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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 931: Living the Life Bahasa Indonesia

A couple of days later, the envoy from Underworld arrived.

Compared to the Elder that set up the Formation Arrays, this envoy didn’t shroud themselves in mystery.

They were a Peak Immortal King with the appearance of a young girl with silver hair.

When she arrived, she saw one person standing in front of a building, clad in imposing, black armor.

She had a good eye and could immediately see how expensive the equipment was, which surprised her.

This probably had to be the boss of this mysterious shop. No sane person would gift their employees such a ridiculously expensive set of equipment.

“Hello, I’m an envoy from Underworld,” she said with a polite smile and polite bow. “I have been sent here to exchange Immortal Stones for all the ore you currently possess. You must be the boss, Gravis, right?” she asked.

“Sorry to disappoint you, miss, but I’m not Gravis,” Liam said with a polite tone.

Gravis had always only seen the cold, prideful, and arrogant side of Liam, but that was to be expected with the dynamic between the two of them. In truth, Liam was a very approachable and friendly person.

“Oh, sorry,” the girl apologized. “Will you be the one that will look over the exchange?”

Liam nodded.


A huge part of the cave was filled with ore. Stella had handed all the ore over to him. They came to the agreement that Liam would take over the human side for the foreseeable future.

The girl looked over all the different ores with wonder and checked the quantity.

Yes, the quantity checked out.


The girl pocketed all the ore. “Thank you kindly!”


A mountain of Immortal Stones appeared in the cave.

“Please count the Immortal Stones, sir,” the girl said politely.

Liam’s Spirit Sense encompassed the Immortal Stones. The girl couldn’t see it, but Liam took a deep, shocked breath when he saw so many Immortal Stones.

When had he ever seen so many Immortal Stones in one place?

Even more, he got to keep 10%!?

“The sum is correct,” Liam said with a friendly tone as he pocketed the Immortal Stones. “Thank you for the trade. Do visit the Gravitas again, miss.”

“No, I have to thank you,” the girl said with a slight bow. “I almost feel bad for buying all of this ore for only this little bit of Immortal Stones. I feel like I’m stealing from you.”

‘Stealing, huh?’ Liam thought with complex emotions.

Who was the one stealing from whom?

Gravis had only worked a collective five hours in the last three months for all of this ore.

They were basically the ones stealing from Underworld!

The two of them exchanged another set of pleasantries, and eventually, the girl left happily.

Liam thought that the girl appeared rather innocent and naïve, but he knew that things weren’t that simple. She was a member of Underworld, and she also had to have been in Underworld for quite some time. After all, no one would trust a new member with around a billion Immortal Stones.

Such a senior member of Underworld definitely couldn’t be a naive, young girl.

Right now, Liam couldn’t take his eyes off the 980 million Immortal Stones in his Spirit Space.

This was so much money!

Silence returned to the human side of the Gravitas as Liam simply continued standing there.

Usually, he would have considered just standing there to be a massive waste of time, but he was earning a ridiculous sum of money right now.

This short exchange gave him 98 million Immortal Stones. That was nearly half of what he needed to become an Immortal Emperor.

If this were considered wasting time, literally every human in the world would want to waste their time.

Some hours later, on the beast side, a new beast arrived.

The beast looked around and only saw a tall human in imposing black armor standing in front of it.

It couldn’t feel the Cultivation of the human in front of it, which surprised it. It was already a Peak Immortal King. Was this human an Immortal Emperor?

No, this was just Siral.

Siral was definitely not an Immortal Emperor. In fact, he was still the weakest member of the Gravitas with a Cultivation in the Early Major Circulation Immortal King Realm.

However, the armor hid his Cultivation from prying eyes.

“Are you the one offering equipment?” the beast asked with a bit of hostility. After all, this was a human.

“Yes, what do you want to purchase?” Siral asked.

Just like every other time, the beast wanted to test the power of the armor. Fortunately, Gravis had left plenty of plates behind.

Sadly, this beast brought new ore, and it was always most effective to show the effects of forging by using the very ore the beast brought.

Siral informed the beast about what would happen, and the beast agreed.


Some Divine Lightning appeared and smelted a part of the ore mountain into a plate.

The beast became shocked yet again.

The Cultivator in front of it didn’t do anything. All this Divine Lightning had come out of the walls of the cave.

Sure enough, this shop wasn’t simple at all.

After the test was finished, the beast ordered a ton of equipment.

Siral had already gathered enough experience by watching Gravis for the past three months. He gave the beast a consultation session not in any way inferior to Gravis’.

After everything was decided, more Divine Lightning appeared, and the ore slowly warped into a suitable form for the beast.

After a couple of minutes, the beast left, fully armored.

Siral got to keep 10% of the ore that the beast had paid with, but he wasn’t as shocked as Liam. After all, his mind was completely dominated by the Life Ring. Right now, he had no selfish thoughts. He was simply a servant.

This was how the business continued for the next couple of years.

Siral consulted the beasts while Liam had more run-ins with the silver-haired girl from Underworld.

As time passed, more and more beasts came. Apparently, the power of Gravis’ equipment was gaining quite some fame and infamy in the beasts.

The beasts hated it when other beasts relied on external power, which created the infamy, but they couldn’t argue against the fact that the equipment was excellent and powerful, which was where the fame came from.

In just a couple of years, Gravis had amassed enough Immortal Stones to repay the Elder from Underworld.

After calling the Elder, she quickly arrived, and Liam handed over the ridiculous amount of Immortal Stones.

While Liam was talking to the Elder, the Elder only glared at the wall of the cave hatefully. If one had the ability to see through her disguise, they would see that she was even a bit red in the face.

The Elder snorted and quickly left after getting her payment.

Liam was a bit confused why the Elder was so curt with him.

Why was she so curt?

Why was she angry?

Well, all these Formation Arrays were her Formation Arrays, which meant that they had no effect on her.

So, the Elder was able to witness what was happening just outside the Formation Arrays, in a small cave.

Gravis had obviously been present all these years. Otherwise, he couldn’t have forged all that equipment.

Yet, what was he doing during all of this?

Well, obviously, he was “comprehending Laws” with the help of Stella!

Forging some equipment didn’t require much concentration from him, which was why he didn’t even need to stop his “activities” when he had to forge something.

Gravis was “comprehending Laws” with Stella’s help while earning a ridiculous amount of money at the side.

Gravis was living the life right now!


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