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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 427: Golden Dragon Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis took a deep breath when he heard the red hawk’s words. Fighting one level four Lord was already difficult, but fighting a level four Lord Divine Beast? The red hawk had also said that this Golden Dragon could fight level five Lords. Right now, Gravis felt like his death was about to arrive.

Yet, hadn’t he just said that he had realized his complacency? So, even though he felt like he was about to die, he didn’t lose hope. Even if the fight seemed unwinnable, Gravis would try absolutely everything he had. If he died, so what?

The Golden Dragon quickly arrived and landed. His massive body shook the earth as he coiled into a sitting position. “Master,” it said deferentially.

The hawk flew over and landed on the Golden Dragon’s head. The Golden Dragon didn’t react and just stayed as it was. Apparently, it was used to this blatant display of dominance from the Red King.

“This beast has managed to kill two of our soldiers. They were both level four Lords, but he managed to win either way. His Battle-Strength is definitely more powerful than yours,” it said with a grin.

The Golden Dragon looked at Gravis, and Gravis felt its indignance and disregard. It was indignant about what the hawk had said while it disregarded Gravis. In its eyes, Gravis was only some weak level two Lord.

The Golden Dragon never fought beasts equal to its level. It always fought beasts at higher levels than it, but this time, it was supposed to fight a weaker beast? On top of that, this beast wasn’t only one level weaker, but two. What kind of joke was this?

“Master, this beast might be talented in combat, but it’s still just a level two Lord. In front of absolute power, it can’t do anything,” the Golden Dragon said.

The hawk smiled slyly. “I know, but I want to see him become truly powerful or die while showing all of his power. That’s why I called for you. I want you to fight this beast and kill it. If you win, you will be my choice for the Empress.”

The Golden Dragon looked with boredom at Gravis.

“If you can’t,” the hawk said with a smirk, “you will die. I don’t care what it takes. I want you to kill this beast. Even if you have to chase him to the end of the continent, I don’t care. Only when you’ve killed him, will you be eligible for my Empress.”

The Golden Dragon still looked with disregard at Gravis.

“No problem, Master,” he said calmly.


The earth shook and broke apart. Gravis was unsure what the Golden Dragon was doing, but he knew that it couldn’t be something good. Gravis immediately summoned his saber and readied himself for a battle.

As more and more earth broke apart, a gigantic pile of ore flew out of the earth. It was massive and several kilometers wide. Gravis immediately recognized the ore and knew that it was a Mid Unity Rank material.

Then, the ore floated above the Golden Dragon while it only sneered. “This trash-land doesn’t even have proper stone,” he said as he looked at the mountain of ore floating above him. “But I guess this will do against you,” he said.


The ore split apart until an uncountable amount of two-meter-wide pieces remained.


Immediately, all pieces transformed into long and pointy spears. When Gravis saw that, his eyes widened. Now he knew what the Golden Dragon had planned.

“Goodbye,” the Golden Dragon said.


Over half of the spears shot forward at Gravis. Avoiding them was impossible for him since they were shot in a wide spread. Yet, Gravis only smirked. This was an incredible weapon against beasts, but Gravis wasn’t really a beast. Gravis was a human.

One shouldn’t forget two things. First of all, when humans fought, they were never able to summon their element directly beside an opponent. The Will-Aura of the opponent could deal with that easily.

The other thing was that these spears didn’t come from the Golden Dragon’s power, but by shaping a natural ore into the shape of a spear. Gravis was sure that the Golden Dragon had the metal element. Yet, if that were all, the Golden Dragon wouldn’t be able to control external materials like this. There was something else going on.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

The metal spears all stabbed into the earth surrounding Gravis, but the spears that had been aiming directly at him suddenly stopped in the air. Gravis’ Will-Aura had destroyed the will lingering on the spears while his Spirit simply stopped the spears.

The Red King was quite surprised when he saw that. He had never seen anything like it, and his interest in Gravis grew. Meanwhile, the Golden Dragon was incredibly shocked. How had this ant blocked his attack this easily?

But then, the Golden Dragon only sneered. “Interesting ability, but something like this surely uses up your resources. I am two whole levels higher than you. So, as long as I keep doing this, I will outlast you, ant,” the Golden Dragon said arrogantly.

Gravis narrowed his eyes as he heard that. The Golden Dragon had been right with his words. Stopping so many heavy and fast spears used up some of his Spirit. He wanted to make it seem like he could do this without end, but the Golden Dragon had seen through his plan.


Gravis transformed into lightning and shot at the Golden Dragon with all his speed. Even though he had consumed two level four Lords previously, his lightning was only about double as powerful as before. That was because of all the power he had used up when he fought the ape.

Yet, he was still fast enough to only be slightly slower than the Golden Dragon. Right now, the Golden Dragon was underestimating him, and this was Gravis’ best opportunity to end the fight.

Gravis quickly reached the Golden Dragon, who was shocked by Gravis’ speed. He had never expected that a level two Lord was this fast.

Gravis transformed back into his body and loaded his saber with a Lightning Crescent. The fights had been back to back, so he hadn’t been able to save up an additional Lightning Crescent. Right now, he could only depend on his own power. Gravis’ saber quickly started exhibiting an incredible amount of lightning, and Gravis slashed forward.


Yet, Gravis decided against unleashing his Lightning Crescent. That was because some spears shot at him from beside the Golden Dragon. It hadn’t shot all the spears at him, and there were still a lot left over. If Gravis unleashed his Lightning Crescent, it would only hit a spear. So, the spear hit the saber and shot Gravis back a bit.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

More and more spears shot at Gravis, and he blocked all of them with his saber. He didn’t want to use his Spirit since that would waste more of his power. As he blocked, he also retrieved his power from the saber so that he was at his peak again.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

More and more spears shot at Gravis. Yet, they nearly all came one at a time. It wasn’t like earlier where all of them shot at him simultaneously. However, Gravis wished that they all came simultaneously.

Gravis had to use all his power to block the spears one by one, and he barely managed it. The spears were incredibly powerful and fast. If Gravis hadn’t trained his evasion so much, he would have many more holes inside his body now.

Meanwhile, the Golden Dragon only smirked.

Gravis had realized the Golden Dragon’s goal, and he gritted his teeth. Gravis was being pushed back by these spears and was too far away to attack reliably.

“I see,” the Golden Dragon commented as he continued shooting spears. “You don’t want to waste resources, so you decide to block. On top of that, you can destroy the connection between me and my metal without a problem, but that doesn’t stop its movement.”

The Golden Dragon laughed. “As long as I just throw stone at you, you’re forced to either block or evade. Something simple as that doesn’t even require much power from me. I wonder what you will do,” the Golden Dragon said with a smile.

One spear after the other shot at Gravis, and he had to block them continually. By now, he was far away to dodge the spears reliably, but he also couldn’t attack the Golden Dragon from this range.

He didn’t need to block anymore at this distance, but such rapid movement used up a lot of stamina. Gravis could fight for a full day like this, but the Golden Dragon could probably keep going for much longer.

Several hours passed in which Gravis was only dodging the spears without a way to get closer. He had tried to surprise the Golden Dragon by transforming into lightning again, but the Golden Dragon never lowered his guard again.

As soon as Gravis did anything other than dodging, the Golden Dragon would just shoot even more spears at him. On top of that, the Golden Dragon kept a lot of ore lying around his body too. If Gravis decided to use any sneak attack, he would just use this ore to defend himself.

Gravis was constantly dodging under high pressure. The attacks were avoidable, but he couldn’t allow himself to lose concentration. A single one of these spears would create a hole inside his body.

The contrast between Gravis and the Golden Dragon was striking. Gravis was constantly dodging to keep his life while the Golden Dragon only sat on the ground, playing with Gravis.

They were not at the same level at all.


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