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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 982: Happiest Time Bahasa Indonesia

Stella quickly contacted Samantha and confronted her.

Samantha played it off with a laugh. “So what if I’m the Ancestor? I like being in the Sect and talking to people. If everyone knew that I was the Ancestor, they wouldn’t open themselves up to me.”

Stella couldn’t really counter that argument. After all, who would dare to see the Ancestor of their Sect as their friend? The power difference was just too vast between the parties. There would always be an unspoken power dynamic between them.

Luckily, Stella and Liam’s perception of a power dynamic had shifted severely after coming into contact with Gravis. They even considered Arc their friend, the undisputed, most powerful, most ancient being in this world.

Although, a lot of that had to do with Arc’s personality. It was hard not to like him.

So, Stella and Liam still managed to remain friends with Samantha, even though she vastly outranked both of them.

After talking with Samantha, Stella and Liam led Gravis around the Sect, introducing everything to him.

Gravis nodded with appreciation whenever he heard something of the Purist Sect.

Surprisingly, the very Sect that Gravis had dismissed back then was actually perfectly to Gravis’ liking.

Back when Gravis had first heard of the Purist Sect, he thought that they sounded like arrogant, self-righteous people. It sounded like they isolated themselves from the world because the world wasn’t worthy of them.

Yet, the philosophy of the Purist Sect was actually, as the name implied, quite pure.

Power and Form Laws decided everything.

There were no people in positions that they didn’t earn. There was no kind of favoritism among the elites of the Sect. After all, if someone wasn’t powerful enough for their position, they wouldn’t be able to keep that position for long.


Because every member of the Sect had the right to duel someone for their position with their Form Law. If someone of a lower ranking had a better Form Law than someone of a higher ranking, the two people would switch places.

As long as someone wasn’t able to suppress the entirety of the Sect, they wouldn’t be able to put someone into a position they didn’t deserve.

This was as fair as a Sect could get.

Gravis remembered the Unrestrained Sect. Back then, Gravis had also believed that the Unrestrained Sect was perfect for him. However, the Unrestrained Sect was, ironically, the most restrained Sect. They built their Sect around a concept they didn’t understand, making the entirety of the Sect seem incongruent.

The Nine Elements Sect had gone completely against Gravis’ philosophy. The entire Sect was made of political games and hypocrisy.

Yet, the Purist Sect was simple and down-to-earth. The entirety of the Purist Sect was built on simple, fundamental truths. In short, the philosophy of the Purist Sect was really pure.

‘Sadly, they put too much emphasis on Form Laws,’ Gravis thought. ‘There are so many more Laws out there that can make someone more powerful, but only Form Laws matter here.’

‘Unfortunately, not everything’s perfect. The Purist Sect is already as good as it can get. Expecting anything more would be unrealistic.’

After looking around the Sect for a while, Liam left, leaving Gravis and Stella alone.

“Excuse me, lady,” Gravis said with a polite and distant voice to Stella.

Stella only smirked. “Yes?” she asked in a similarly polite voice.

“It has come to my attention that you are an enjoyer of sausages,” Gravis said.

Stella only laughed with a smirk.

And thus, Gravis and Stella finally truly united again after 100,000 years apart.

It was like no time had passed for Gravis and Stella.

It was like they had never parted.

In the nights, Stella and Gravis cultivated together, while, in the day, Gravis met with other Immortal Emperors of the Purist Sect.

Gravis got to know a ton of them, and he also demonstrated his Form Law again. He even told them about the Emotional Laws that went into making it.

When the Immortal Emperors heard about the Emotional Laws, something that hadn’t made sense up to now finally made sense!

These Immortal Emperors were very knowledgeable in the matter of Form Laws, and they had realized that Gravis’ Form Law actually shouldn’t work. There was one particular passage that was seemingly impossible to combine with another one.

Yet, Gravis had managed to fit these unfitting concepts together.

This had stumped the Immortal Emperors, and none of them knew how he had done so.

However, after hearing about the concepts of the Emotional Laws that went into the Form Law, everything finally made sense.

Fusing an Emotional Law into a Form Law wasn’t a new concept. After all, there had been some Immortal Emperors that had managed to fuse the Law of Humility into their Form Laws.

Yet, they hadn’t known about the other Emotional Laws. The other five Emotional Laws were not as easy to comprehend for the Purist Sect since they didn’t have a fitting place to comprehend them. This meant that they had to comprehend these Laws naturally, which, in turn, made them very rare.

When they heard that three Emotional Laws went into Gravis’ Form Law, they finally realized how Gravis’ Form Law could be so powerful.

It was basically made up of 17 level five Laws.

That was insane!

Not even their Sect Master knew 17 level five Laws!

Hell, it would be surprising if she even knew ten!

The Immortal Emperors talked more with Gravis, and Gravis also helped them with their Form Laws.

And like this, time passed.

Gravis was enjoying every year to the fullest.

He no longer had to feel pressured.

He no longer had to fear that he would never see Stella again since the next world was already the last one.

He had no enemies.

For Gravis, this was the happiest time of his life, and if he hadn’t already affirmed his life goals, he might have decided to forever live out his life like this.

Luckily, Gravis’ goal was not only happiness but also freedom.

20,000 years of peace passed.

By now, Gravis was over 200,000 years old, 50 times as old as when he had come to this world.

It would be nearly impossible to find an Immortal King in this world that was older than Gravis.

During the time Gravis had comprehended his Form Law, and during the time Gravis had been in the Purist Sect, Mortis had made a lot of progress.

Mortis had comprehended the Laws of Corestorm, Brilliant Storm, Shadow Storm, Deep Brilliance, and Deep Shadow, five level five Laws in total.

There were only eight Mixed Elements left!

Meanwhile, Gravis was enjoying his time in the Purist Sect.

Sadly, Stella didn’t know any Laws that Gravis didn’t know already.

This made Mortis a bit incensed. He could deal with the assault of loving emotions since they were increasing Gravis’ power.

However, now, he had to deal with an assault of loving emotions without an increase of power.

Mortis didn’t like that one bit.

So, Mortis urged Gravis on to comprehend more Laws.

Mortis knew that Gravis was not dead weight. After all, he had comprehended a ton of important Laws, especially the three new level five Emotional Laws.

So, he had accepted 20,000 years of nothing.

However, it had to stop at some point.

Gravis could see where Mortis was coming from and agreed.

Gravis had basically forgotten that Mortis was also assaulted with all the emotions Gravis was feeling, making him feel a bit guilty.

“I’ll check out the Law of Humility tomorrow,” Gravis told Mortis.



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