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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 180: Live to Sienna Pt.180 Bahasa Indonesia

Sienna nodded to Roy but thanked him once again. Roy saved her life. Hundreds of thanks were not enough.

“Thank you very much. Thanks to Priest Roy, I was able to save my life.”

“No, but I’m glad I could help you while I was in the Empire. If I had heard the news even a few days later, I would have not arrived in time.”

“Are you planning to leave the Empire?”

Asked by Sienna, Roy said with a clear smile.

“I’m going back to the Holy Empire. I have stayed in the Leipsden Empire for missionary work, but the Holy Father ordered me to come back. I think it’s time to be taught by him.”

At Roy’s words, Sienna gave a startling eye. The pope wants to teach him because he wants to guide him to become the next pope.

“Oh, congratulations. Am I having a private meeting with the future pope? It’s an honor!”

At Sienna’s words, Roy scratched his cheek as if he was embarrassed.

“Future Pope. For a small priest like me… I’m not enough to sit in a position like that.”

“What do you mean? I’ve heard that Priest Roy is the only one in the Holy Empire who can do healings.”

“I’m the only one who can do healings, but there are quite a few who can do other works. Goddesses give us abilities according to their calling.”

Roy spoke humbly, but Sienna knew how brilliant he was. But she stopped because if she praised him anymore, Roy wouldn’t know how to react.

“Then what happens to the temple in the Empire? What about the children?”

“There will be someone who will be in charge of the children and the temple. They have more experience than I do, so you don’t have to worry.”

No matter how great a man comes, there will be no one like Roy. Everything he did for the children came from his heart.

Sienna thought the children would be very upset. In fact, she also felt sad. Roy seemed sad at the departure too.

“It’s going to be hard to see Priest Roy in the future. We haven’t seen each other often since I came into the palace.”

“I’m so sad I haven’t seen you for a while either.”

Now, they might never see each other again. Sienna cannot get out of the palace on most days, and Roy was a man of another country. It was a long way off for the two to meet if there was no official business. They looked at each other with faces full of sadness.

Sienna enjoyed meeting Roy. Roy was special to Sienna. He was the first person to alter fate after coming back here, and he was also the first friend she made. His gentle personality was so similar to hers that she felt at ease when she was with him. She couldn’t believe that she had to say goodbye to him now.

Roy, who was sitting down, suddenly slapped his thigh and said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you this! Congratulations. Fortunately, the child in Sienna’s belly is safe. I’m glad it’s not too late.”


Sienna could not help herself but to ask Roy. What do you mean a child?

“Didn’t you know?”

Sienna stared blankly at Roy without answering. Roy replied with a happy face.

“Empress Sienna is pregnant.”


Sienna suddenly burst into tears.

Was that why? Was that why he appeared in her dreams?

Sienna dreamed for ten days. Only Josef appeared in the dream.

A child of her own. In a dream, the child held Sienna’s finger tightly and wouldn’t let go. Sienna also tried not to lose his hand. Darkness sucked him up and tried to separate them from each other, but he didn’t let go of his grip.


Sienna wasn’t sure if the child now sitting in her womb was Josef, but Sienna felt a little relief. She can meet her son Josef.

But relief came for a moment, and soon afterwards, anxiety. She felt like a huge typhoon was about to blow out her little light sitting on a candle.

“Empress Sienna?”

Roy was surprised by Sienna, who suddenly shed tears. She was not in a happy face, but a face full of worry and fear. Roy clasped her hands.

“How can you show tears at this good news? Do you have any concerns?”

Sienna couldn’t decide what to do. There are two empresses in the imperial family, and there were babies growing in both Bluebell’s belly and in Sienna’s belly. Who would be the heir to the imperial family?

This could not be a good thing for her. In a way, it might have been the worst thing she could face. She was worried if she could protect this child properly. There was no rule that the tragedy of the past would not repeat itself.

Sienna forced herself to swallow her tears and asked Roy.

“Who knows about this?”

Roy said he knew only himself because he had just learned about it while performing a healing. Sienna sighed with relief, wiping away her dry tears.

“Then don’t tell anyone.”

Roy tilted his head.

Although he has no idea about the circumstances of the imperial family, he thought it must be very happy news to have an emperor’s child, so why was she trying to hide it? But Roy nodded at Sienna’s desperate request.

“I’m not going to tell anyone about this.”

Sienna listened to his promise and asked him once again with eagerness to keep the secret. It was so important to her. She wanted to tell Carl this good news, but first, she wanted to keep it a secret until she had confidence in her child’s safety.


Sienna, who laid down for a while after Roy left, asked Hain where Carl was. She missed him.

Hain replied with an embarrassed face.


“You don’t know where he is? Then get Carl right now…No, I’ll go.”

As Sienna rose up, Hain waved her hand with a surprised face.

“Where do you think you’re going after being in a coma for ten days?”

“But I’m fine. I’m very healthy right now. So if you just let me know where Carl is…”

The door opened during her scuffle with Hain. Carl came in, whom Sienna wanted to see so much.

“I missed you.”

Sienna said as soon as she saw Carl. As soon as she realized that she came from death to life, it was Carl that she missed the most. Sienna was terrified when she realized she might have never seen him again.

As Sienna tried to get up, Carl came up to her and tried to help her. Sienna was all well, but she didn’t mind being cared for by him, so she let him do what he did.

“I missed you the most as soon as I woke up. Where were you?”

Carl said in an unusually feeble voice.

“I was so useless and ashamed of myself, that there is nothing I can do but ask Priest Roy to save you, and I feel pathetic and miserable…I didn’t have the courage to face you.”

Sienna was heartbroken. He was always full of confidence, but his cheeks were so hollow as if he had suffered for ten days while she was asleep.


“You did what you could. It’s the ability to use people at the right time and place, it was enough just to call Priest Roy when you needed him. Why did you become such a coward while I was asleep?”

“It scared me. I was so afraid of losing you. I feel like I’m becoming a coward after I met you.”

Carl lowered his head.

He always lived a life close to death. He lost her mother early and spent most of his life on the battlefield. The constant sighting of death has made him indifferent to losing someone. Of course, it wasn’t that he didn’t feel a sense of loss or defeat in the face of death, but even that feeling became duller and duller.

But while Sienna was in a coma, he felt a great fear that he never felt before. The lethargy of being unable to do anything in the face of death. It was a terrible feeling he never wanted to feel again.

Sienna swept down Carl’s back. Then she asked softly what she couldn’t help but ask.

“What about Empress Bluebell…”


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