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Possessed in a Game That Is Full of Mods chapter 204

204 – Hell – 7

“How dare you put that disgusting body into safety?”

The golden sword that flew along with Caicilia’s chilly chant cut the huge demon’s head in half, which was about to strike.

The contents inside flowed out through the cut surface, and the arm that had been raised above the head hung limply. The huge body fell behind and crashed into the wall.

The walls of the castle vibrated. The chunks of meat, limp like a marionette with a thread cut off, slowly crumbled downwards, leaving soggy blood and flesh on the walls. The soil beneath his body was stained with dark red blood.

While the body of the giant demon was collapsing, other demons nearby were falling victim to the holy sword.

The holy sword never flashed its light twice on one person. In one movement, the head split, the neck flew off, and the body was cut in half. Once again, I realized the difference in specs between Caicilia and the Devil.

Dozens of demons were killed by the golden sword, and hundreds followed.

And I was clearing out those who were running at the two of us on behalf of Margarita, who had no means to deal with the devil.

The demons who looked at me lightly and attacked me were killed by the sacred pillar of light that struck me down from the air. Margarita timidly cheered from behind, then came out stealthily, feeling that everything around her had been tidied up.

“Has anything else happened besides what happened last night? No matter how you look at it, it looks like you’re taking your anger out on the demons?”

Seeing the indiscriminate massacre unfolding in a space resembling a gymnasium inside the castle, Margarita whispered with a nervous expression. He seemed terrified that this might be heard by Caicilia.

“well? I didn’t feel that way.”

Something happened, but it was far from anything to tell anyone. And if you’re going to vent your anger, it’s probably because of what happened last night.

After cleaning the area, I watched Caicilia fight from the top of the castle wall. At first, I thought I would help, but due to Caicilia’s personality, it seemed that she would prefer to cut it with her own hands.

As the holy sword swung from bottom to top, a holy mat was spread on the floor. The demons who stepped on it jumped as if they had stepped on Legos. Soon the floor exploded, burning the demons golden.

Caicilia plunged the holy sword straight into the ground. Around that spot, a golden curtain began to spread over a wide area that almost covered the castle.

Opening the veil, Caicilia pulled out the holy sword again and cut a swaying demon in half from head to crotch.


I hated it when I saw it. It reminded me of the time when I used to hold the emperor with my bare hands.

That was one of the patterns of the emperor boss fight. It is a kind of self-buff, and on a vanilla basis, the emperor gains a buff that increases movement speed by 10% and does not accumulate combat fatigue in the veil.

In Dyalar mode, a few more drinks, the movement speed increase rate increases to 30%, you always get super armor, combat fatigue does not accumulate, and vice versa.

In addition, even if the duration was doubled, the range was widened considerably, so it could be said that it was a change of mode down, represented by incompatibility.

That irrationality was still the same, and Margarita muttered with a pale expression as she saw Caicilia slaughtering demons in all directions at a noticeably faster speed.

“… … Only at that level can you be called the emperor of the empire.”

“Isn’t His Holiness the Pope ranked first in the Holy Land if only by force? He must be much stronger than the Heretic Judge and Heretic Questioner.”

“That’s true, but His Holiness the Pope and His Majesty the Emperor are fundamentally different. For us, when the Holy Father is chosen, the powers before that, anyway, the sun and the moon directly give us power. So, it must be said that half of it is thanks to the gods. Isn’t the emperor entirely your own ability?”

In fact, I don’t know much about the emperor of the empire.

First of all, it is certain that the first emperor of the empire was a tremendously strong one, and we only know that the current emperor, Caicilia, is equally tremendously strong.

It was unknown whether the emperors in the middle were equally strong, or whether they rose to the throne because of simple bloodlines. There were no relevant documents.


A tearing scream rang out. Caicilia was now indiscriminately slaughtering the few remaining demons. Everywhere was filled with dead and strewn chunks of meat.

Half of the demons died recklessly as if they had let go of reason, and the other half died while trying to escape while climbing the walls. And, that was the last move I had just made.

‘I wonder who is trapped here… … .’

Suddenly, I remembered a game where the main character in a green suit beats a demon. Even then, it was expressed that the main character was not trapped in hell with the devil, but the devil was trapped in hell with the main character.

Although I don’t have the chainsaw, which is a great communication tool, and the double barrel shotgun that makes light with due honor, I thought the situation I’m seeing now is somehow similar to that game.

It is not that humans avoid demons, but that demons avoid humans.

ㅡKoo-gu-gu-gung… … .

“Ah, it’s finally here.”

After the last demon was cut in half, the biggest door inside the castle began to open.

The guy who was scheduled to appear in there was the second boss of the DLC following the four-winged demon. Catch him and use the magic circle to move to the place where the rest of the items are.

I was debating whether to catch the final boss or not, but I decided to pass it on because I thought it would be better to bring the Pope and catch him later. Returning as quickly as possible is the number one priority.

“… … .”

Caicilia planted her holy sword vertically on the floor, crossed her arms under her chest, and stared at the new demon coming through the door. The tip of his leather boot hit the floor nervously.

The door is fully open. A gigantic demon strode proudly from within. It was a demon with a size that seemed to be well over twice my height.

A pair of horns, like the symbol of a devil, sprouted on top of its head, and its entire body was covered with scales close to its upper body. And it was incredibly muscular, as you could tell from the scales.

The devil glanced at us on the wall with red eyes, then turned his attention away and turned to Caicilia. His attention was focused exclusively on Caicilia.

‘It was like that in the game.’

According to the setting, that guy was the type to enjoy fighting itself. The reason why I obey the king who rules the demons now is because I attacked him and was completely destroyed.

From the beginning, the condition to appear is ‘I will deal with all the demons in this castle’. It was closer to showing up because the main character killed all of his subordinates.

Fortunately for the player, once it appears, it will not disappear even if it dies during the boss fight. So there was no need to clear the castle every time to fight the boss.

“Is this the guy you were talking about?”

“That’s right.”

While I was answering Caicilia’s question, a shield sprouted from his left arm.

It was literally. Scales rose from the skin from the wrist to the elbow to form a large shield. It was a shield large enough to cover the entire body.

At the top was a carving of a devil’s head staring straight ahead with its mouth wide open. He thumped the floor with the bottom of his shield and thumped it with his other hand.

Soon after, a loud roar was released. I passed it to the point of frowning, but Margarita, who was next to me, covered her ears and shrank.

Caicilia calmly aimed the Holy Sword without even changing her expression.

“If you have something to say to her, say it, Delta. I will listen to it myself.”

“You can attack when the eyes of the demon pieces drawn on the shield are shining. If you do, you will be able to easily destroy that shield.”

The second boss of the Sanctuary of Demons DLC, commonly known as the ‘Gladiator Demon’, was a boss that made it difficult to capture by blocking all attacks with a shield.

Unless it’s an attack with super armor, whatever weapon you use has a 100% chance of being hit by that shield, causing the player to be stunned, and then allowing the attack naturally.

That’s why I ate a lot of swear words. He told me not to say bullshit that a guy who fights with that dagger enjoys the fight itself.

Of course, there was a breakup law. If you attack while the statue on his shield’s eyes are shining, the shield will gradually shatter and eventually shatter completely.

When the shield is shattered, it falls into a groggy state for a while, providing exciting free deal time and then moving on to phase 2. After that, his aggression increased significantly, so he really lived up to his name as a gladiator demon.

It is possible to catch it without destroying it, but it is not a particularly recommended method because it is a very long battle.

“I got it. Now do your thing.”

After giving a simple answer, Cacilia kicked off the ground and jumped up. In the air, I held the sword upside down with the tip facing the floor, and slammed it down at the demon with all my might.

The demon raised the shield on its left arm to block the attack. The holy sword collided with the shield first, then the leather boots touched the shield. Cagan! A circular shockwave spread with a sound.

As if the impact could not be completely absorbed even with the shield, the demon staggered and bent one knee.

‘… … That’s it.’

To be honest, I was a bit surprised.

After that, he left behind Caicilia, who had begun to unilaterally attack him, and headed towards the inside of the castle. The fact that he came out meant that there were no demons left in the castle.

Caicilia glanced at me as I went inside, then tapped the shield again. Instead, Margarita often followed me. Her breasts, wrapped in a yellow bikini, swayed in sync with her steps.

“Why in the castle?”

“Your Majesty will win anyway, so I’m going to start by activating the magic circle in the meantime.”

Margarita nodded too. Neither of us had the slightest idea that Caicilia would lose.

“How far down do I have to go?”

Instead of answering, I tapped the ladder right in front of me with my foot. Looking down, Margarita flinched.

“… … surprised. It is very deep.”

“This doesn’t even fit on a big axis. If you see the castle where the king is, you’ll go crazy.”

Perhaps because it is the place where the king of demons resides, it is almost as big as the imperial palace. There are a lot of places that have completely collapsed in the middle or the road is cut off, so there are only a few places you can actually go.

If the size of the imperial palace was really applied, the blood pressure would have risen considerably to clear it with just one statue at the entrance.

“You’re not going to take me to show you, are you?”

“Please. We are in a position to get out as soon as possible.”


Suddenly, a huge roar was heard outside. It was a roar that lasted for a very long time, completely different from before.

‘what. Phase 2 already?’

And, it was also the roar that the gladiator demons let out when entering phase 2. I wondered how long I had been in the castle and wondered if I had already entered the second phase.

“Looks like you got it halfway now. We are in a hurry too.”

“Uh, already?”

“Yes. Already.”

Climb the ladder and go down to the basement. I roughly grabbed the side of the ladder and came down, but Margarita said she couldn’t do that and stepped down one by one.

The hips that twitched elastically every time I stepped on the footrest and the pelvis that swayed left and right were bonuses. I averted my eyes from that figure and stood in front of the door where the altar was.

‘… … If Caicilia sees it, there will be another uproar.’

As the name suggests, it is a place where demons sacrifice humans to other high-ranking demons. There would be a statue of the demon king, and it would be something that Caicilia couldn’t leave alone.

I slammed the door open, thinking that I should only activate the altar and leave.

“… … uh?”

Then, it made a strange noise and froze in place.

Originally, where the statue of the king of demons should have been, there was a statue with a dragon’s head.

A statue with the head of a world eater engraved on it.


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