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Possessed in a Game That Is Full of Mods chapter 205

205 – Hell – 8

‘That’s… … Why are you here?’

I wondered if I was mistaken, so I approached the statue with trembling steps. It was a statue expressing only the head on the neck, but that alone was absurdly large.

Of course, only relatively. Assuming that the world eater is correct, the size of one pupil was much smaller than the original, which was bigger than my height.

A gem presumed to be a ruby was embedded in the place where the pupil should be, perhaps symbolizing the red pupil. At first glance, it was a large jewel, well twice the size of my head.

stood in front of him I tried to calm down my rumbling stomach and recalled the memories. Even the memories of facing him head-on in the imperial palace, and the memories of modeling he saw in the game. Be careful not to miss a single spot.

‘… … .’

And I was sure. This is a statue representing the head of a world eater. Since it was the final boss, it was made with much more care than other dragons, so the appearance could not be confused.

If the identity was revealed, there was only one question left.

Why did the devil put the statue of the world eater, and put it in the place where the statue of ‘Lucifer, the guide of evil’, the final boss of the DLC should be?

Furthermore, according to the setting, this is an altar where demons offer sacrifices to high-ranking demons. Putting it in a place like that didn’t usually mean anything.

“Why are you doing that?”

While I was froze in shock, Margarita, who had entered the room before I knew it, approached me asking what was going on and then stopped the same way. Its eyes were directed toward the dragon statue, just like mine.

“… … what is this? Is it a dragon?”

“Yes. It is a dragon.”

“Why is it here? this is hell Do demons have any reason to place dragon statues on altars?”

Since Margarita also reacted like this, it seemed that the mode was not the cause. If I had, I would have thought nothing of it, like Cecilia, who saw the pope bestowing his blessing on me.

‘… … No, even if it’s not the mod’s fault, that’s a problem.’

If this is not due to the influence of the mod, it means that something happened outside my knowledge without any change in common sense for some reason. It was the worst case for me, and the case I wanted to avoid the most.

My head was complicated. Even when the World Eater came to the imperial palace in person, I was very nervous because I wondered if I was going to die like this. For some reason, getting entangled with him didn’t end well.

Margarita and I stared blankly at the statue, not even thinking about turning the altar on. The points of surprise seemed a little different, but anyway, the fact that I was shocked was the same.

How long had it been since it had hardened like that? I heard the sound of someone landing on the ground from a little distance away. Soon, the sound of footsteps was heard.

It was obvious who it was. Since we didn’t come out even after defeating the boss, he must have come directly.

I turned my head. Caicilia was walking into the room, holding a brightly shining holy sword in her right hand and the head of a gladiator demon neatly severed from the neck in her left.

Dark red blood dripped from the cross section of the severed neck, forming a distorted circle.

As soon as Caicilia entered the room, she looked at me first, then at the statue in front of the two of us, and finally at Margarita next to me.

A thud, the severed head rolled on the floor.

“Do what you have to do.”

“… … Yes?”

“I told you to do what you have to do.”

“Ah yes! All right!”

Sensing the mood, Margarita grunted and left the room, holding the head of the gladiator demon that had just been thrown. The sound of sandals dragging on the ground faded away.

Perhaps due to the effect of the Holy Sword, Caicilia, even though she was holding her head dripping with blood just a moment ago, locked the door with her flawless hands and came next to me.

“What were you doing in a place like this? To make the person you serve come to visit you is truly a disloyal servant.”

“… … It will be faster for you to check it yourself than to listen to my explanation.”

A golden pupil scanned the statue. The eyebrows, which confirmed the appearance of the statue, curled slightly in the shape of a crescent moon, revealing the owner’s uncomfortable planting.

“I will ask you, Delta. Is that the shape of that damn thing you know?”

“You saw it clearly, Your Majesty.”

“You don’t understand. How could you say that there are statues of that goddamn thing in a place like this?”

Caicilia’s face became stern in real time, perhaps recalling the incident when the world eater appeared at the imperial palace, instead of responding properly, she passed out only in the aftermath of the dragon’s words.

If he allowed me to destroy it, he was ready to cut the statue to pieces right now.

“We need to find out about that now.”

“Are you going to find out now?”

Instead of the sternness disappearing from that face, surprise and surprise emerged. It was as if there was something I didn’t know.

Consensus was quick. Perhaps thinking that there was no way I could lie about something like this, Caicilia, who had clearly folded her mind, clicked her tongue with a very uncomfortable face.

The World Eater was a boss whose setting was largely unrevealed.

The source is unknown, the origin is also unknown, and why it bothers to destroy the world is unknown. It’s just that it’s powerful enough to literally devour the world, and that’s all it wanted.

In fact, he doesn’t even say that he had a good purpose, and he didn’t even try to sell his emotions, saying that he used to be good but there was some chance that he became corrupted. Commonly speaking, it could be said to be the boss of the absolute evil system.

Therefore, it was virtually impossible for the World Eater to be worshiped instead of the Demon King in Hell. Because to him, hell would be nothing more or less than another world to be destroyed.

“I was convinced when I saw you. There must have been something else in this place other than that goddamn head. speak What, in your knowledge, existed in this place?”

Caicilia, who quickly got to the point, asked a question. It seemed that he had read some other emotion in my appearance.

“This place, so… … It is a statue of the king who rules over hell.”

“He is the king of demons… … .”

Caicilia’s expression crumpled.

“Then, we can’t completely rule out the possibility that that damn thing is taking over the throne instead of the guy you’re talking about. It can be very unpleasant.”

“… … .”

The one who eats the world is the head of hell, so it was hard to imagine. I couldn’t even imagine that I would have to worry about this in the first place.

Rather, if the main story was twisted or skipped, even though it is confusing, you can understand it and move on. There must have been one or two things I’ve done so far.

However, the fact that the world eater was being worshiped instead of Lucifer in hell, even if I tried to pass it on, I couldn’t help it.

I got up on the scaffolding, tidying up my messy hair. The sides of the altar were concave, and red blood began to flow through them.

After staring blankly at the blood, he suddenly opened his mouth.

“your majesty.”

“I am listening.”

“Anyway, I think I should ask about this directly.”

“Who are you talking to?”

“Who would you be?”

In no time, the altar was filled with blood. Bright red blood flowed inside.

“To what should have been there.”

“… … Is it really okay if I don’t go with you?”

Margarita, wearing the completed transfer device on her arm, asked a question in a worried voice. I nodded, and Caicilia didn’t say anything.

“it’s okay. I’ve got a way to go anyway. If you’re really worried, wouldn’t there be a way to use that device to get the Holy Fathers to come over here?”

If there is a stronghold of demons, it would be enough for the pope to act directly. I will try to purify this place at all costs.

Floretta and Luna would come here directly because of me, but I decided not to say that.

“It is, but… … .”

When Margarita hesitated, unable to understand my words, Caicilia, who was next to her, sharply shot her.

“If you’re so worried about us, get out of here quickly. Don’t you really not know that not knowing how to fight the devil is really holding back your feet?”

It wasn’t that she used such harsh words because she was worried about Margarita on the inside, but she couldn’t express it properly.

There’s no reason to worry about the rest of the people except for the few people who like Caicilia.

Margarita shook her head and nodded before using the transfer device. A huge transfer door opened around the bracelet on her wrist, and her body was sucked into it.

Soon, even the transfer door gradually got smaller and disappeared.

“Are you done?”

“That’s right.”

After confirming that Margarita was gone, Caicilia naturally hugged me and kissed her. As soon as their lips met, they squeezed between them and their warm tongues intertwined.

Ever since he said he would punish, Caicilia has made this request at least once a day. Sometimes I would do it 2 or 3 times. Even though he went away alone every time, his legs trembled.

I thought maybe it was because I wanted to do this that I had just sent Margarita away as quickly as possible.

I, too, have reached the point where my tongue is intertwined while silently stroking every part of my body. He brought his left hand casually to his hip and massaged it, then stretched out the other hand to his side.

“Huh… … oh… … .”

Caicilia’s groaning sound, which echoed every time her back was swept or her butt was massaged, became more and more erotic as the number of repetitions went by. At first, there was even a feeling of holding back moaning, but now there is not even that.

Thanks to that, my hand movements were also becoming bolder. Instead of stroking outside the shirt, he pulled up the shirt and even touched his bare skin.

Of course, in the midst of that, Caicilia was going away to her heart’s content.

The first time when my tongue was intertwined and my ass was massaged, the second time when my right hand pulled up my shirt and massaged my side directly, and the third time it went up along the spine and touched my ribs.

After leaving like that three times, Caicilia loosened her arm that was holding my neck. His eyes were unfocused, his tongue half-pushed, and his breathing was panting. It was a mess overall.

I pushed my hand away, saying that I would stand up alone, as if I was trying to maintain my dignity even in this situation, but there was no way I could be dignified until my expression relaxed like that.

Caicilia, who had tucked her dress shirt into her pants while forcibly supporting herself with her wobbly legs, stood up. Breathing gradually returned to stability.

“May I move, Your Majesty?”

ㅡ Nod.

Caicilia nodded her head as if she had no strength to speak.

I climbed on top of the magic circle. As I had been doing so far, I remembered the place and concentrated my thoughts, and a red light seemed to come on, and I was in front of a huge castle.

It was a size that seemed to have no end in sight, befitting the setting that it was as large as the imperial palace. Caicilia, who was soon relieved of her gasping, clicked her tongue slightly as if she didn’t like the fact.

Check the location of the statue in the game. Also didn’t see anything.

“The way to get inside is—”

Before Caicilia could ask how to get inside, the castle gate began to open with a cooing sound.

I meant to come in.


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