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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 338: The Terror of the Weak Bahasa Indonesia

Everything exploded with lightning as a gigantic, black hole appeared in the sky. The hole, just like the tears, tore the world apart. Yet, in comparison to the tears, this tens of kilometers wide hole was absolutely gigantic.


Gravis felt the thing that he hit crack a little as it got shot into the distance with ridiculous speed.


The Energy in the atmosphere rapidly got consumed by the egg as it healed the crack.


White lightning appeared around the egg, shielding it from vision. When Gravis saw that, he remembered the fight between his father and the highest Heaven. Back then, there was also a core of lightning in the sky. Gravis had seen it just before the highest Heaven had shot its lightning at his father.

Gravis knew that this was Heaven right before him, or, at least, it was its core. This small thing was the thing that had gone against him from the very beginning. Gravis’ battle-intent climbed to the sky as he finally saw his most hated enemy before him!


Suddenly, an incredibly violent wind shot at Gravis, immediately pushing him towards the ground. Before he could react, the ground transformed into spires and shot at him.


Gravis increased his body’s power to the maximum, but the spires still penetrated part of him. Fortunately, he managed to predict the spires somewhat and managed to protect his most vital areas. The spires only created some shallow, bloody holes in his arms and legs.

‘My body is not powerful enough to resist all of Heaven’s attacks. I need to be careful!’ Gravis thought as he used some of his Life Lightning to heal himself.

More spires appeared as they shot at him, but Gravis was prepared this time. The wind was also overpowering, but due to Gravis’ battle experience, he could foresee the wind. He only had to think of the most effective way that Heaven could use to suppress himself with wind and plan around that.

Barely evading the spires, Gravis climbed to the sky again. This exchange made Gravis realize something. ‘This Heaven doesn’t have any battle experience,’ he thought. Evading its attacks had been easier than expected. It was like Heaven was moving exactly as Gravis predicted. It was moving like a novice.


The volcanos in the Core-Continent all exploded as lava gathered in the sky. The cultivators in the Core-Continent felt the wind storm throughout the continent as earthquakes ravaged the land, and now, even the lava from the volcanos flew through the sky. Everything was gathering in one place. It was like the apocalypse had arrived!

Lasar watched this with nervousness. He hoped that Gravis could win.


Heaven tried to encase Gravis in lava, but he always managed to move out of the sphere forming around him. At some point, Gravis completely escaped the lava’s reach, and it gathered together in a stream, following him.

The wind was going against him as it tried to shove him into the continually erupting spires and lava.


Gravis hit something in the air. A wall of thickened Energy had appeared in the air, stopping him in his tracks. This was all that Heaven needed as the lava shot at him from behind. The wind was pushing him down as the spires shot towards him from below. There was nowhere to evade.

“Idiot,” Gravis commented with a smirk. Then, he touched the wall of Energy with his hand.

Whooop! BOOM!

Gravis absorbed the thickened Energy, completely refilling his lightning storage. The Core-Continent had a limited density of Energy, making it hard to refill his lightning in a short time. This thick wall of Energy came just at the right time. Everything behind him exploded as the forces of nature clashed. Meanwhile, Gravis just went past the Energy Wall.


Lightning exploded behind Gravis, pushing him forward with ridiculous speeds. In nearly no time, Gravis reached the egg again.


Another massive hole was created as the egg cracked again. Yet, the Energy moved toward the egg again and healed it. After that, the hole in the sky vanished. Gravis’ eyes lighted up as he noticed something. The Energy in the air continued going down, even after the egg had been healed. This meant that the holes in the sky also needed Energy to repair.


Gravis activated his Will-Aura to the maximum. Then, he concentrated it to the smallest spot possible and wildly moved it around him. The fully concentrated Will-Aura was too much to handle for this world, so, wherever it passed, it destroyed the world.

In nearly no time, a vast area was destroyed and repaired as Gravis continued shooting through the air, destroying more of the world. The holes and tears also pulled Energy out of the atmosphere as long as they remained.

While doing this, Gravis was evading the increasingly predictable attacks from Heaven. When he saw that the attacks became even simpler than before, he realized something else. ‘Repairing the world also takes concentration.’

While flying around the sky, Gravis destroyed more and more of the world as he closed in on the egg again. Controlling the wind, earth, lava, Energy, moving the egg, and repairing the world took up all of Heaven’s concentration. It was just too much that it had to do at once. Like this, Gravis closed in again.


Another hit cracked the egg, and now, Heaven had to also concentrate on healing the egg. Meanwhile, Gravis turned around and punched the lava.


The lava broke apart as it had hardened into obsidian already. It had moved around too much, cooling it down. With the lava broken, Heaven would either need to summon more or stop using it. The lava had been the biggest problem for Gravis since getting hit by it once would spell his doom.


Kilometer sized chunks of obsidian fell to the ground all over the Core-Continent, destroying towns, villages, forests, mountains, and streams. The Elemental Sects were powerful enough to protect themselves, just like the cities. Yet, thousands of lives had been ended by Gravis’ fight with Heaven.

The mortals fell into terror as they thought that the end of the world was approaching. They prayed to anything that would listen to end this massacre. They didn’t want to die!

Yet, Gravis wouldn’t stop because of this. Heaven needed to pay!

Meanwhile, the Energy in the world was starting to fall. The cultivators felt the density of Energy fall rapidly as it became harder to refill their dantians and to temper their Spirits. Slowly, they also started to become fearful. Would all the Energy in the world vanish? How would they cultivate then?

Meanwhile, Gravis was circling around the holes he created in the sky. Heaven needed to use Energy to repair them, so he used the approaching Energy to reload his lightning. When Heaven saw this, its rage grew even more. This was too despicable!

If it stopped moving Energy to the holes, they would become bigger and absorb even more Energy, but if it continued, Gravis would be able to refill his storages in no time! It was a lose-lose situation for Heaven.


A powerful kick from Gravis hit the egg again, damaging it further. “That’s for the men from the Wind Sect that you sent to me!” Gravis shouted as he remembered that one of the men had said to kick Heaven’s butt for him.

The lightning surrounding the egg didn’t do anything to Gravis. It got absorbed while attacking Heaven, only helping him.

Yet, for some reason, Gravis felt his concentration wane. Some random thoughts appeared in his head about lightning. He was involuntarily thinking about how lightning worked and what it did. This made him lag behind in reacting.

Heaven saw this and realized what was happening. It had a chance now!


An unreal amount of Energy entered the egg as more and more lightning burst out of it. By now, the lightning ball was over a hundred kilometers big. The Energy in the world plummeted like never before. Right now, the density of Energy in the Core-Continent rivaled the density of Energy in the Outer-Continent.

The Energy in the Middle-Continent nearly vanished while the Energy completely vanished from the Outer-Continent. The Outer-Continent was utterly devoid of Energy.

The cultivators panicked as all Energy vanished while the mortals only feared for their lives. Yet, everyone in the Core-Continent could see the gigantic lightning ball. After some seconds, the lightning sphere became smaller and smaller until it was only a couple of meters big.

Gravis watched this with confusion. ‘Lightning? Why? Doesn’t it know that I will just absorb it?’ Gravis thought.


All the concentrated lightning shot at Gravis and reached him nearly instantaneously. Gravis might be able to evade the wind, ground, and lava, but the lightning was just too fast.


The gigantic and concentrated bolt of lightning was absorbed by Gravis unceremoniously. Yet, his eyes opened wide as they glazed over lifelessly. Inside his mind, his Spirit stopped moving as it fell into deep thought.

‘Lightning is lightning and is lightning and moves and lightning and lightning and it strikes and lightning and what does it do and lightning what?’ Gravis’ mind lost all sense of rationality and rambled in madness. A colossal amount of understanding about lightning appeared inside his mind, and he had to use all of his concentration to not lose himself.

Meanwhile, the wind pushed Gravis’ unmoving body to the spires. Gravis had still been in flying mode, so his body was weak at the moment. In nearly no time, Gravis hit the spires.


Gravis’ head, torso, arms, legs, and everything were utterly annihilated as his body scattered into the surroundings.


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