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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1250: – Return Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis’ perception returned to reality.

Death was about to arrive.

The person in front of Gravis was still lost in confusion, and the Zero Blaze around her quickly consumed her body.

At this moment, Gravis felt an apocalyptic power attack his body.

This was the last instance of his life, and it felt like an eternity.

Gravis closed his eyes as he gave up.

It was over.

Maybe, it was better this way?

What’s the point of fighting?

Gravis didn’t resist, and the explosion engulfed him.

His entire being was consumed.

Gravis only waited for his end.

After a gigantic explosion, everything was over.

The woman had died.


Several seconds of silence.

And then, Gravis slowly opened his eyes as he looked around.

Gravis wasn’t sure if this was reality.

‘I should be dead, right? There’s no way I survived that explosion,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis looked around in confusion.

His eyes fell on the snowflakes of Zero Blaze.

They constantly touched his body, but instead of exploding, they simply brushed past him.

It was like the Zero Blaze recognized Gravis as part of its own.

Gravis’ eyes opened wide in shock.

“This feeling,” Gravis said slowly.

“I know this feeling.”

“It’s been so long.”

Gravis’ mind went back to the practical exam in the Research Institute.

Back then, Gravis had also felt like this.

He didn’t resist.

Back then, the water and the storm ignored him.

And now, the Zero Blaze ignored him.

Gravis’ Spirit Sense expanded as he felt a resonance with the Zero Blaze in his surroundings.

With shocked eyes, Gravis slowly moved his arm forward and swung it around.


The snowflakes of Zero Blaze gathered together and followed Gravis’ hand movements.

It was like the Zero Blaze belonged to Gravis.

Then, Gravis’ eyes widened as he finally understood.

‘The True Law of the Dead World is the mastery over all dead matter.’

‘The True Law of Life is the mastery over all living matter.’

‘The True Law of Emotions is the mastery over all Souls and Spirits.’

‘And the True Law of Perceived Reality is the mastery over all wills!’

‘Everything that doesn’t have a will belongs to my will.’

‘So, this is the origin of Elemental Synchronicity!’

‘It’s the power to impose your will on things that don’t have one!’

‘And it comes from the True Law of Perceived Reality!’

Gravis felt everything resonate with him.

He felt the Zero Blaze.

He felt the air.

He felt the power of Heavenly Blaze deep beneath his feet.

He felt the power of Heavenly Zero far above his head.

They all resonated with him.

They were all part of him!

The connection wasn’t nearly as close as Gravis’ connection with lightning, but there was still an immense feeling of resonance.

‘Elemental Synchronicity is an effect of the True Law of Perceived Reality!’

Gravis looked at his hand absentmindedly.

“It has returned.”

“After such a long time, my Elemental Synchronicity has finally returned!”

Suddenly, Gravis’ True Law of Danger screamed at him.

Someone was about to attack him!

Gravis spun around and pointed in a seemingly random direction.


A storm of Zero Blaze shot towards that direction, directly at an approaching sphere of Zero Blaze.

The storm of Zero Blaze hit the sphere, and the sheer power of the storm tore through the sphere, revealing the shocked expression of a young, silver-haired man.


The Zero Blaze exploded, and the young man died.

He had only been an Ancestral God.

Even all of his belongings had been destroyed by the Zero Blaze, leaving Gravis with nothing.

‘No time to fall into nostalgia now! More people will arrive here soon!’ Gravis thought with narrowed eyes.

Gravis immediately charged towards the ground.

A thick blanket of Zero Blaze was below Gravis, and he simply charged through it like it was air.

In an instant, Gravis had already moved nearly a million kilometers into the ground, but the Zero Blaze simply didn’t end.

Then, a powerful Spirit Sense engulfed Gravis.

‘Divine God!’ Gravis thought with narrowed eyes.

Gravis stretched out his arms and violently clenched his hands into fists.


Someone arrived close to Gravis with a teleportation, destroying all the Zero Blaze in the area.

However, the person didn’t care about the Zero Blaze.

They were too powerful to be injured by a mere level eight Law.

A woman with a strict look and violet hair appeared in front of Gravis.

For a moment, time seemingly froze.

Then, Gravis’ fingers extended again.

“Boom,” he whispered.


The woman’s eyes widened in shock and horror, but it was already too late.

The Heavenly Fire deep beneath the ground had exploded towards her.

This was the most powerful source of Heavenly Fire in the entire Cosmos. Just its sheer size alone spoke of its power.

The woman created a powerful shield, allowing her to resist the power of the Heavenly Fire, but she was using up a ridiculous amount of Energy every instant.

In comparison, Gravis gathered more and more Heavenly Fire.

Gigantic pillars of the hottest fire in existence shot at the Divine God, and Gravis pressed the pillars together to increase their power and temperature.

At the same time, Gravis used his True Law of Control to manipulate the feeling of control the Divine God had over her power.



With a last scream, she died.

Gravis didn’t pause, and he immediately continued charging further down.

An instant later, Gravis was already surrounded by pure Heavenly Fire.

The power of this source of Heavenly Fire was unreasonable.

Gravis guessed that it could probably even kill Divine Gods in the middle of their Realm.

The surrounding Heavenly Fire warped gravity, space, and time, and it even made it extremely difficult for Spirit Senses to sense anything.

Well, except for Gravis’ Spirit Sense.

Gravis sensed how several more Divine Gods had arrived at the place where he had just been, and they searched around.

However, they couldn’t sense him in the Heavenly Fire.

Then, they all dispersed as they searched for him in the underground.

Gravis continued to descend, and the gravity became more and more powerful.

Two seconds later, the Heavenly Fire ended, and impossibly powerful ore appeared.

Gravis passed through the ore like it was air.

Metal and earth were also part of the Elements.

The gravity around Gravis became more and more intense. At this depth, no Ancestral God could survive.

However, Gravis didn’t care.

Gravity had no will, and Gravis was one with gravity.

Instead, Gravis felt like the concept of gravity gently flowed across his body.

Another second later, Gravis reached a depth where no Early Divine God could go to.

Another second later, Gravis reached a depth where no Mid Divine God could go to.

Space and time had already fully given way to gravity.

Space and time became irrelevant as gravity overwhelmed everything.


And then, Gravis felt an incomparably powerful Will-Aura press into him.

Gravis had never felt a Will-Aura that had been this powerful!

At this moment, Gravis knew that if he hadn’t already comprehended the True Law of Perceived Reality, even the True Law of Freedom wouldn’t be enough to resist this Will-Aura.

This could only mean one thing.

This Will-Aura was on the level of a Heaven’s Magnate.

Gravis looked over, and he saw a beautiful woman with blue hair look at him with cold interest.

Gravis recognized her.

It was his sister, Zero’s Essence.


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