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Mage Adam – Chapter 10: Departure Bahasa Indonesia

“…maybe Ophelia herself can test it out.”

Ophelia stepped forward and pressed her hands on the crystal ball. Strangely, her crystal ball radiated with a red and black light.

Ophelia was worried.

She panicked and pressed at the crystal ball again, only for it to remain black and red. She turned pale, “What is the meaning of this?”

“It’s alright Miss Ophelia,” the Black Mage waved his hand gently, and a light breeze pushed Ophelia away from the crystal ball. He didn’t want her to destroy the crystal ball.

Ophelia was at a loss, pleading, “Dear Black Mage, let me try again, it shouldn’t be like that…”

The Black Mage signalled her to be calm, “Do not panic, Miss Ophelia. There are many ways to become a mage. This doesn’t indicate anything.”

Then, he turned to the Earl, “Two-fifths of the value of a small energy vein, please.”

“As you wish.”

Adam recorded the Black Mage’s words. He analysed the data and concluded that mages adhere to the principle of fair trade.

This is good. This means that mages have evolved to the stage of civilization.

The Black Mage continued, “Most mages tend to have a select element, but elements aren’t key to a mage, either. Miss Ophelia may have talents different from elemental magic — she could be a Body Refinement Master.”

“Elemental mages pursue the core of nature, engraving knowledge into our souls. As the soul is strengthened, the body is strengthened as well. Refiners pursue knowledge, like mages, but they apply this knowledge to the body instead. “

“Since Miss Ophelia has a clear path, she wouldn’t need to spend much time as an apprentice. However, there are some disadvantages — refiners need a huge number of resources, and even with your wealth, it wouldn’t be enough.”

Adam didn’t understand. How does a refiner refine their own body?

The Earl had the same doubts too, “Respected Black Mage, what are these resources?”

The Black Mage smiled, “I’ll answer this for free. Power stones are the lowest-level resources available to mages, but they are difficult to obtain. It’s the tissue of a large number of high-level creatures from an alien plane. And, well, it’s too far away for any human to reach.”

He stopped and ordered, “You have one night to pack your bags and bid farewell to your families. Tomorrow morning, we set off for Moldo Academy.”

The Earl signalled Ophelia to stay behind, and guided the mage to rest.

The teenagers mingled with each other. The three male apprentices were Mike Gast, Henry Hugh, and Sam Aiden. Crystal and Adam didn’t have any surnames though.

They were all curious about Adam, but held their questions. They had never heard of a noble like him, but the Black Mage made it clear that he had the greatest talent among the five. It’s better to keep a good relationship with him.

“I’m Adam,” he said flatly.

They waited for his surname.

“I’m a commoner. I have no surname.”

The smiles of the three male teenagers stiffened. A commoner? Crystal got in by luck, but Adam too?

Crystal smiled. She instinctively hates nobles, but now she has a companion to relate to.

The three males mentally drew a line between them and Adam. They didn’t express it physically though.

Crystal left to bid farewell to her family.

The three male teenagers continued to discuss among themselves. How could a commoner live in the mansion? They saw Adam leave to go to the mansion’s inner chambers, and no servants were allowed in there.

They decided to leave to ask their fathers. Perhaps they would have a better idea of who Adam is.

Adam stayed in his room, while the Earl awkwardly converses with Ophelia.

“Congratulations on becoming an apprentice. Do I call you the Great Mage Ophelia Johnson now?”

“Johnson, you say,” she snickered sarcastically. She didn’t feel like family.

The Earl didn’t care. All he cared about was that Ophelia had his surname.

“Two-fifths of the income we get from the energy lode will be handed over to the Black Mage, so I can track your record from here. The remaining three-fifths will be given to you as income. I will mobilise manpower to find more of these energy lords.”

Ophelia was silent.

“I let Crystal in. I predict that Crystal may get preferential treatment. Befriend her, she seems kind, she would surely be of great help to you.”

Ophelia frowned.

“Don’t stick around Adam too much. He is as emotionless as that mage.”

Ophelia frowned again, “I didn’t ask!”

The Earl continued, “Look into your heart. Do what is best for you.”

Ophelia remained silent.

“It’s fine. If you can give Adam the resources he needs, then he will do what is needed of him,” the Earl explained.

“I too made a deal with the Black Mage. I could have easily driven out the other apprentices, but I let them stay. Conquer them, use them by any means to get to the top.”

“Congratulations, by the way,” he then left the main hall without looking back at Ophelia.

Ophelia was in a sombre mood.

If it was Adam, he would’ve told her that humans are burdened by emotions and desires, but she wasn’t with Adam.

The night was silent.

Morning came and the five apprentices gathered outside the mansion with mixed moods, and the Black Mage announced, “Let us depart.”


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