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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1323: Changing Laws Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis focused on his tiny world. It was barely a couple million kilometers big, which was incomparably tiny to Orthar’s worlds.

However, this was only an embryo.

As Gravis looked at his world, he felt the sheer power he had over everything. No wonder Orthar could defend himself against the Opposer while he was inside his Cosmos.

Gravis could freely control the very Laws that made up his Cosmos.

If there were someone inside his Cosmos, they wouldn’t be able to use the Laws in their surroundings as long as Gravis didn’t allow it.

They would need to summon the Laws of their own Cosmos and invade Gravis’ Cosmos.

However, they could only bring so much power over at once, and Gravis had access to all his power at any given time.

It would be like Gravis’ opponent would only be able to unleash 5% of their power at a time while Gravis could unleash everything at once.

What could an equally powerful opponent do against an attack that simply unleashed far more power in one strike than they could summon to defend?


In order to be a threat to Gravis inside his own Cosmos, a Heaven Breaker would need to be multiple times more powerful than him.

Only when Gravis finally assumed the mantle of a Heaven did he finally realize how powerful his father actually was.

It felt impossible to Gravis that anyone could be a threat to him while being inside his Cosmos.

The fact that the Opposer was a real danger to Orthar while being inside his Cosmos was frightening.

If the Opposer really managed to find Orthar outside…

It wouldn’t even be a fight.

It would be similar to a fight between Gravis as a Heaven’s Magnate and a Heaven’s Magnate with the same Laws as him.

However, Gravis quickly got rid of that thought and concentrated on the task before him.

He had to try his absolute, very best.

He had to pull out all of the stops!

Gravis had to make use of all the advantages that he had.

What were these advantages?

Orthar’s Laws.

The Major Law of Death.

And, most importantly, the wave of Energy he would receive soon.

Gravis knew that starting a new Cosmos needed time and Energy. It also needed a certain amount of Energy to break through thresholds.

What did he mean by that?

Well, if there were a supposed Realm that required a certain amount of comprehension to reach in a certain timeframe, it might be literally impossible for any living being to reach that comprehension in said timeframe with only a certain amount of Energy at their disposal.

Law Comprehension Areas could more clearly show their concepts if they were more powerful. However, it required Energy to boost these Law Comprehension Areas to such intense levels of power.

Sure, Gravis would be able to transform the used power back into Energy, but that wouldn’t happen instantaneously.

That meant that every Law Comprehension Area reserved a certain chunk of Energy of the Cosmos.

If the Law Comprehension Areas were too powerful, there might not be enough Energy in the atmosphere.

If the Law Comprehension Areas were too weak, the Cultivators might not be able to perceive the Laws.

On top of that, living beings required Spirits, and the more powerful a Spirit was, the more clearly it could perceive its surroundings. Of course, a more powerful Spirit also required more Energy to create.

It was an infinitely precise process of balancing nearly infinite different usages of Energy.

For a mortal, this was impossible to comprehend.

For a Cultivator, this was impossible to manage.

Only someone that had grown more and more powerful and more familiar with the Laws would be able to implement such a complex thing.

A Heaven Breaker that managed to reach that Realm in a less complex Cosmos wouldn’t be able to manage all of these tiny things without throwing their Cosmos out of balance.

One mistake, and the infrastructure of Energy would break down.

Nearly all the lives in their Cosmoses would die, which would require the Heaven Breaker to start from scratch again.

It was incomparably difficult to reach the Realm of a Heaven Breaker inside Orthar’s Cosmos due to the complexity of all the Laws, but exactly that challenge allowed Gravis to deal with the complexity of creating such an intricate and powerful Cosmos.

Lots of times, Cultivators believed that the ancestor was the most powerful.

The first Cosmoses had to be the most powerful Cosmoses, right?

After all, they had existed the longest, and they were the first.

Yet, that was not correct.

In fact, the newer and younger the Cosmos, the more powerful it tended to be.


Because the new Cosmoses built upon the complexity and power of their superior Cosmoses. Many times, an even more powerful Cosmos was born from that.

And Gravis wouldn’t be different.

In order to fight his destiny, he needed to increase the power of his Cosmos as much as possible.

The cost didn’t matter.

The first thing Gravis did was to change the Laws of Matter.

Gravis didn’t like the hierarchy between Pure and Complex Materials. In his opinion, it was better that Pure and Complex Materials were on the same level.

Instead of a Complex Material inheriting both positive qualities of a Pure Material, Gravis would change it so that the Complex Material would be an average of the two Pure Materials’ positive qualities.

There wouldn’t be a dividing hierarchy between the two categories of materials. There would only be different strengths and weaknesses.

All thinkable strengths, weaknesses and uses for materials shot through Gravis’ head, and he added plenty of materials that had these strengths and weaknesses.

Gravis also changed the Soft, Medium, and Hard parts of the Material Laws to Gaseous, Liquid, and Solid. He found it infuriating that solid things, such as leather and bark, were in the Medium Material Laws and not the Hard ones.

Then Gravis changed the Primordial Force Laws.

Gravis fused Space and Time into the same concept called Spacetime.

Then, Gravis made Gravity related to mass.

After that, Gravis focused on the Elements.

He kept the Elements that Orthar had used except for one.

Gravis shoved the Wood Element out of the Elemental category and put it into the Life category, together with the other Soul Laws.

Then, Gravis split up the Water Element into water and ice. Yes, they essentially were the same thing, but Gravis wanted to split them apart regardless due to their different uses.

Gravis also changed the Emotional Laws to include more Emotions, and he changed the Laws of Perceived Reality to include more concepts.

Thousands of years had passed in Orthar’s Cosmos, and it would have actually been more if Gravis wasn’t using Energy from Orthar’s Cosmos to speed up the time of his Cosmos. This was what Orthar meant when he said that he would help both of them on the first step.

When Gravis was done, he focused on the last aspects of the Laws.

This would be where things would change.

Gravis added a fusion of Energy and Death into Life Laws.

The creation of Death-based life forms with the support of Energy would become possible to comprehend for the normal living beings.

Gravis had to go all in.


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