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My Daughters Have Regressed chapter 154

154 – My name is Taeho Ha. And I… #5

154 – My name is Taeho Ha. And I… #5

El Cladeco was a hard woman.

There were only numbers and formulas and runes and spells in her head.

She was an excellent researcher.

El Cladeco, who was born in an orphan, believed that he could not survive without being excellent, so he put his skills to the test and almost succeeded.

I met that man when El Cladeco was on his way to success after being picked up by Graham Academy.

The man’s name was Eugene, and he was a thief who had sneaked into El Cladeco’s laboratory with dirt feet.

-Ah, I only tried to steal a few potions.

To be honest, Eugene’s skills were poor. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that El Cladeco’s stealing skills were much better.

However, Eugene’s greatness was not in his stealing skills, but in his knowledge.

He explained a lot to El Cladeco about computers, airplanes, and other great things. A wizard and researcher as talented as El Cladeco would be able to make such things.

– I want to drink Coke. If you invent after invention one day, you might be able to make Coke. I don’t know anything else, but I want to drink a cold coke in an ice cup.

El noticed that Eugene was from a different world than this one. A being from another world. Naturally, it deserved the attention of El Cladeco.

‘If I do well, I might be able to go beyond being an advisor and become the dean.’

El’s prediction was correct.

L became an advisor through the idea of the objects the man told him.

And I had to admit that the man-Eugene is a thief who has some talent in stealing a woman’s heart even if he doesn’t have the talent to steal things.

El gave birth to Tywin with difficulty.

Tywin was so weak from the time he was in the womb that he almost couldn’t be born.

Since El was a brilliant researcher, he thought that perhaps the constitutions of himself and the man were causing problems for the unborn child.

Eugene is a human from another world who has no mana by nature.

And El is a wizard with plenty of mana.

It was clear that these opposite constitutions caused a conflict and made the child’s body painful.

L obtained the best medicine in the world and even developed it herself, and finally succeeded in giving birth to a child.

It was a daughter.

It was a truly happy day.

-L, why don’t we have a formal wedding ceremony?

Eugene asked.

Since L decided to step out of the orphanage and live a life of success, he honestly thought that things like marriage were nothing but a burden.

Until then, she secretly thought that marriage with Eugene was to obtain a sample of ‘a person from another world’ and to obtain research data on ‘a person of mixed blood between a person from another world and a person from Pangea’.

Because she grew up not knowing love from a young age.

Trouble arose, however, when Tywin Cladeko was six years old.

Tywin fell ill with a fever of unknown origin and passed out.

All El can do is keep Tywin alive so he doesn’t lose his life.

Yujin said while looking at her daughter placed in a cold machine.

-This is… , is the sickness of my world. It probably can’t be fixed with the stuff of this world. I guess I should go back to my hometown I’ll bring you some medicine.

After saying that, Eugene disappeared.

It wasn’t until he didn’t return for several months that El Cladeco had to admit that he loved the man very much.

In that year, El Cladeco became the dean of Graham Academy, which is said to have all the knowledge of the world, and became a more successful wizard than anyone else.

But she didn’t even know how to wake her daughter, and Eugene never returned.

“Call the man.”

At one point, only that one sentence lingered in El Cladeco’s head. It is to summon Eugene, who has gone far away, to this world.

El Cladeco continued to study the magic circles installed underground in Phrygia, and finally was able to gather a source of heat energy capable of tearing apart the dimension and summoning a man.

Although he spent all the money he had accumulated over his entire life—now, to El Cladeco, money was just a means and not an important thing.

Woo woo-.

The magic circle was activated, and El Cladeco tore open the dimensional door and summoned something.

However, nothing existed in the magic circle.

several months after that.

Tywin heard the news that a great but strange thief was running all over the continent of Pangea.

-Awesome yet strange thief… . What’s your name?

– It’s Judas. It’s Barbaro with dark hair. They say it steals people’s shadows.

‘Black hair… .’

Eugene had red hair.

El Cladeco met Judas on the continent of Phrygia two years later, and felt the same way his hair stood on end as when he first saw Eugene.

‘This is the man. It is this man I summoned… ! If you use this man… , maybe I can advance my transcendence plan a few more times… !’

The man even had a 6-year-old child.

El Cladeco’s clock has been running since then.

After a lot of time since then, now-.

“Come on. There’s no shadow anywhere for you to hide. This room is a special room that doesn’t cast a single shadow. You are a rat in a poison.”

– Kreureung… !

El Cladeco drove the summoned anvil into a corner.

However, Morumoru avoided El’s touch with his small volleyball-like body.

Even with the use of restraint magic, Morumoru was a great being, Demiurge, so he could not dare to capture Morumoru with the magic of the mortal El Cladeco.

So El had no choice but to move her hands hard and grab the anvil, but she was a researcher who sat at her desk and didn’t have the stamina to grab the agile anvil.


At that time, the stone door had not even been opened, but someone entered the room.

Tywin and the big… big… .


El frowned at the unfamiliar woman.

It was a familiar face somewhere, but El couldn’t figure out who it was.

How could you think of Cecily von Ragdoll from twenty-five years in the future?

Cecily said.

“El, be kind and help us. Did you have a plan in case the experiment went wrong and Mara became Nocturne’s vessel and transcended?”

“Who are you?”

“I am Cecily von Ragdoll.”

L usually doesn’t show her expression, but this time she was really surprised. A lot of things made sense from the explanation you just gave.

It was very surprising.

“L, if you help defeat Nocturne, I, Cecily, Naru, and Hina, will also help you with your research. It may take some time for us all to grow up, but… ?”

– Meowong.


While El Cladeco was careless for a moment, Morumoru ran towards Tywin. In a flash, Tywin took the anvil into his arms, and it was very warm and soft at the same time.

“… What if I refuse?”

El opened his slender eyes as he gazed at the anvil held by Tywin through his glasses. What would happen if Cecily’s story was rejected?

Saying that, El recited a spell in his mind.


It was because it was El’s main specialty that he had learned over level 40.

However, Cecily’s leap was faster.

Cecily leaped gracefully into the air and, after rolling twice through the air, caught up with El Cladeco. Then he pressed his finger on the cervical vertebrae at the nape of his neck.

“If you press here, you will pass out.”

“… … .”

El obediently raised both hands.

He had no intention of seriously fighting Cecily.

I just wanted to experiment because I was curious about how that skill would be.

Because she was a gifted experimenter.

“Take this.”


El Cladeco took a potion from his pocket.

“It is the blood of Demiurge Efar. Sprinkle this on the magic circle where Nocturne was resurrected. That should be able to completely neutralize Nocturne for a while. It’s only about 10 minutes.”

That was it.

Cecily turned her back and El said nothing more.

Like there’s no need to talk.

Tywin couldn’t stand it.

“mom… .”

said Tywin.

“… mom!”

However, El Cladeco treated Tywin as if he did not exist.

Tywin longed for El’s affection, but El did not love Tywin.

“… you are not my daughter Things that are the same are trying to merge. You are not at all merged with my daughter, Tywin. You are not my daughter Tywin. something else.”

El was cool.

The truth is that things that are the same are merged into one.

However, the Tywin in the machine and the Tywin in front of him were different.

If they were the same, they would have attracted each other and become one.

then… , I thought it might be possible to awaken Tywin from a coma by stimulating the mind of Tywin, who had become motionless like a plant, but it also failed.

That’s how Tywin Cladeco became a failure and turned into a corner in El Cladeco’s mind. She speaks with the same face and voice as her own daughter, but she is not a daughter… .

It only causes sadness in El Cladeco’s heart.

“You are no longer my companion. Go anywhere.”

El spoke harshly to Tywin.

At those words, Tywin wet his gray eyes and finally opened his lips small, tears flowing.

“Uh… .”

Tywin knew that he would never be able to return to his home again.

Because Tywin was a smart girl.

Even though she was a fake mother, Tywin was a fake daughter, and they never had dinner together… , Tywin still liked the house.

But now Tywin was truly an orphan.

An orphan without a family.

“Ahhh… !”

Finally, Tywin burst into tears.

I wiped the tears with my hand, but there was no end.

“… … .”

A large Cecily quietly raised her hand and tried to stroke Tywin’s head as if comforting——but, in the end, she withdrew her hand.

‘Because Tywin is someone who rarely cries. It’s better to let him cry when he cries.’

* * *

“If you have this, you can neutralize Nocturne.”

The older Cecily passed the potion to the older Hina.

It was a bottle that looked like the Milky Way.

It was very beautiful to see something like a starry night fluttering.

“Efar’s blood… !”

Big Hina was startled.

Well, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call this a “mythical treasure”. According to mythology, Efar neutralized Nocturne with his own blood and sealed him in the other world.

“It was with El. As long as you have this… .”

Hina sprinkled Efar’s blood on a large magic circle drawn on the floor.

Then, as if the magic circle had been waiting for it, it began to operate.

what’s going on now?

Whatever it was, it was clear that something great was about to happen.

oh oh oh oh oh —-!!!

The surroundings began to vibrate.

There was an earthquake, and many things collapsed, ruins were torn apart, and earth and sand fell from the sky. Everyone was taken aback by this sudden situation.

Little Naru, Hina, and Cecily hugged their father’s body even tighter.

As if trying to make it impossible to leave anywhere.

Children instinctively realized that if they missed this moment, they might never see their father.

That everything depends on the next 10 seconds.


Finally, the sound of something breaking was heard from the man’s body in the arms of the children.


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