changed their cups.

“I remembered that one time you were over at my palace, you showed great interest in the idea that there are poisonous herbs in the garden, specifically for pregnant women.”


Bluebell’s hand trembled. Arya spoke without regard to her reaction.

“The maids who work in the castle are really good at telling stories. I’m not interested in their idle chatter, but I’ve heard a lot of fun stuff from them. Things like, that His Majesty the Emperor never really stayed in this palace overnight and that Empress Bluebell is a virgin who hasn’t even tasted a man.”

Bluebell was angry at the insulting remarks and wanted to hurl curses at Arya. Her teeth were grinding on their own.

But she managed to hold back her anger. The hot anger in her heart felt like it could melt her, but strangely, her head became as cold as the snowstorm of winter.

‘She’s talking around a point, but she’s just saying that she knows I’m not pregnant, and trying to blackmail me. Empress Arya, you’re the one who used shallow tricks like a prostitute and lured an old emperor with your pretty face. What the hell are you trying to get out of me?’

Bluebell knew that it would be in Arya’s greater interest to visit her father, Count Kenyon Feyer, and say these things, rather than come to Bluebell who had no real power.

Although Bluebell was foolish, she was the eldest daughter of Count Ferrer, who experienced all kinds of things in politics. Although she acted immaturely, it was because she lived a life where she could act senselessly and get away with it. It was by no means because she was as stupid as Arya thinks she was.

-There is no favor done without a reason. You need to quickly figure out what a person who is being nice to you wants so you can have a good deal. Whether it’s to win your favor or to ask for your favor.

It was always the story Count Ferrer told Bluebell. She erased the look of embarrassment and looked at Arya with a cold face. And asked in a lower voice than usual.


Bluebell who was whipping maids and venting anger was nowhere to be seen.

“Oh, what I’m trying to tell you is…”

“I’m tired of listening to you because you just keep wandering around the main subject.”

Arya’s face hardened and her eyes narrowed.

‘Just like Sienna, this b*tch has no manners.’

“So what are you trying to say?”

“Is there really a child in Bluebell’s belly?”

Bluebell did not answer.

“Empress Bluebell, you were lying about being pregnant, weren’t you?”

Arya asked in a peaceful tone as if asking, ‘Do you want tea with lemon tea?’

“You’re not planning to erase it as another lie saying that you miscarried, are you?”

Bluebell showed no response but seeing her not actively denying it, Arya was convinced that her thoughts had been right.

‘I thought you were naive, but you were a big b*tch. Not only did you pretend to be pregnant fearlessly, but you also tried to put the blame on another woman for your miscarriage.’

Arya smiled with delight at confirming the other side of Bluebell.

It was Arya’s luck that Bluebell’s plan failed. Now she would be able to control Bluebell more easily. She tried to conceal her excitement and said, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re pregnant or not. A baby, you can make it one way or another. The child who will be the emperor does not have to be the blood of the emperor. A boy with golden hair and olive eyes is rare, but it’s not like we can’t find one.”

She offered so easily to deceive another child into being the child of the emperor. It was an act of treason.

As the nanny said, Arya was not a reliable person. She was a scary person.

“So come to my side.”

Bluebell was dumbfounded by her sudden suggestion.

“What the hell do you want from me?”

Bluebell knew she would use her secret. But it was hard to gauge how this would benefit Arya.

“You’ll find out gradually.”

It occurred to Bluebell that this was definitely related to the future heir, who was rumored to be in her belly.

But Arya was overlooking the important thing. That she never had a relationship with Carl. Carl already knew that the child did not exist.

“But… …Carl knows I’m not pregnant.”


At Bluebell’s words, Arya put on a subtle expression for a moment and then quickly switched to a bright smile.

“That’s a problem I can solve. So come over to my side.”

Bluebell did not readily answer. Looking at her, biting her lips as if she was at a loss what to do, Arya continued.

“If you need time to think because it’s too sudden. I’ll give you plenty of time.”

It was only a matter of time before this foolish woman took on her offer. There was nothing else Bluebell could choose from. Ever since she started telling that ridiculous lie. Her foolish lies were a great opportunity for her.

Before she went out the door, Arya stopped and said to Bluebell, “I’ll give you a present before that. I’m sure you’ll be happy.”

Bluebell contemplated the meaning of her last words.


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