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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1228: – Suppression Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis spent the next 60,000 years with Stella, and it was like his life was a dream.

There was nothing Gravis had to worry about.

However, eventually, Gravis wanted to go back to cultivating.

Gravis’ Will-Aura was quite powerful at this moment, and he didn’t need to temper himself.

However, Gravis also wasn’t fully confident in being able to take on a level six Ancestral God. The higher the Realm of his enemies got, the more their Battle-Strength escalated.

Gravis could only suppress someone six levels above himself by about 20%, and that wasn’t nearly enough. His opponent would still be three times faster than a level five Ancestral God.

In the higher world, Gravis could jump six levels without suppressing his opponents since they either didn’t have powerful bodies or a lot of Energy, but everything had changed.

Now, everyone had a powerful body and a lot of Energy.

Because of that, Gravis needed to rely on his Will-Aura to suppress his opponent. Otherwise, they could explode forward with speed too fast for Gravis to react.

That was why Gravis wanted to comprehend the True Law of Suppression first.

It wouldn’t make a huge difference since Gravis’ Major Law of Suppression was already pushed to the power of a level eight Law, but it would still help.

The suppression of his opponents would probably jump from 20% to 50%.

That should be enough to avoid dying to an attack Gravis couldn’t even react to.

Because of that, Gravis decided to focus on some level eight Laws.

Mortis also agreed that he wanted to comprehend some Laws, and the two of them left Manuel’s faction together.

In the past 60,000 years, the effects of Gravis’ actions in the headquarter of the Eternal Fire Sect had slowly shown their effects.

The rules regarding battles between fellow Sect members had been loosened, which resulted in a more hostile environment that condoned battles between individuals.

Now, it wasn’t only the factions being at war but also individuals.

This took a lot of factions by surprise, completely ruining their plans, but Manuel’s faction had always followed such a philosophy.

This gave Manuel an edge over his competition, and he had gained a lot of control over the Sect in just these 60,000 years.

The growth of Manuel’s faction accelerated, making his faction a hegemon among all the factions.

By now, nearly all the factions had united against Manuel’s faction, and Manuel felt a lot of pressure on his shoulders.

However, Manuel wanted that, and he fully entered war mode.

Luckily, Gravis didn’t have to fear for Stella. After all, Stella was already an Ancestral God and an incredibly powerful one at that.

All of this didn’t involve her. She only focused on her Formation Arrays.

When Gravis and Mortis left Manuel’s faction, they split up to focus on different Laws.

At the moment, their goal was to comprehend as many level eight Laws as possible to consume the Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the True Law of Suppression.

So, they focused on the Mixed Elemental Laws involving Lightning.

Gravis directly walked into a Law Comprehension Area for the level eight Law of Divine Blaze in the Eternal Fire Sect.

The Sect couldn’t stop him, even if they wanted to, but it was still surprising that not a single guard even looked at him.

It was like Gravis didn’t exist.

While Gravis was focused on the Law of Divine Blaze, Mortis left the Sect and went to the Darkest Stygian Sect to check out the level eight Law of Divine Stygian. Mortis was intangible, which meant that nothing but the True Law of Perceived Reality could find him.

Because of that, Mortis was the one that went to comprehend the Law of Divine Stygian instead of Gravis.

The two of them fully focused on their Laws, and they also finished nearly at the same time.

How long did it take?

100,000 years.

It was a surprisingly long time considering their Laws involved lightning.

Gravis and Mortis talked to each other, and they believed that a normal level eight Law not involving lightning would probably take them around 300,000 to 400,000 years each.

That was long!

However, their longevity had also increased by quite a bit.

So, wasn’t it kind of normal that the more powerful Laws would also take longer?

But for now, that wasn’t relevant.

Mortis directly went to the next Law, which was the Law of Divine Wood, while Gravis used up nearly all his money to get a Virtualization Array for the Law of Divine Zero.

The Eternal Fire Sect was a Sect focused on fire, and Gravis couldn’t just waltz into another Sect without having to potentially fight. Not everyone was as smart as Lina, and Gravis didn’t want to deal with tempering right now.

A Virtualization Array for a level eight Laws was incredibly expensive, but Gravis didn’t mind.

Gravis knew the Law of Heavenly Lightning, and he knew the True Law of Hard Complex Materials.

This meant that Gravis could create insanely expensive equipment, and he had the means to make an insane amount of money.

Because of that, Gravis didn’t mind the steep price. He would get a lot of money soon anyways.

Another 100,000 years later, Gravis and Mortis finished their Laws.

In just 200,000 years total, they had comprehended four level eight Laws.

That speed was unprecedented.

After the two of them were done, Gravis ate the Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the True Law of Suppression.

As soon as he consumed the first fruit, Gravis felt a profound feeling of suppression coming out of his stomach, and he felt this feeling to be incredibly familiar.

Gravis’ mind immediately went back into the familiar feeling of being suppressed, and it was like he had been transported back to the lower world.


Gravis comprehended the True Law of Suppression before even consuming his second fruit!

There were still four left!

Gravis was more than surprised that he had comprehended a level nine Law this quickly.

‘Seems like my affinity for suppression is very high. It’s probably thanks to all the horrible things I experienced when I was young,’ Gravis thought with surprise.

‘Now, only the True Law of Danger is left.’

‘Additionally, I can temper myself now.’

Gravis looked at the sky.

‘Soon,’ he thought. ‘Soon, I will become powerful enough to claim true freedom.’

‘I have gone through so much, and my goal of freedom has always been an infinite distance away from me, but now, I am so close. I have nearly grasped the first piece of true power.’

‘Additionally, I only need the True Law of Life and the True Law of Emotions on top of the True Law of Danger to grant Mortis his true freedom.’

‘At that point, he wouldn’t need to be my Star anymore.’

‘Mortis deserves his freedom, and he has put up with far too much, thanks to me. I want to make his life easier, and soon, I will have that opportunity.’

‘I think it would be best for Mortis to check out the other Mixed Elemental Laws, while I focus on the Life Laws for now. After all, Mortis can easily get to all kinds of Law Comprehension Areas, while I can’t without spending a ridiculous sum of money.’

‘I should check with Meadow and Narcissus.’

Gravis and Mortis went back to Manuel’s faction, who had grown even more imposing by now.

There were even four Ancestral Gods, including Stella and Azure.

“Oh, Gravis, Mortis, you two came at just the right time,” Manuel said when he noticed them.

“What’s up?” Gravis asked.

“The Lightning Peak Sect has issued an announcement to everyone. Apparently, they are holding a grand tournament for all Ancestral Gods that have become Ancestral Gods after the fateful day about 1.5 million years ago. They’re looking for the best of the best, and the winner can join any Peak Sect of their choosing,” Manuel explained.

“A tournament?” Gravis asked, looking at Mortis.

“Not interested,” both of them said at once, looking back at Manuel.

Manuel laughed.

“I know that you’re not interested in these tournaments. However, you don’t need to take part in it. How about you simply go with some of our friends there. Some of them need Law Comprehension Areas they can’t get in the Eternal Fire Sect, and joining a Peak Sect would help them on their journey.”

“Additionally, you can get to know a couple of important people. Connections can bring you quite far in life.”

“So, are you two interested?”

Gravis and Mortis looked at each other again with uncertain expressions.

Then, Gravis shrugged.

“Sure, why not?”


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