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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 800: After the Battle Bahasa Indonesia

The two Immortal Kings exploded into lightning, but only for a moment.

The gigantic ball of lightning split apart, and four more Gravises were created.

Now, there were five Gravises and two Immortal Kings.

The two remaining Immortal Kings felt fear take hold of their being. They had to flee, now!


However, all five Gravises immediately attacked the two remaining Immortal Kings. Gravis didn’t even leave them a chance to flee. They knew far too much about his powers.

The four Gravises immediately went close and exploded, one after the other. With pure power, one didn’t need tactics. Gravis would simply overwhelm them with explosions.



One of them immediately died after two Gravises exploded, replacing the two destroyed Gravises.

The other one was held down by the three other Gravises, and as soon as those three were joined by the other two, all of them unleashed a fully loaded Lightning Crescent each.


No manner of defense could protect the last Immortal King from five fully loaded Lightning Crescents. The guy died and was replaced by another pair of Gravises.

Now, there were seven Gravises, all in the Late Major Circulation Immortal Realm.

Gravis took a deep breath as he calmed down. ‘Finally, it’s done,’ he thought.

All enemies were dead.

The Gravises looked at each other after a couple of seconds.

‘Well, the original body died, only leaving behind bodies made out of human corpses,’ Gravis thought with a frown.

Then, he sighed.

‘I didn’t want to absorb human corpses, but it seems like I can’t always get what I want. I’m not about to die just because I don’t want to consume humans.’

One of the Gravises scratched the back of his head. ‘Well, I already consumed one, so I might as well consume all of them. Seems like I’m becoming more and more like a beast.’

‘Fine, I’ll just consume human corpses in the future. Who cares anyway?’ Gravis thought in exasperation.

So, instead of throwing the other six bodies away, Gravis simply summoned them into his Life Ring.

If he wanted to, he could absorb them right now and become a Peak Immortal, but that was not Gravis’ plan.

No, he would remain a Late Major Circulation Immortal for a little bit longer. He wanted to know how Liran and the Sect Alliance would act if they thought that Gravis was no danger to them. After all, all of them would be five levels above him, right?

Depending on how they acted, Gravis would decide on his next course of action.

‘I will put you to the test one last time, Liran and Sect Alliance,’ Gravis thought. ‘I don’t have much hope, but maybe you’ll surprise me.’

‘Let’s see how you all will react.’

‘You better not infuriate me, or you might just drop dead.’

If Gravis combined just four bodies, he would become a Peak Immortal. Then, only three levels would be between him and a Sect Master. Three levels were not difficult for Gravis to overcome.

Gravis’ Will-Aura had received some nice tempering. The fight hadn’t appeared that dangerous, but one had to remember, if Gravis didn’t manage to comprehend the Major Law of the Elements, he would not have survived. It had all hinged on that.

Right now, Gravis’ Will-Aura was equal to the Mid Major Circulation Immortal King Realm. It wasn’t at the peak but close to it. There was basically no difference between jumping three or no levels to Gravis right now. His Will-Aura and Laws of Perceived Reality would be so powerful that every Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King would be suppressed by over 30%.

Additionally, since the potential enemies lacked an entire level compared to someone four levels above Gravis, their entire being was about four times weaker. With the suppression of Gravis’ Will-Aura and Gravis’ powerful body, he would be faster and physically more powerful than any Sect Master. This wouldn’t even be a fight anymore.

There was no difference between one and one-hundred Sect Masters to Gravis.

Gravis relaxed for a couple of minutes to calm down his mind. The battle was over, and he would reflect on it for the next couple of minutes.

‘Formation Arrays, eh?’ Gravis thought. ‘I guess I will have to deal with more Formation Arrays in the future. I’m not fighting beasts anymore, but humans and humans have all sorts of ingenious tools.’

Gravis looked at the incredible amount of wealth he had gotten, which included a ton of pills, bottles, materials, Immortal Stones, and Formation Arrays. Sadly, Gravis wasn’t able to tell what the pills and liquids did. Sure, he could destroy their composition and analyze them, but that would waste a lot of materials.

Sadly, Gravis had no knowledge of Alchemy.

He wasn’t even sure what any of these Formation Arrays did. Without activating them, he couldn’t tell their use since he couldn’t decipher the symbols on them. However, if he activated them, he would probably waste them.

‘Well, after my long Law Comprehension Session, I will go to the Core Regions anyway. I can probably just sell all of this shit.’

Suddenly, Gravis chuckled. ‘Actually, I could probably even sell that to Underworld. All this stuff comes from them, so they would probably want to buy it back. It’s all business anyway. Such organizations probably don’t care that I killed their agents as long as I have been their target.’


Suddenly, another person appeared beside Gravis.

It was Surem.

Gravis had released Surem since there were no more enemies remaining.

Surem looked around in panic, searching for the enemy, but he only saw Gravis calmly sitting in the sky. After a moment, Surem calmed down and looked at Gravis.

“Where are we?” he asked. “Where is the Unrestrained Sect?”

“We are above the Unrestrained Sect,” Gravis said with a relaxed voice.

No danger was present anymore.

Not even the Sect Masters would be a danger to him anymore.

Right now, there were no enemies left inside the Sect Alliance’s territories.

There was no more hidden pressure or hidden danger.

Gravis was the most powerful being in the area.

Because of that, Gravis relaxed quite a bit.

On one hand, Gravis felt a little bit nervous that no more feeling of danger was around him, but on the other hand, it felt liberating. Just seven years ago, Gravis had been one of the weaker beings in this area. Any powerful Major Circulation Immortal could have killed him.

Now, just seven years later, he was the most powerful person in this area.

When Surem heard that they were above the Unrestrained Sect, his mind stopped working. Surem looked down at the pure destruction.

The Immortal Kings had destroyed every building when they had arrived. After that, a humongous fight between the two Vice Sect Masters and three Immortal Kings broke out, which stretched across a vast distance. Lastly, there had been a violent fight between the Gravis Force and the attackers.

Nothing remained.

There were no trees, no plants, no animals, no rivers, no oceans, no mountains.

There was only uneven, stony land made up of craters of different sizes.

The surrounding mortal cities, farms, and villages didn’t exist anymore.

The Unrestrained Sect didn’t exist anymore.

Nothing was left.

Not even the well-protected warehouse, which had held the majority of the Sect’s wealth, existed anymore. It had survived for a long time, but the fight between the Gravis force and the attackers had destroyed it along with all the wealth it held.

Everything was gone.

Surem’s home was gone.

“Who survived?” Surem asked.

“Me and you,” Gravis answered.

Surem released a shaky breath. “No one else? Not even the Vice Sect Masters?”

“No,” Gravis said.

Then, Gravis gave Surem an abridged form of the battle. When Surem heard that two Immortal Kings had hunted down all the stragglers, he realized that there was no way that they had survived.

“What of the attackers?”

“I killed all of them,” Gravis said.

“All of them?” Surem asked in shock. If he hadn’t felt Gravis’ Spirit when Gravis was trying to keep Surem’s severed head alive, he would have been certain that Gravis was lying. However, Surem had felt Gravis’ true being, and he knew that Gravis wouldn’t lie about something like that.

No matter how hard it was to believe, Surem had to accept it.

Everyone was dead.

What about the few friends that Surem had convinced to leave?

After knowing that several Immortal Kings waited at the edges, that hope was also gone. The Immortal Kings had probably killed everyone that left the Sect even before they attacked.

From the very beginning, there was no hope.

Tears appeared in Surem’s eyes.

He had lost everything.

Everything he had ever known and loved was gone.

He was alone.

Gravis only looked at the sky in relaxation.

This had absolutely nothing to do with him.


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