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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 58.2: Headhunters Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

“Blake, are you just going to send them on the way?” Tina asked in protest. She really wanted to take them someplace safe.

“Tina!” Blake turned and looked at Tina, his expression serious: “We are not saints. We are getting ready to wipe out a plague to the new world. We do not have time to move elsewhere when the enemy is in front of us. Always remember we will help when we can, but people must learn to survive on their own as well. Holding someone’s hand will not help. They learned a hard lesson this time. They will not just march up on any town or city blockade without thinking first. Plus, we already told them where to go. It is now up to them to get there.”

Tina bit her lip and lowered her head. She knew Blake was right, but she felt bad for the woman who held a child in her arms. “Your boyfriend is right.” The man who was the father and husband of the wife and shield suddenly spoke up. “You not only saved us but also gave us enough supplies to get by for a few days. We will do as you say and head to Cliffside. We owe you our lives. Be safe.”

Tina watched as the man took his wife and child and walked towards the east. She really needed to pull herself back a little and realize the priorities at hand. She turned and wanted to apologize to Blake, only to be hugged in a warm embrace. The scent of the man she liked entered her nose as she pushed her head into his chest. “While it may seem harsh, our roles are more important than just escorting people. For now, we must rid the world of a serious evil that will cause a rift in humanity after the Age of Magic arrives. We can not allow them to evolve.”

“Mmmm….” Tina replied while nodding her head. She hugged Blake for a few seconds before pushing him away. She looked at him and smiled: “Sorry. I was thinking too old worldly.”

“It’s fine. Habits are not easy to get rid of.” Blake replied with a smile. He then turned to Lillia, who had an envious look on her face, and chuckled. He walked over and pulled her close, and kissed her lips. “Thank you for protecting them.”

“Hehe! I was just doing what you ordered, is all..” Lillia blushed, feeling much happier.

Tina, who saw this, let out a laugh as she walked over and kissed Lillia’s cheek. “You did well.” She then turned and kissed Blake as well. The three people looked each other in the eyes and smiled before turning towards the city. “Let’s go.”

Royal Hotel, basement level one…..

In a meeting room, three men sat looking at the maps in front of them. On the table were also ten shortwave radios. “So what is the deal? Why has the northern entrance not contacted us with their daily report?”

“We have no idea, we sent people out not long ago to investigate, but they still have not reported in.” One of the men replied.

“Are they trying to pull a fast one on us!? If the generals find out that we are not controlling the people under us, we will end up as dog slaves! I didn’t work my ass off and kill my superiors to get this position for nothing!” Another man yelled out.

“Relax. We will just need to take a truck up and see what we find. It’s no big deal.” The man sitting at the head of the table with a naked woman in his lap said. He had big hulking muscles and a large scar over his right eye. “We will deal with any issue. If they turned traitor, we just have to hang their heads from the city gates to make sure no one dares to fuck with us Headhunters. That’s all.” The man said as she ran his hand down the girl’s body.

The girl’s eyes were dull, as if she had lost all will. She didn’t even react when the man’s hand reached between her legs. “Fuck! This bitch is a dead fish!” He lifted her up and tossed her across the room. She crashed into the cement wall head first. Her head bursting open on contact. “Fuck get someone here to clean this bitch up.”

“As expected of Trent. After eating that dragon meat, he has become much stronger.” One of the other men said, his eyes burning with envy. He also wanted to eat some dragon meat, but only a select few were allowed to have a few slices. He noticed all the higher ups ate it almost every day. But to even kill a single dragon, it took almost two hundred lives. This was one of the reasons why he worked so hard to get to his position. He did not wish to become fodder like the rest.

Inside the city making their way across the broken rooftops, Blake, Tina, and Lillia all stood on top of the remains of a building near the Royal Hotel. “Where the hell did they get anti aircraft guns!?” Blake frowned. “We will need to be careful. If the Head Hunters have this many weapons, they might have already taken down a wyvern of their own which I am sure you know what that means.”

“They will have people with superhuman strength….” Tina frowned.

“But we still have magic, so no matter how long they have been consuming it, they can not beat us,” Blake added as he turned to Lillia. “Do you want to join in on the fun this time?”

Lillia’s eyes lit up as she excitedly asked: “Can I!?”

“Mhm… While bullets may not hurt us, we are still completely outnumbered here. Our mana supply will only last so long, even if we have mana crystals on us. They can only replenish our mana so fast. So having a third person will help a lot.”


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