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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 808: The Exciting Start Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis became excited as he saw an imaginary, vast sea of Laws he had never comprehended before. He hadn’t gone into these kinds of Battle Laws in the past since he had been far too busy with the Composition Laws, but now, everything was different.

There were so many Laws!

‘Although, understanding them will take a lot of time,’ Gravis thought. ‘I don’t know the low-tier variants of these Laws, which requires me to understand a level four Law in a single go. I actually haven’t done that before. All the other level four Laws I know had a base to build upon or had low-tier variants that I already know.’

Gravis scratched his chin. ‘I will probably need at least 500 years for each one, and there are how many? 45? And these are only the element-specific ones. That one guy that attacked the Unrestrained Sect had an overarching Law, the Law of the Spear. If I also want to take a look at those, the Law count would easily break the 50s.’

‘500 years per Law for 45 Laws would come to 22,500 years,’ Gravis thought as he took a deep breath.

‘That’s a lot of time!’

However, Gravis started scratching his chin as he frowned. ‘Although, I was already prepared to cultivate similarly to father. I might as well take advantage of the resetting longevity cap.’

This was something that Gravis had learned in his long break back home after coming back from the middle world.

A time of longevity was assigned to every Realm, but the longevity didn’t work as one would think.

Why would anyone spend a ton of time as an Immortal with a longevity of 50,000 years when they could simply become Immortal Kings, have a better comprehension ability, and then comprehend Laws? Wouldn’t they save time like that?

That would be true if longevity were cumulative.

However, longevity reset after one reached a new Realm.

What did this mean?

This meant that a being was practically reborn when they reached a new Realm. For example, someone that went from mortal to the Immortal Realm in a single day would have 50,000 years of soft longevity remaining.

However, someone that spent 9,999 years to reach the Immortal Realm would also have 50,000 years of soft longevity remaining. It was like one was born into a new body with a new cap of longevity. Everything that had happened before one reached the Realm became irrelevant.

So, in reality, if both of these example Cultivators cultivated to their longevity cap, the first one would have reached it after 50,000 years, while the other one would have reached it after 59,999 years. This was already a two-digit percent difference.

However, things became even crazier as soon as the soft longevity cap got introduced.

Assuming one person immediately became an Immortal King, they would have a soft longevity cap of 100,000 years. However, someone that went through two tribulations and broke through just before their next tribulation would also have a soft longevity cap of 100,000.

Yet, the second person would have already have lived for nearly 150,000 years. This meant that the first person would meet their first Immortal King tribulation at the age of 100,000, while the second one would meet their first tribulation at the age of nearly 250,000.

This was an insane difference!

250,000 years was already 50,000 more than the soft longevity cap of an Immortal Emperor, someone an entire Realm above them!

This was why cultivating in a lower Realm didn’t take away time from the future.

‘Every tribulation increases the power of the enemy by one level, starting at one level above oneself in the first. However, this means Cultivation levels, not power levels. So, right now, if I were to reach my soft longevity cap, I would need to battle an Immortal King since I am a Peak Immortal, even though the Immortal King would be two battle levels higher than myself.’

‘So, my first tribulation would be an Early Minor Circulation Immortal King. My second one would be a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King, and my third one a Late Minor Circulation Immortal King. Sadly, my fourth one would be an early Major Circulation Immortal King, someone that’s six battle levels higher than me. I would skip the fifth battle level due to my awkward Realm.’

‘This means that, in total, I have 200,000 years to comprehend Laws before I have to reach the next Realm. Pfft! It’s actually funny to imagine that when I become a brand-new Immortal King, I would already be older than 99% of all other Immortal Kings.’

‘22,500 years is an insanely long time for me. After all, I have only lived for a bit more than 4,000. However, in comparison to 200,000 years, this is barely anything.’

‘Alright! It’s decided!’ Gravis thought with a nod. ‘I will comprehend all level four Laws that I can find! The Plant Laws, Emotional Laws, and Situational Laws are basically an impossibility, but everything else goes. This includes all the Battle Laws.’

‘That’s a ton of Laws, but hey, I got the time now.’

Gravis felt excited as he realized how many new things he could learn now. He wanted to start immediately and get on it!

So, with newfound excitement and motivation, Gravis sat down on the ground.

‘I can’t start right now,’ Gravis thought with a bit of frustration. ‘I should give the Sects a couple of days to learn of the news of their Sect Masters’ demise. When I’m the only one that knows, and I go there immediately, I will draw suspicion upon myself. I need to give the news time to spread to every Sect. As soon as it becomes public knowledge, I can go ahead.’

‘This sucks! I want to start right now!’ Gravis thought with a frown.

However, sometimes, it was necessary to wait. Sure, Gravis could go there right now, but it was too risky. Waiting a couple of days to secure his survival was more than a worthy trade.

So, Gravis went to sleep for the first time in a long while.

There was nothing better to do in such a short timeframe.

The exciting journey of Gravis learning powerful Battle Laws started with him sleeping for a whole week.


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