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Reboot Sienna – Chapter 116: Live to Sienna Pt.116 Bahasa Indonesia

As Carl entered the guest room, he saw two knights with their heads down. Milton’s hair was soaked with cold sweat. It was obvious how much he suffered from Carl.

“Isn’t the shift over for the two knights? You two should get going. You have to get off work now so you can go to work tomorrow.”

Even at Sienna’s words, they were still. Without the permission of the prince, they could not leave their seat.

“You didn’t do anything to get off work!”

At Carl’s sharp remarks, Milton and Havali’s bodies stiffened with tension.

“Carl, let them go. Unless you’re going to humiliate me in front of my people.”

He didn’t let go of his disapproving look, but in the end, he gestured them out.

“I don’t know if the Knights of Phoenix are Knights or just paychecks. Why doesn’t any of them think of escorting the owner when he is heading out?”

Carl spoke with his arms crossed as if dumbfounded. Sienna waved the maids out with a gesture. She didn’t want them to hear Carl talking negatively about the Phoenix Knights. She did not want the accident of the words getting out.

“Don’t get angry and sit down. I was just not used to carrying people behind me, so I ordered them not to follow me. You don’t have to blame them. It’s me, not them who did wrong.”

“They should have followed even if it was against the master’s orders. Will their necks be in good condition if their owners are in danger?”

“I’m in the castle, moreover, the palace of the Empress is close. Would it be a big deal going from here to there?”

“I can’t believe you didn’t come to your senses even after that incident in Tromil. Either your heart is made of steel or your head is stuffed with straws. Will anyone who tries to attack you stops just because you are inside the palace?”

At his words, Sienna felt anxious in front of him. She never thought that not carrying knights could be a threat to her personal safety, she only thought that it could be bad for her reputation. It may have been because she was skeptical about the guards’ skills and treated them more like ornaments.

“Well, to be fair, I don’t think there would be a big difference between carrying them around and carrying around maids. Why don’t you change the order of knights at this time? With their skills, it seemed like they wouldn’t make a living off of using swords but rather be attacked with one.”

“Have you fought my knights with swords?”

She asked in disbelief. Although they were being trained brutally by Jamie, it wasn’t overnight that they could become very skillful. Although they might have become one of the best skills in the palace now, they were like a first-grader in front of Carl who had already been trained for a long time in real battles.

Carl replied with a twisting smile.

“I don’t have to face them in a duel to know. The Phoenix Knights, you can just tell by the walk. Come to think of it, I’d like to have a sword battle with your brother, Lord Waters. The Waters are said to be the shield and spear of the north, and that saying wouldn’t have just come by for no reason.”

“If Your Highness asks for a battle, he’ll be excited and run right over here. You may want to do it when you have time.”

As Carl tried to nod his head, Sienna shook her head suddenly and said, “No wait, you can’t. Don’t. There’s no one who can mediate between you two. If you really want to face him, go to the north where my father is.”

“Is the Duke of Waters that powerful?”

“He’s a man who can overpower his enemy without even pulling out his sword. He is on the verge of becoming a master.”

“That’s amazing.”

Karl looked at Sienna with a surprised look.

When he married her, he thought she was a family that was not actually as powerful as their title. But after meeting Jamie in person, he changed his mind. Moreover, while talking to Jamie on their way back to the Imperial Palace from Tromil, Carl realized that the Waters family were holding their breath because they didn’t have to publicize their force outside, not because they were never still afraid of the world.

The Waters was like a tiger hiding its hard claws. They were annoyed watching small animals show off their teeth and claws, and they were always ready to swing their big, sharp claws if a fearless little animal tried to come at them.

‘Arya, was she not afraid when she thought she would use the Waters’ daughter as her pawn? This is why Sienna is so fearless.’

After realizing that Carl’s expression had been loosened, Sienna replied, “Next time, I’ll take the knights with me, so don’t be so angry. It’s my fault today, so I’ll fix it next time.”

“Yes, be sure to accompany the knights.”

“Yes, but don’t you smell something good here? I heard that the Sellum is in full bloom, but the scent is strong even at night. I think it smells deeper than during the day. This fragrance makes me feel good. If you have time, let’s go for a walk tomorrow to see them blossom.”

“Yes, let’s do that.”

Carl said and left the room, adding that he would go to his room. After returning from Tromil, he slept in Sienna’s palace. Sienna have gotten so used to having him around that she felt sad now that Carl was going back.

‘I wonder if he is still angry?’

She dropped her head in despair.

“I’m tired today. I should go to bed early.”

When she opened the bedroom door, the scent of flowers poured out violently.

‘I knew it smelled extra sweet.’

When Sienna saw yellow Sellum flowers filling the room, she naturally let out exclamations.

“His Majesty the Prince filled it with his servants.”

Hain, who came in as soon as she checked that Carl left, told Sienna.

“Dear Carl?”

“The Prince definitely cares a lot about you. Of course, you two get along so well.”

Hain blushed as she laughed. Sienna turned her head to the side at Hain’s sordid smile. It was clear that Hain would be more excited to make fun of her if she reacted too much.

“Even when he was scolding the knights earlier, how could he only worry about Your Majesty Princess so much? I’m sure starting tomorrow, the knights will be following you when you go to the bathroom. I was just listening from the side, but I didn’t know how fierce and scary it was.”

Siena was happy about the flowers filling the room but also heartbroken. It felt like the sweet smell was turning into liquid and filled her lungs.

That night, Sienna had a nightmare which she did not have for a long time. The nightmares were always about that day. Bluebell’s death or herself at the end of Carl’s sword.

Today, Sienna witnessed the death of Bluebell in her dream. It must have been because her mind became complicated with what Bluebell had asked, or rather, notified her with. The scent of the sellum, which Carl filled up the room, also played a part. Instead of the bloody and iron scent in the dream, the heavy scent of flowers weighed down.

“Not too many flowers.”

As she said, there were only strands of empty branches all over the garden. There were only a few left, not yet in full bloom, that was closing in on the buds. It was because Carl drove all the flowers in the garden into her room.

Carl did not say much in response and kept walking beside her. When Sienna realized that he was feeling self-conscious and didn’t know how to act, she wanted to keep bringing up this event and tease him, but she stopped herself because she felt like he would get angry.

The smell of sellum was faint in the garden, but it was still fragrant.

“I heard there is a Mutu competition coming up?”

“Yes, it is supposed to be held in the name of the Emperor.”

“Interesting. I have this feeling that the event would have something to do with you.”

While it was true that she gave ideas to Valore about hosting the Mutu competition, she did not agree with Carl’s words. She just responded in an ambiguous smile. He did not inquire about her further.

“That day, I would like to receive a handkerchief from you.”


Sienna’s eyes grew wide for a moment at his words. When a knight wants a handkerchief from a lady, it was also a way of a confession. It meant that he wanted to give her the glory of victory of the battle, and many knights expressed their feelings this way if they could not do so normally.

Every lady who attended the Mutu competition had to hand over their handkerchief without refusing it if the knight who won the game asked for it. Rejecting his request was considered a disgrace to him because it was the day when the honor of the winning knight should shine the most.

What was interesting was that it didn’t matter if the opponent was married. Even if the relationship between a confessor and a lady receiving confessions could not be further acceptable in their society, this act itself could not be criticized.

Due to these implications, many people regarded it as an opportunity to express their feelings to their loved ones who could not be theirs in life. It was also the subject of most of the romantic novels in which knights appeared as the main characters.

Sienna wondered whether his words were a confession or just fleeting words. And then she calmed down her excitement.

Just because the act can be used in confession for love did not necessarily mean it. Most of the time, the handkerchief was given to their fiancée or their married partner. Even if it’s a day when you don’t need to be responsible for your confession, it can be misunderstood.

It was only natural for Carl to receive a handkerchief from Sienna. He was his only wife, even if it was with a time limit.


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