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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 156: An Incident Billions Of Years Ago Bahasa Indonesia

During the time of war, the fairies had fought alongside the other races against the Dragonic. They lived and died together with the other races using their superior magic to push back the dragons that were attacking in the millions. This was when the fairies first became one. Each clan picked Mina’s family clan to be their leader because of her grandfather.

But as the battle went on, Mina’s grandfather got seriously injured, and even to this day, he was still unable to fully heal. At that time, Mina’s father took power and began following in his father’s footsteps. But there was something he did not like. He hated that he was being ordered around so much and told not to kill needlessly. He would always resort to wide scale attacks, which would destroy many villages and towns without care for the lives of those living there. It turned an already bloody war into an even bloodier war.

This was how the fairy tyrant was born. If his people did not do as he said, he would kill them without a second thought. And due to his father being stuck in bed, he reigned free without anyone to question his ways. He was able to do as he pleased. It was because of his dark ways that the dragonic got into contact with him and promised him the freedom to attack how he pleased. And this deal was how the betrayal of the fairies started. On the battlefield, the fairies fighting alongside the side against the Dragonic suddenly turned their attacks onto their allies, massacring millions.

“When I heard about the betrayal, it was already too late. Princess Lillia, this old fairy, can never make amends for the lives that were lost that day. My son had power over the fairies, making them live in fear until they could finally split off when we arrived in this new world. But this will never stop him. He will hunt down the ones who opposed him, and either force them back or kill them. He has become drunk on his own power. This is why I took Mina and ran with those who are sick of being repressed. Now I greatly believe that this was the best of choices.” Mina’s grandfather had tears in his eyes. To lay eyes on one of the goddesses of the past is enough to reassure him that his son will never be able to harm his granddaughter, especially now that she has become someone else’s woman.

Lillia let out a sigh as she turned and looked at Mina. “Sister Mina, those clothes…. They were for your mother….”

Mina’s eyes went wide. Her mother had died during the war. It was her own father that took her life, and now…. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she looked down at her clothes. She never had anything to remember her mother by but now…. “Sister Lillia, thank you….”

“Princess Lillia, thank you for this kindness… My daughter in law, Mina’s mother, was a caring person and longed for peace. She never wished for the races to fight. Her father burned everything that had to do with her, even raiding my granddaughter’s room and taking anything that would remind him of her. Whether he regretted his actions that day or not is another story. But now, at least Mina has a token that would have belonged to her mother.” Mina’s grandfather wished he had been stronger. Even now, he was of no use. He was barely able to escape with the rest of the fairies. It was only by a stroke of luck that they were able to escape.

“No need to thank me. Mina is now my sister. And she will always be my sister. I wondered why I felt a closeness to her, and now I know. She is Melnina’s daughter.” Lillia’s words all made them realize that Lillia had easily accepted Mina into the group without too many questions. Normally she would not have allowed someone into their family if they did not love Blake, but she made an exception for Mina. Even if the circumstances were strange, she still would not have done it, but now…. Things were much more clear. Lillia had seen her old friend in Mina.

Mina flew over to Lillia and hugged her neck as she continued to cry. Lillia smiled and patted her back with her finger. Blake looked at the scene warmly. But his mind was spinning on how he can become stronger quicker. He had to evolve and evolve quickly.

Once things were settled with the fairies, Lillia and Mina left to go chat about the past with the girls while Blake went to go check on the outposts. He wanted some fresh air as he fell into thought. He had to find some way to boost his mana pool so it would reach its maximum.

Along for the ride was Bret, who seemed in a down mood. “Hey Blake, answer me…. How do you do it?”

“Hmmm? How do I do what?” Blake asked, not understanding Bret’s question.

“The girls! You have two cow girls all over you and even a damn fairy! A fairy! How the fuck did you pull that off!?” Bret cursed. He cursed Blake so much in the heart as of late that he felt maybe he was actually cursing himself!

“Uh…. Maybe I have what they call male protagonist syndrome?” Blake replied with a grin.

“Male protagonist, my ass! Wait… Now that I actually think about it. What if this world we are in is not real but some kind of novel or movie or something?” Bret rubbed his chin. He had always liked these sorts of things.

“I think you need to stop watching and reading all those stories. It is affecting your brain. This world is just as real as you and me. Anyway, how are things between you and Rin?” Blake had been wondering if the two had gotten any closer. Rin did not seem like an easy target, especially for Bret. Bret was always awkward around Rin, which seemed to always get him beaten up.

“I don’t want to talk about it! I really wonder if elves are trained to kick shins. That girl has a weird habit of kicking me in the shin every time she sees me.” Bret let out a drawn-out sigh as he stopped and lifted his pant leg. There was nothing but bruises all over his shin.

“Ahh… It’s one of those pick on the one you love type deals. Maybe she actually does like you and is just shy about it.” Blake was not trying to be sarcastic or anything. He felt that maybe this was the truth.

“I wish she would show it in another way, like kisses or kisses or something like a kiss. She is making me out to be some kind of masochist!”


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