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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 726: Name Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and his father spent a couple of days together, talking about random things. The important conversation was over, and from this point forward, Gravis would never speak of the Brand again. The danger was just far too great that someone could overhear him.

After some time, Gravis’ mother joined them, and everything immediately became livelier with her around. She took some pot-shots at the Opposer’s ego in a playful manner, but the Opposer didn’t mind. One of the reasons why he loved his wife was because she talked to him as equals. No one in this world but Heaven talked to the Opposer on the same level. Even the Black Magnate still had some reservations.

Some days later, Orpheus also joined them. He had been called over by Gravis since he wanted to include Orpheus. Orpheus was his family, just like his mother and father. Gravis didn’t call for Yersi since he didn’t want to interrupt Yersi’s alone time with Jake.

Yet, Yersi appeared of her own volition after a while with Jake in tow.

It was about time that she introduced Jake to the rest of her family.

In the beginning, Jake was incredibly nervous as he stood before three far more powerful beings. Especially the Opposer frightened him to a high degree.

Of course, with Gravis’ mother being here, this awkward atmosphere didn’t last long. Yet, with a seemingly innocent and normal question, the entire atmosphere changed again.

“Could I ask for your name?” Jake asked Gravis’ mother.

Some awkwardness appeared in the atmosphere, surprising Gravis, Yersi, and Jake. This was a normal question. Why didn’t Gravis’ mother answer?

“Don’t ask about the names of people at the Ancestral God Realm or higher,” Orpheus said.

Jake was surprised, and Gravis also realized something very strange.

He didn’t know the name of his parents. Wasn’t this a bit abnormal?

“Why not?” Gravis asked before Jake could ask.

“Because names are powerful,” the Opposer said. “Names are just names in the Star God Realm and below, but later, they change their meaning.”

“Could you explain?” Gravis asked.

“When you step into the Ancestral God Realm, your star changes into your own space. This is like your Spirit Space, but even more distant than that. Being able to invade someone’s private space is nearly impossible, even if you are far more powerful,” the Opposer said.

“Everyone’s private space is different as it has been created by your own being, emotions, mindset, Laws, and everything else. It receives its own unique status and being. Some beings share your name, but there are no beings that have an identical private space.”

“Your name, therefore, takes on a different meaning, as it not only refers to you as a being but also to your private space, which is separate from the Cosmos. Because of that, the name of the Cultivator interacts with their private space, allowing a connection to be established.”

“I apologize,” Jake said as he bowed a little. “I didn’t know that.”

“It’s normal,” Orpheus said as he shoved Jake in a joking manner. “Everyone learns that at some point.”

“What exact effects does the name have?” Gravis asked as he still wanted to know more.

“Well,” Gravis’ mother said as she tried to find the right words. “Your private space gets summoned by the call of your name. If you speak someone else’s name, you will receive some feedback from an unknown place. With a sufficient understanding in the Laws of Space, you can then teleport to this place, which is the private space of someone else.”

“In short, you could compare it to someone else inviting themselves into your Spirit Space. That’s why no Ancestral Gods or more powerful share their names with anyone. Some of them even kill every being that knows their full name.”

“Oh, right!” Gravis’ mother suddenly said as she remembered something. “This only works with the full name. The first name is not enough to create a resonance.”

“Is that why I don’t know my own last name?” Gravis asked.

Gravis’ mother nodded with a smile. “Exactly. Our last name exists, but it only exists in your father’s head. Like this, none of our children can fall victim to this since they don’t even know their own last name. Therefore, they also can’t tell anyone.”

Gravis blinked a couple of times. “Wait, does this mean that not even you know our last name?” Gravis asked in shock.

Gravis’ mother nodded sheepishly. “Sadly, yes. Only your father knows our last name. If you want to be shocked even more, I don’t even know your father’s first name.”

Everyone was surprised, even Orpheus. Not even the Opposer’s wife knew his first name? This was far too weird!

“It’s to protect her,” the Opposer said. “My private space is as powerful as the Old Bastard’s, which means that if it creates a resonance with this Cosmos, two equally powerful forces will collide. None of the two of us would die or get injured, but an uncountable number of beings across the Cosmos would die.”

“Because of that, the Old Bastard will kill absolutely everyone that knows my first or last name, no matter who it is. My name has been a pretty common one back then, but as soon as I gained my power, the Old Bastard changed the entire world. No single being can think of my first or last name as long as they are not being told by someone that knows it.”

“Even if you try out every possible combination of letters, you would subconsciously skip the right one without noticing. If you put your head to it, you might be able to find a way to find out my name, but the Old Bastard will just kill you before you can even get close,” the Opposer said.

This explained why Gravis didn’t know his last name and why he didn’t know the names of his parents.

After some seconds, Gravis sighed and looked at his mother. “I presume that you are also not allowed to share your name since you share the same last name as father, and knowing your name would make it easier to find our last name, right? After all, they would only need to try last names with you to find the correct one.”

Gravis’ mother nodded. “Sadly, yes, but it’s a necessary precaution. I don’t want so many beings to die.”

Jake remembered something. “That also explains why my boss only gave me his title,” Jake said. “I guess that Ancestral Gods and Divine Gods only refer to each other by their title, right?”

“Right,” Gravis’ mother said. “My title, for example, is the Economistress,” she said with pride and a smile.

“Pfffft,” Gravis let out as he heard that name. “Seriously? The Economistress?” he asked as he started laughing.

Gravis’ mother also started laughing. “It’s great, isn’t it? I came up with that title all on my own!”

Everyone shared a good laugh at that. For some reason, this title didn’t fit her, but it somehow also did fit her. It was a weird feeling of not knowing if it fit her or not.

“Did I come at the wrong time?” a new voice said as the Black Magnate appeared with a complex expression on his face.

Jake and Yersi didn’t know who this person was. Additionally, this person just entered the Opposer’s room just like that?

“No, it’s a good time,” Gravis said with a smirk. “Why don’t you come join us? Come out of your shell and partake in some festivities.”

The Black Magnate had an unsure grimace on his face. He wasn’t really a fan of parties. He only came back to talk with the Opposer some more.

Yet, Gravis didn’t let the Black Magnate get away. “Jake, Yersi,” Gravis said as he gestured to the Black Magnate.

“This is the Black Magnate, one of the few Heaven’s Magnates,” Gravis said with a smirk.

Yersi was not very surprised, but Jake’s eyes nearly fell out.

One of the legendary Heaven’s Magnates!?


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