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My Daughters Have Regressed chapter 155

155 – My name is Taeho Ha. And I… #6

155 – My name is Taeho Ha. And I… #6

In fact, what I ate and bought by stealing was not even 1/10 of my life.

However, that time was a shocking time that shook my entire life and even shook my future direction.

It must have felt like riding a boat with broken oars in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where a storm raged fiercely.

In order to survive in the storm, I had to learn many skills and developed them myself.

The sense of pioneering treasure was one of them.

I once hid in a certain royal palace.

The place where the palace was located was rumored to be the richest country in the world, so if you succeed in winning once, you will be able to accumulate enough money to live on for the rest of your life.

I had a strange mind-set that the more money I had, the weaker I was, but at the time I wanted to retire.

I have to make a big deal and quit.

With that feeling, I entered a palace.

The royal palace was indeed a mountain full of treasures.

If there’s one thing I regret, my pockets are limited, so I didn’t know what to steal.

If you stole something in between, you could regret it for the rest of your life, saying, “Ah, I should have brought a golden picture frame instead of an incense burner!”

The choice had to be quick and careful, and eventually I was able to master the art of discerning treasures.

It was good to say that it was an innate sense to learn which treasure had the highest value.

Measuring launch force is also an application of this technology.

So what did I steal then?

Of course, he stole the most valuable and valuable treasure from the palace.

All the treasures put together couldn’t compare to that one treasure.

It was one of the few memories in my life after becoming a thief.

“What was it… .”

But I couldn’t remember what it was.

I couldn’t remember what I had stolen.

Not only that, but even the memory of me stealing something from the palace was fading.

It was.

I have given up the memory of that time.

Because it was a precious memory for me, my body was able to gain even more strength. It’s a process that I’ve already repeated several times, but it didn’t feel very good to have my memories disappear.

So, why did I keep repeating stories that I couldn’t recall?

It was because I wanted to talk about the technology of appraising the grade of treasure. I was able to keenly discern the value of treasure.

Then, what about memories?

People’s memories were relatively less precious, and there were supposed to be very precious ones.

I desperately racked my brain to tell them apart… , I was able to notice that it is quite difficult to put a value in people’s memories.

Also, there were those who prevented me from immersing myself in meditation.

“Do you think you wouldn’t have done this? Just like you, my body now erased my memory and attacked me ferociously. But on the contrary, it only created an environment conducive to occupying my body.”

Nocturne, who looked just like me, could not keep his composure and charged me furiously. The reason why he behaves so ferociously is probably because something is happening ‘outside’ of the mental world.

I had no choice but to deal with it fiercely.

Many things floating in the air of this mental world disappeared in an instant.

It must have been an important memory that formed the personality of ‘I’, but I couldn’t recall what it was once it was erased.

The human being called ‘I’ was in the process of being empty now.

I felt that this was similar to the act of emptying the hard disk before downloading a new program. Deleting the old one in order to get a new one with a large capacity.

Also, I guessed that all the Demiurges went through the same process as I do now.

『Who are you?』

Nocturne asked.

Suddenly I realized that I couldn’t remember who I was.

He knew that he had to defeat the opponent in front of him, but other than that, he felt as if he had become a tool made for only one purpose.

Nocturne smiled.

『Have you not even been able to think of yourself? There are only a few steps left. mortal If I go back even now, I might be able to recover what I forgot.”


I clenched my fists.

『Come, now this long fight will be over with the sum of the two.』

“… … .”


I ran towards the man at a speed that I thought I could catch up to even the light.

By kicking lightly in the air, I surpassed humans and became a kind of natural phenomenon.

My body, which had advanced like a ray of light that split the universe, swung the dagger in my hand toward the opponent’s neck.

“Gusum, Nocturne.”


It was a swing that flashed only one trajectory, but the noise of the impact was very loud. It was a technique that projected my best, strongest, and maximum firepower.

『Gusum, Nocturne-ira. did you put my name on it nice Nayuta’s attack in the blink of an eye. You have already escaped mortal status and become a new false god.”

There was not a single wound on Nocturne’s body.

He canceled my attack with the same technique as mine.

What I could do, he could do.

And vice versa.

That made this fight never ending.

“Admit it. you are me.”

His story was right.

It was so simple and clear that I had to admit it.

『Mortal, I respect you. It’s as if I’ve already been defeated just by fighting against you. Therefore, I will make you step down.”

“You mean look after me?”

“yes. I will quietly sleep in your body.”

It was a great story.

I’d make Nocturne admit defeat.

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Jiji Jiji -.

It was then that I felt my body engulfed in an intense current.

It wasn’t something I did, and it didn’t seem like Nocturne, the opponent in front of me, did anything.

It must have been something outside.

Nocturne calmly muttered, 『Ephar’s blood…』. I could notice that his body was as hard as stone. Is it because of the shock?

But it won’t be long to stop.

In fact, Nocturne was slowly moving his fingertips as if trying to resist the shock.

I could sense that the time of choice had come.

If I just waited for time to pass, Nocturne would be quietly sealed in my body. Then I will be able to find something to call my ‘daily life’.

I should have been able to fill my empty storehouses of memories with colorful things again.


I clenched my fists in emotion.

Something was held in my hand.

It was a dagger with the name of a butterfly.

It looked very insignificant because it was an old and shabby thing, but for some reason this thing seemed more precious and great to me than anything else.

What on earth is this so that I didn’t let go of it, holding it tightly in my hand even while all the precious memories were flying away?

“This… .”

『It’s just fragments of insignificant memories.』

“What I have and what you don’t… .”

The current me was a perfect match to Nocturne.

However, the more I let go of the memories, the stronger I became.

If I throw away this butterfly knife that I hold dearly… .

Could I be a little stronger?

I didn’t know how strong it could be.

Perhaps it was as much as the wind created by the beating of a butterfly’s wings.

Nocturne said, probably reading my thoughts.

『Don’t do that. It is the only memory left for you. It is a memory that tells you that you were human, and a fragment that allows you to go back to your daily life.”

I was very hesitant.

I knew myself that if I let go of this dagger, irreparable things would happen in many ways.

This was a piece of my last remaining memory, a memory I wanted to keep until the end.

It’s a small piece, but it might have a significant value that can be exchanged for everything in my life.

“I will not throw this away.”

『Yes, you make the same choice after all. No wonder. I am the result of your actions. And it is a very precious memory, so it is also an item that can never be thrown away.”

“Yeah, I won’t give up. I will give it to you in return.”


I slowly approached the stopped Nocturne.

Then the guy lost his relaxed attitude until just now, and became more ferocious with an unexpectedly loud roar.

“Stop! stop!”

Nocturne moved his arm with a really powerful and fierce force. His body seemed to be creaking in pain due to the ‘blood of Efar’, but he grabbed my neck with both hands as if it was good.


Nocturne choked me hard.

It was painful as if his soul would be destroyed, but I thrust the dagger into his chest with all my might.


The intense energy created a shockwave that ran like an aftershock, and Nocturne roared as if a planet were exploding.

『What the hell did you do? aaa… !!!!』

The body of the guy who said that was crumbling.

like falling leaves.

I said to that guy.

“Can’t you hear me?”

『A worm-like guy… ! I mean you are just my process… ! I am the result and the end of all things in the world… !!! you-.”

Nocturne shouted in a voice I couldn’t imagine. If the planet explodes, wouldn’t this sound explode when a small point exploded in the distant past and the universe was created?

it was noise

I listened quietly through the loud noise.

It was to hear the small chords.

I noticed it just now, but when I listened closely, there was a voice calling me.

A small, warm candle-like light had been calling me from before.

It was so small that you couldn’t hear it unless you put everything down and listened.

-Dad… .

“I guess I am the father. I had a daughter.”

“What nonsense are you talking about… !!!』

“I had a daughter. still calling me feel it I can feel the little kids hugging me. They are little children.”

『Gaaa… ! I am… ! I am like a planet ah… ! I am the result… ! It means the end of Pangea… !!!』

With a dagger stuck in his chest, Nocturne’s eyes, mouth, nose, and ears began to emit dazzling light. It was a light that made me frown, so it was difficult for me to face it.

Nocturne howled as if the world were perishing.

“Answer me! It was your last memory! You were the last human being left! How could you have given it up so easily! Answer me!!!』

the guy asked me

Are you asking what I gave up and shoved my bow knife through his chest?

It was definitely something that was hard to give up.

I, too, was hesitant about Nocturne admitting defeat, and there was a high probability that I eventually let him go.

But when I heard the children’s voices vaguely, I liked the dagger in my hand.

“Because it is enough to make memories again. I have a daughter.”

“What… ?』

“Having a daughter means having a wife as well. Having a wife would mean that I have a home. Having a house means… .”

I inferred a process from the results.

It seemed like something was about to come to mind, but an amazing thing happened right in front of my eyes, and I was dazed for a moment.

Nocturne, engulfed in the white light she radiated, became countless butterflies.

Butterflies fluttered and disappeared.

『… Wasn’t I just a process after all? Nocturne’s long life was truly a nightmare… . What am I for… ?』

One butterfly in particular circled around me.

He reached out and tried to grab it—but it was soon gone.

* * *

“Dad… !”

“I’m telling you to come to your senses… !”

“Ying… .”

The children hugged their families even stronger.


As if trying to become one.

Then an amazing thing happened.

Basrak-. Pajik, Pajik.

The body of Judas in the arms of the children was very broken like a dried and twisted leaf!

Bass Rock, Basasa Sasak-.

Naru and the children were stunned to see it shattered into pieces and scattered into powder.

I was so shocked that my eyes went dark and I felt like something was cut off.

“Guaak… ! We killed Dad… ! I guess Naru hugged me too tightly… !”

“Guaak… !”

“Guah, fuck… !”

By the way, Guaak– is the highest level of Scream Hi-Eek–, and it is shocking enough to damage the soul… .

… I shouldn’t have to explain more than that.

The big Hina and the big Cecily were watching this scene in surprise.

How did it happen?

“Where is Dad… , No, more than that, my body… .”

The first to notice the change was the large Hina side.

“My body… .”

Hina’s body reflected the floor with a translucent feeling.

it’s blurry

It was the same with the big Cecily.

“This… .”

“… Cecily, our future… has changed maybe… It seems to have worked, but… .”

the future has changed

Little Hina knew the meaning better than anyone else.

“… big hina… it will disappear… ?”

If the past changes, the future disappears.

Hina knew that.

Big Hina then stroked Little Hina’s head.

“No, we are not going away… . As long as you are… . The time will come when you will understand our words someday… .”

The big hina disappeared as if being sucked into the small hina.

The big Cecily also put her hand on the little Cecily’s head.


“Well, what does that mean? I’m sure it’s a very offensive profanity… ! Hurry up and explain why you said that to Cecily… . clarification… ?”


The big Cecily disappeared as if being absorbed by the little Cecily.

It was a noisy place, as if the world had perished, but now a strange silence fell on my shoulders like the first snow.

What happened?


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