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“Are you trying to rub it in!?” Mike yelled out as he took his coffee and stomped out of the room. As for Blake, he just shrugged and got a cup himself.

Back in the room, two girls were snuggled up next to each other, looking each other in the eye. Tina blushed as she remembered everything they had done last night. Both she and Lillia had done many things that she had never expected to do with another girl. But even after doing so much and even losing her virginity to the man she liked, she still felt maybe she was overstepping her bounds. “Lillia, are you sure about this? I know Blake is your fated one. You have been talking to me about it since we first met. If you want….”

Lillia pushed her fingers against Tina’s lips before leaning over and kissing them. “We are now sisters. The two of us will work hard at our man’s side. If I wasn’t sure, I would have just let you suffer under the contract’s terms. But soon, we will both need to help Blake even more. Once he evolves to become a Darkani, we will need to offer him our blood. And when we do, we will never be able to escape his grasp because we will become bonded with him. This question you asked me now should be asked to you. Are you ready to become something not human?”

Tina’s eyes widened, but she quickly nodded her head. She already knew this. She had long prepared for this. “Mmm…. If it is for Blake, I am willing to become something non human as long as I am not some kind of disgusting monster.”

“Hehe. Don’t worry. If anything, you will become even more beautiful than you are now.” Lillia smiled warmly at Tina before reaching out and holding her hand. The two girls looked into each other’s eyes for a few seconds before drawing closer. They soon shared a passionate kiss.

A few hours later, both girls found Blake in the training room. He was busy helping people evolve. When the girls walked up, they were walking hand in hand. Mike looked at the two and raised an eyebrow because it seemed that they had gotten much closer. “You two seem closer.”

“We are sisters. Of course, we are close,” Lillia replied with a smile. However, MIke’s furrowed his brow as he turned and glared at Blake while mumbling: “Lucky bastard.”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR” A horrible cry came out of the soldier in front of Blake. Hearing this, Blake opened his eyes to see the man he was helping evolve suddenly stand up and begin twisting his arms in different directions while letting out an inhuman roar.

Blake sighed as he stood up and pulled out his gun and placed it on the man’s head…


The soldier dropped dead on the spot with a gaping hole in his head. This soldier was the first to transform into a monster. “Blake!” Mike had run over and looked at his man, who was now on the ground dead, and closed his eyes. This was one of his brothers, and now…..

“I’m sorry, but I did what I needed to do before he began growing scales. If I allowed him to transform anymore, it could have gone badly.” Blake replied flatly. There was no emotion in his voice.

“No… You warned me already about this. But still… Every man here is one of my brothers….” Mike replied, his voice holding a depth of sorrow.

“You should give him a proper burial. Once he is moved, I will clean this up.” Blake said before turning around and walking over to the girls. He looked at them with a smile feeling much more confident than before.

When Blake walked over, both girls took the initiative to kiss him one after the other as they said good morning. “Blake, is that what happens to humans when they fail to evolve?”

“Mm… Well, I killed him before he could truly become a monster. He was still able to keep his human form. But normally, humans that transform into monsters will grow large thick scales on their bodies, and their hands will grow sharp claws. Razor sharp teeth will push out the human teeth they had, and their jaws will become able to open wide enough for them to bite a man’s head off with ease. The main issue is the scales. Bullets won’t penetrate their scales.” Blake explained.

Tina’s face was slightly pale. She never realized how close she had come to becoming a monster. But she also knew it was inevitable. If she had survived, she would have still had to have gone through the whole evolution process.

“What do you think the success rate will be?” Lillia asked.

“I think about seventy percent. Maybe more. I am not sure what triggers humans to evolve into monsters. It could be blood or could be some kind of genetic quirk. It could be anything, really. Anyway, when we finish up here, I plan to have Mike have two of his men come with us back to the forest to find the Darrling family. This way, they can be safe with the others while we travel south.” Blake really wanted to get this done and over with, so he could continue his search for the other faction. It took a lot out of him to help each person evolve.

“Do you want me to help?” Lillia asked. She knew it was hard for Blake to keep sending mana into other people’s bodies.

“No, it’s fine. When there are girls, I will have you help them but for now. I will deal with it. Plus, this is helping my mana pool grow quite fast.” Blake still did not wish for his girls to be touching other men, but he would not reject their help when more girls began to join under his flag.

It was two weeks later that Blake and the girls, plus Bret and Joey left the base while Mike and his men began searching for a place they could make their new home base away from the city. Lillia had given them a magic tool that they could use that would allow them to communicate long distances away. She figured it was safe now that she could not sense any higher dragons anywhere near the area they were in for many thousands of miles.

“Blake, where are we heading?” Bret asked.

“To the mountains. You both have been eating wyvern meat, so you should be able to keep up. We will be running full speed.”


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