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Outside of Time – Chapter 166: Trip to the Red Plains (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Old Master Seventh retracted his gaze after a long time.

“Come, let’s continue.”

The servant nodded. After setting up the chessboard, he hesitated for a moment before speaking in a low voice.

“Old Master Seventh, about the third highness and that kid…”

Old Master Seventh glanced at the servant and calmly spoke.

“You are paying a lot of attention to the kid.”

The servant lowered his head and didn’t speak.

“It’s the youngest’s nature to be unscrupulous. He usually looks gentle but in reality, he doesn’t have any feelings. This is how he stood out from the crowd and became my disciple. It’s also what I think highly about him.”

“As for the kid, whether he can see through the youngest’s thoughts or whether he can figure out something from here will depend on his wisdom. In this chaotic world, fools won’t be able to live for long.”

After Old Master Seventh finished speaking, he looked at the sky. Dawn was about to arrive.

In Port 79, Xu Qing sat on the deck of his magic boat with a contemplative look. As the sun rose and the first rays of the morning dissipated the night sky, the moment they landed on him, Xu Qing’s gaze became deep.

“Firstly, 30 years ago, the competition was held on the merfolk race’s island. After that, the merfolk race became allies and the relationship between the two sides was naturally one of dubious unity. Moreover, that day in the Sixth Peak’s store, when the merfolk youth saw the second highness, his expression was filled with fear. This means that there’s a high chance that the second highness killed a lot of merfolks in the competition 30 years ago.”

“Secondly, the disciples of the seven peak lords would probably not openly go against their masters’ intentions. The second highness’ attitude towards the merfolk youth clearly shows the problem. In that case, the third highness’ action of killing the merfolks can be understood!”

“If so, why did the third highness invite the merfolks to the Seven Blood Eyes? Bringing them here and killing them… and doing it in front of me.”

“Third highness has other motives. If I were the third highness, why would I do this? In what kind of situation would I kill someone in front of others?”

Xu Qing’s eyes narrowed in focus. After a long time, he got an answer.

“There’s only one situation where I would do this. I want to use the evidence against the merfolk race to blackmail them. If I don’t have any evidence, I’ll create it! At the same time, the reason I’ll kill them in front of someone is to increase the value of killing. While extorting the merfolk race, I will also be selling a favor to that person.”

“The prerequisite is that this person has value.”

Xu Qing recalled the scene when his captain told him about the incident on Sea Lizard Island with a spurious smile. The other party clearly had some information channels he didn’t know about.

If the captain had it, the third highness might have it too.

Xu Qing recalled that when he escaped from Sea Lizard Island, there were auras that had locked onto him. Back then, he was at the bottom of the sea and couldn’t see who they were. At this moment, his eyes gleamed as he had more guesses.

“Since the Seven Blood Eyes allowed this to happen, it can only mean that… they are going to battle the merfolk race!”

“No matter what, I have to leave for some time!”

Xu Qing wasn’t sure if his analysis was completely correct. He planned to leave for some time and see if there was a follow-up to this matter. If everything was really calm, it wouldn’t be too late for him to return.

He was only one step away from becoming a tenth level Qi Condensation cultivator. If he broke through to the Foundation Building realm in the future, he would have the qualifications to ascend the mountain and the right to gain the benefits of the Seven Blood Eyes.

He would earn at least 5,000 spirit stones a month. Moreover, as long as the Seven Blood Eyes existed, he could continue to obtain them. This had tempted Xu Qing for a long time. Of course, compared to this, survival was more important.

Xu Qing didn’t hesitate and chose to leave first and observe.

Moreover, he felt that he could make use of this time to do something major that had been buried in his heart for a long time.

A cold glint flashed in Xu Qing’s eyes. He wanted to completely remove the thorn in his flesh.

That was… the Diamond Sect’s ancestor.

If he didn’t kill this person, it would be difficult for Xu Qing to get a good sleep.

Xu Qing didn’t waste any time. When dawn broke, he stored the magic boat and headed straight for the Homicide Department.

“The Diamond Sect is a sect after all. Even though they are relatively weak, it’s very difficult to hide their whereabouts when they migrate. To the Seven Blood Eyes, all the movements in its sphere of influence are no secret.”

As a member of the Homicide Department, Xu Qing had the right to read the records in the department. He knew that a large portion of them recorded the changes within the range of influence of Seven Blood Eyes.

Although the details weren’t as detailed as the Intelligence Department, it was easier for Xu Qing to check the records here than to go check them in the Intelligence Department.

After he arrived at the Homicide Department, he headed straight for the archives.

His reputation in the Homicide Department was even greater than the outside world. Other than his outstanding performance in the Night Dove operation, this reputation was built from the heads of one wanted criminal after another.

Hence, the disciple in the archives was very polite and allowed Xu Qing to check the records alone. Not long later, Xu Qing finally found the clues he wanted from some messy news that the Seven Blood Eyes didn’t value.

“Joined the Litu Sect?”

Xu Qing looked at the record in front of him and his eyes slowly narrowed. The people of the Litu Sect were all crazy people. The attitudes of the other forces toward the Litu Sect were one of disgust and wariness. They would often stay far away and not interact much with them.

“This shouldn’t be because of me. It should be because the compensation gift that the second highness wanted back then was too heavy, so much so that after the Diamond Sect paid the price, their foundation was greatly damaged and their future was bleak, so they didn’t dare to stay in the Seven Blood Eyes’ territory.”

Xu Qing stroked his chin and memorized the movements of the Diamond Sect recorded in the file. He then left the Homicide Department.


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