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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 117: Live to Sienna Pt.117 Handkerchief Bahasa Indonesia

“Are you going to participate in the competition, Carl?”

Carl didn’t have to take part in a competition which was primarily made for the knights to fight for honor.

“This is a martial arts competition to strengthen imperial power, right?” I heard that while I was away from the imperial family, Valore had a change of heart with Empress Arya. Knowing the ability of the Knights of the Imperial Household, he did this because he wanted to check on the current state of the Empress’ forces and expand his power.”

“That’s right. The Emperor is trying to prepare for a change of power in the Knights of the Imperial Household, starting from the Mutu competition.”

“Every event produces either winners or losers. I’m planning to take a share out of this.”

“It will go according to your plan.”

“You say as if you know my plan.”

In fact, Sienna’s proposal for the job itself was to stabilize Carl’s base. That’s why she worked hard so that Valore could realize the problem within the Knights of the Imperial Household. To an extent that she got negative attention from Arya.

“You have little influence in the Knights of the Imperial Household, but you don’t have a little place among the outside knights. When the Knights of the Imperial Household are replaced in large numbers after this martial arts competition, your people will have a chance. Isn’t that why you’ve been busy for a while? To call the people who swore allegiance to the capital.”

It was just as Sienna said. As soon as he heard the story about the Mutu competition, he circulated around a letter encouraging his knights to take part in the competition. Their skills would rank high and easily place them a position inside the palace. Although his influence has spread widely outside the capital, he was planning to gather his influence in one place through this opportunity.

“Is Lord Waters also participating in the competition?”

“I think so. He’s such a sword lover, he would never want to miss this opportunity to confront the nation’s most skillful people.”

“I’m looking forward to that.”

“It’s said that if you expect too much, you will be disappointed, but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. It’s not because he is my brother, but because he is really talented and has a lot of hands-on experience. The only thing I’m worried about is that his opponents were monsters and not humans. I’m afraid he is going to overdo it in the competition.”

“With his skill, you won’t have to worry. He should also be used to adjusting his strength depending on his opponent.”

Even though Carl had never faced Jamie in person, he said with an assurance.


A small bird, dyed with silver, navy, and white fur, came down before Sienna. The bird pecked at the seeds on the floor. When Sienna saw the buzzing bird running around, she was reminded of Bluebell.

-I’ll attend with Carl even if you don’t allow it. It doesn’t matter because you don’t love him anyway.

Sienna hesitated then asked Carl.

“By any chance, didn’t Lady Ferrer come to see you?”

“Bluebell? No. Why are you asking about her?”


It seemed like she would run to Carl and tell him right away that day, but Sienna was relieved that she did not yet. Sienna hoped that the time would be delayed a little, although Bluebell would visit Carl eventually to ask him to attend the coming-of-age ceremony together.

She knew that in order for everything to be back in place, she had to give Bluebell her seat, but it wasn’t as easy as said.

‘Would it have been easier if I hadn’t given him my heart?’

She knew it was too late, but she couldn’t push that idea out of her head.


The Mutu competition day came fast approaching. The prize money was an attraction, but more than that, the atmosphere in the imperial court was hot because the winner to the 15th place was to be appointed as the Emperor’s escort. The excited faces of the knights and their sparkling armor represented their excitement for the competition.

Sienna was also busy preparing for the competition because she had to embroider her handkerchief for Carl. She was sitting at an outdoor table in the sunny garden, holding onto her handkerchief.


She looked at the white handkerchief with a sickening sound.

“Simple design is supposed to be the best design, so if I just give it this way… agh! I probably can’t.”

Sienna wanted to give him a white handkerchief that had nothing embroidered on it. Painting with small needles and thread was just not her cup of tea.

Her face turned pale at the sight of the handkerchiefs Hain had brought to her for design. She thought those should be called art pieces, not handkerchiefs. She thought she would believe it if a painter had painted them with a brush.

“What the hell am I supposed to do with this? How can this be a human skill? I’m sure they did some magic.”

When Sienna freaked out, saying, “It’s ridiculous.” Hain grabbed a thread and a needle with a blunt face as if it were nothing. As she teased her hand, in an instant, a beautiful rose bloomed over the white cloth.

Sienna was tongue-tied at Hain’s skill. It would be impossible for her to do it even if she spent a year on this. But she couldn’t believe that Hain made a flower in time for a sip of tea. She had to feel humiliated by Hain’s response that such skills were natural.

“Can’t you do it instead of Hain? If you just say I did it and give it to Carl…”

“Your Majesty the Crown Princess! It’s an etiquette to self-embroider the handkerchief that you are to hand over to the knight. Moreover, if you are going to give it to His Highness the Prince, you have to give more care at it.”

Sienna said it was a joke because she didn’t want to hear the nagging, but she really wanted someone else to do it. She wasn’t confident at all.

“How can I do that?”

Even after multiple takes, the samples Hain brought looked too difficult.

“Where the hell did you get these samples?”

Hain blushed and said she made it every year. As expected, she seemed to dream of a knight who wants a handkerchief from her every year, just as she is obsessed with novels with knights and princes.

“The samples are so good that they’re making me feel weak.”

“It doesn’t have to be difficult. Imagine putting a scene in your head on a piece of cloth here. It’s easy, isn’t it?”

“No, not at all. It’s really hard.”

When Sienna didn’t understand, Hain was also frustrated. Just because she had good skills, didn’t mean she could be a good teacher. It was not easy for Hain, who had never felt difficulty with embroidery, to teach her master, who had no basic skills.

“I’ll get some drinks.”

“Yes. I’d like a very cold one, please.”

Sienna sighed deeply as soon as she saw Hain leaving the room.



Surprised, Sienna looked back to find the person who sighed with her. Milton and Havali were in line there.

While the castle knights looked bright with anticipation for the upcoming competition, their faces looked stiff. Milton even had black bags under his eyes.

“What is it?”

Sienna squeezed her eyes thin and asked them. Normally, she would pretend and ask politely, but she was not in a good mood because of the embroider issue.

“What do you mean Your Majesty?”

“Why did you sigh? I’m asking you why you are so stiff.”

“No, it’s nothing.”

“What nothing? I heard you guys sigh clearly. You’re not going to say that I heard it wrong?”

Milton and Havali exchanged looks and tried to read Sienna’s expressions.

“No, I’m actually really curious. All the other knights in the palace are excited at the chance to become the Emperor’s escort knights, but you two, at the looks of it, will get dragged to a slaughterhouse tomorrow.”

At Sienna’s remarks, they finally opened their mouths.

“While we know that it is a disgrace to tell Your Majesty this, but we are concerned at the prospects of the upcoming Mutu competition.”

“That I’ve heard. That you two have been chosen to represent the Knights of the Phoenix? Are you worried about the qualification stage? If you are worried, I can give permission for you to practice in the field.”


“No, we should still fulfill our duty even if there is a Mutu competition coming up. We will keep Your Majesty’s guard here.”

Milton answered with his shoulders straightened. Havali also nodded as if he agreed with what Milton said. She looked proudly at those two people.

When she first sat in the Princess’s seat, she thought it would be better to cut them all and change them to new knights, but now they look more like knights.

Especially after they got yelled at by Carl not long ago, they were about to follow her to the bathroom as Hain said. Their excessive protection was uncomfortable, but on the other hand, they were trustworthy.

“Thank you. And don’t worry too much. I’m sure you’ll get through the preliminaries.”

But the two didn’t look any better to Sienna’s praise.

“The truth is…”


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