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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 831: Power of Brilliance Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis really didn’t look forward to comprehending more about Brilliance, but it was the best element to comprehend right now, sadly. Gravis had comprehended the Inferno and Punishment Lightning Laws, and both of them had quite a good affinity towards Brilliance.


Gravis arrived at his next Law Comprehension Area, which was a cave filled with the Brilliance element, but not entirely.

There were some Law Comprehension Areas that could be created artificially. Not all of them had to be created by nature or Arc. This was one of these areas.

Many years ago, someone with the Brilliance Element decided to create this area. In order to artificially create a Law Comprehension Area, one had to know how a natural one would work. Then, one only needed to simulate these processes.

This sounded relatively easy, and it was, but the biggest issue was the Energy requirement. It took an unreal amount of Energy to create such a Law Comprehension Area.

So? There were a lot of powerful Cultivators. Why not just get one of those?

Sadly, it didn’t work like that.

Why had the shop that sold Gravis the Virtualization Arrays, the Smart Cultivator, used God Stones as fuel? Couldn’t they have used their own Energy?

The problem was that the Energy couldn’t have a will on it. Even a Star God wouldn’t be able to create these Law Comprehension Areas unless they also used Immortal or God Stones.

This meant that someone in the past had been willing to spend a fortune to create this Law Comprehension Area. Back then, it had probably also completely belonged to them, but after so many years had passed, no one remembered the creator.

Thus, this artificial Law Comprehension Area was handled just like a natural one.

Gravis went through his routine and entered the cave. While walking inside the cave, Gravis only felt warmth and calm.

This was the Law Comprehension Area for Brilliance’s Healing.

The ugly side of Brilliance wouldn’t appear here, which made this one of the least stressful Laws to comprehend.

Gravis sat down in the middle near some other Cultivators and took out his saber.

Then, he cut crevices into his body in different places.

The other disciples looked at him with a complex expression. Yes, it would be easier to comprehend the Law by actually being healed, but it was also uncomfortable to look at someone mutilating themselves.

Gravis didn’t really care. Physical pain had basically stopped existing for him. Gravis had been under so much pain for so much time that it was annoying at worst. It was simply like an annoying fly that flew around him.

After a while, Gravis lost himself again, and before he knew it, he had comprehended the Law of Brilliance’s Healing.


Gravis stood up and left the Law Comprehension Area, directly going to the next one.

And so, more and more years passed.

Gravis managed to comprehend the Law of Brilliance’s Power next, which was basically the same process as understanding the Element of Brilliance, just even more annoying.

The next Law had been the Law of Brilliance’s Burning. As the name implied, this Law strengthened the burning part of the Brilliance Element. Together with the Law of Brilliance’s Power, Gravis could now unleash quite a powerful area attack.

The next one was the Law of Brilliance’s Concentration. Obviously, this was a Law that allowed someone to concentrate the Brilliance Element even more. Back in the middle world, the Light Ultimate had killed the Metal Ultimate by concentrating a lot of her light into a single beam.

Of course, back then, the Light Ultimate hadn’t comprehended Brilliance. She had simply used the normal light element. With the Law of Brilliance’s Concentration, Gravis could load up an attack far faster than the Light Ultimate back then.

Additionally, that attack would be truly powerful. By slowly gathering more and more Brilliance, Gravis would continually refine his Energy more and more. Theoretically, if Gravis had enough time, the attack would even reach the power of Mortality.

That was a lot of power.

The last Brilliance Law Gravis had decided to comprehend was the Law of Brilliance’ Efficiency. That Law didn’t need any explaining.

Wait, but hadn’t that Light Ultimate comprehended another kind of Law? Hadn’t she comprehended the Law of Light’s Speed?

True, but Gravis decided to skip the Speed Laws for Brilliance. These five Battle Laws per Element were obviously not all level four Laws related to the Elements. There were a lot more.

Brilliance had probably the fastest speed out of any element, but it also cost an incredible amount of Energy to use. Gravis was already very fast, and his movement didn’t require much Energy. Because of that, Gravis decided against comprehending the Law of Brilliance’s Speed.

Gravis had simply picked out five of these Battle Laws for every element. He had looked at them and had decided which one would supplement his fighting style the best.

For example, the Battle Laws for Inferno had all perfectly combined into two attacks, one direct attack, and one area attack. Meanwhile, the Storm Laws could all be combined into a single wide-area attack with a lot of pushback. If anyone came too close, Gravis could blow them away.

What about Brilliance?

Gravis had chosen these Brilliance Laws for two reasons.

First of all, Gravis had noticed that his body was no longer healing as quickly. The Law of Energy Healing was a level three Law, and the more powerful Gravis’ body became, the slower the Law would become.

Because of that, Gravis needed something else to heal himself with, which was the Law of Brilliance. Together with the Law of Brilliance’s Healing, Law of Brilliance’s Power, and Law of Brilliance’s Efficiency, Gravis could now heal himself with incredible speed again.

The second reason was for a concentrated all-out attack. Gravis’ Lightning Crescent was very powerful and could be unleashed in an instant, but there were two issues.

First issue: His Lightning Crescent was fast but not super-fast. Additionally, Gravis had to swing his saber first, which would give the enemy an inkling of what would come.

Second issue: Gravis’ Lightning Crescent exploded into the surroundings, scattering its power. Only a small part of the attack’s actual power would hit the enemy. One could say that Gravis’ Lightning Crescent was a weird mix of a single target attack and an area attack. It was kind of both of them, but also none of them at the same time.

The second issue had been solved by the invention of Mortality, but Mortality had its own issue, which was the long wind-up time. Enemies could run into the distance or attack the lightning runes to stop the attack. In both cases, Gravis would have unveiled one of his trump cards without gaining anything.

However, all these problems didn’t exist with Brilliance.

Gravis had the Laws of Brilliance’s Power, Brilliance’s Burning, Brilliance’s Concentration, and Brilliance’s Efficiency for the attack.

So, how did the attack work?

Gravis would slowly build a more and more powerful laser. The wind-up time was several times longer than Mortality, and in the end, the power would be about equal.

However, the wind-up was hidden, and Gravis could move during it. Gravis could add more and more Energy passively into his laser while fighting normally.

Then, when the attack was ready, Gravis could simply point his finger forward, and an insanely powerful laser would instantly shoot at the enemy. Its speed would be even faster than Gravis’ Lightning Crescent.

Gravis hated the Brilliance Element, but he had to concede that it was one of the most useful Elements that existed for the current him. It allowed Gravis to heal himself, and it allowed Gravis to create an attack with the power of Mortality but without its weaknesses.

Gravis had all of these things planned out, and the future Battle Laws would also make him stronger.

However, right now, it was time to take a break.

Gravis had sworn an oath that he would take a break just to be safe, but that had been unnecessary.

Gravis knew that he needed to take a break right now since his answers started to be slightly scary again.

‘Brilliance took a bit longer, about 2783 years,’ Gravis thought. ‘I’m over 11,000 years old now. However, it doesn’t feel like it at all.’

‘Well, time for a break!’

Gravis took out Arc’s emblem and destroyed it, leaving the Sect Alliance once again.


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