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Omega Summoner – Chapter 1397: The Alluring Forest I Bahasa Indonesia

[You have activated a hidden quest in the Alluring Forest.]

Levin Cloud is surprised by the sudden notification that filled his screen. The others did not receive this notification as this was a race specific quest that is only accessible to him. It is also the reason why ten Allurers are now rushing towards their current location.

Quest Name: Meet the Queen of the Alluring Forest

Quest Difficulty: C

Quest Description: Your presence has alerted the hidden queen of the Alluring Forest. She is calling you to her side as she is in need of your help. She has sent some of her subjects to fetch you.

Clear Condition: Meet the Queen of the Alluring Forest

Clear Reward: Gain increase mastery in Guardian of the Forest skill

Failure Condition: None

Failure: The Alluring Forest might turn into something else.

Duration: 1 day

Restriction: This is a quest only available to the Faekin race and they must be the first Faekin to step foot in the Alluring Forest.

Note: This is a chain quest, but it cannot be shared to others.

“I think I just received a quest to help a monster in this forest.” Levin Cloud stated as the rest of them prepared for battle as they could see enemies approaching.

The ten monsters that approached them were none other than the dreaded Allurers that is a monster that should be avoided in the Alluring Forest. The Allurers were true to their name as they release a special pink mist that gives hallucinogenic effect but the ten present did not afflict the party with their hallucinogenic mists.

With the Allurers being docile and not emitting bloodlust, all of them stood down as Levin Cloud did say that he received a quest regarding this forest. If he did then they must help him if it is urgent and Levin Cloud explained that he cannot pass up the reward. The reward was a mastery increase in his skill called Guardian of the Forest which helps him control plant life.

All of them agreed to help him as long as they can finish it within the day as the others are not yet reporting anything. Since they decided to accept the quest, the Allurers that were on standby waited for Levin Cloud to talk to them. Levin Cloud talked in a language that none of them understood as it was a special skill called Forest Tongue which enables him to speak with plant life.

The Allurers smiled or at least the humanoid part sticking out of their flower bodies. The humanoid looking part of the Allurers took the form of beautiful maidens wearing kimonos but that is not even a real part of their body. It is a part of their stomach that they inflate and mix with their hallucinogenic mists to create the illusion of a maiden.

The real body of the Allurer are the walking flower bodies that are present below them. Most of the unfortunate souls that come across them are too late to realize that the maiden they met has the lower half of a flower. The lower half is often covered in the pink mist to create an illusion that it is just being hidden.

The Allurers that they encountered were not hungry which they are thankful for. They were led to a deep part of the Alluring Forest that even Peridot does not recognize but she could tell that the area is at the center. If they run for about an hour in a northern direction then they would be able to get out of this forest. She made sure to tell this to the party as this path would be more of a shortcut than the one that they were going to use.

The Allurers then suddenly stopped as all of them were now in front of a gigantic pink chrysanthemum that is the size of a house. The Allurers then bowed to this gigantic pink chrysanthemum and went to the sides. The four observed the gigantic pink chrysanthemum as it was closed up but Levin Cloud spoke something and all the petal suddenly started to move.

[You have completed the quest of Meet the Queen of the Alluring Forest.]

[Your skill, Guardian of the Forest, has increased in mastery.]

“Greetings, travelers and distinguished guest.” An alluring female voice suddenly stated as all the petals of the gigantic pink chrysanthemum opened up.

A beautiful female ghost like entity came out of the gigantic pink chrysanthemum or rather was produced by the flower. The female ghost like entity is none other than the soul of the gigantic pink chrysanthemum which is called the Alluring Queen of the Forest. It was none other than a special plant monster that has gained immense sentience.

“Greetings, forest queen. Why did you have your underlings call upon me?” Levin Cloud stated.

“Oh! Great Guardian of the Forest! I plea for your help!” The Alluring Queen of the Forest stated as she look like she is crying.

The current form of the Alluring Queen of the Forest or its spirit is extremely beautiful. One look at its aching heart will make anyone long for it to stop crying. A total simp would even lay down their life then and there for its happiness.

The female spirit form of the Alluring Queen of the Forest has extremely fair skin with a pinkish tone as it is a gigantic pink chrysanthemum looking flower. The spirit also has long beautiful flowing rose pink hair like a goddess and it was wearing a simple red kimono that is decorated with pink chrysanthemums. One look at her may even make others believe that she is a goddess that descended to the land.

“What kind of help do you need?” Levin Cloud asked but Adrian suddenly interjected.

“She is dying.” Adrian stated as he could see the state of the soul of the Alluring Queen of the Forest.

“She might have failed in succeeding in her tribulation.” Peridot stated as she knows how intelligent monsters operate in the eastern continent.


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