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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1209: Proof Of Power Bahasa Indonesia

“Impossible, huh?” Gravis said. “And how is it impossible?”

The Vice-Sect Master looked at Gravis with a solemn expression. He couldn’t feel Gravis’ Battle-Strength, but he obviously didn’t believe that Gravis was only an average level one Ancestral God. After all, Gravis even managed to partially suppress him, the Vice-Sect Master.

The Vice-Sect Master wasn’t stupid, and he knew that the only reason why he couldn’t feel Gravis’ Battle-Strength was that Gravis’ Battle-Strength was already in a different world to his.

Could Gravis fight the Vice-Sect Master?

Logically, something like this should be impossible. It simply wasn’t reasonable to assume that mere Battle-Strength could overcome a 4,096-fold increase in physical power and Energy.

It was ridiculous.

No matter how experienced in combat a newborn baby was, it couldn’t kill a grown adult.

Yet, the Vice-Sect Master knew that Gravis wasn’t stupid. Reaching such ridiculous heights in Battle-Strength couldn’t be possible with a stupid mind.

So then, if Gravis were smart, why was he doing this?

The answer could only be confidence.

Because of that, the Vice-Sect Master could only accept that Gravis might actually prove to be a danger.

However, he had to uphold the prestige of the Eternal Fire Sect.

“Rules are rules, and we can’t make any exceptions,” the Vice-Sect Master said with a deep voice. “We can’t allow a mere level one Ancestral God to walk all over the dignity of the Eternal Fire Sect. In your case, the rules are even more important since you are an even greater danger than a normal Ancestral God.”

“Additionally, you should realize that the only reason why I haven’t directly executed you for your obvious disrespect towards the Eternal Fire Sect is that you could deliberately target the Sect before your death.”

“If we were outside, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now,” the Vice-Sect Master said with narrowed eyes.

Gravis only looked into the narrowed eyes of the Vice-Sect Master.

“Do you realize that the feeling is mutual to some degree?” Gravis slowly asked.

The aura of the Vice-Sect Master became colder.

“My friends are part of the Eternal Fire Sect, and they call it their home. I obviously do not want to kill their colleagues and friends.”

“But if you were someone that wasn’t from the Eternal Fire Sect…”

“I could use some tempering right now.”

The atmosphere between Gravis and the Vice-Sect Master became increasingly tense, and the other two people only looked on nervously.

They believed that their Vice-Sect Master could kill this arrogant man, but what if that arrogant man attacked them out of anger? Wouldn’t they die?

The Vice-Sect Master became increasingly angry, and his aura became even colder.

By now, he was honestly debating attacking Gravis.

“You don’t believe me?” Gravis asked slowly. “Let me show you some proof.”


Suddenly, the Vice-Sect Master took out his spear and stabbed towards his left. A relatively small but very concentrated explosion of Blaze and Hurricane appeared. Obviously, the Vice-Sect Master knew the level eight Law of Blazing Hurricane, a Mixed Element.

The eyes of the Vice-Sect Master looked at the spot he had just struck, but nothing appeared. Then, he turned to Gravis with hate-filled eyes.

However, deep inside his eyes was also shock.

Why had the Vice-Sect Master suddenly struck empty air?

Because his Major Law of Danger had warned him.

It had told him that he was about to be attacked by a very powerful attack.

What had happened?

It was Mortis.

As soon as Gravis had noticed that a fight might break out, he had called Mortis. Just now, Mortis had intended to attack the Vice-Sect Master with a Lightning Crescent after becoming tangible again.

In order to trigger the Law of Danger, one had to unleash an attack with the intention to kill.

So, if the Vice-Sect Master hadn’t reacted appropriately, a Lightning Crescent would have consumed him.

One could say that it was a risk. After all, if the Vice-Sect Master didn’t notice the attack, Gravis and the Eternal Fire Sect would truly throw away all pretenses.

However, Gravis had trusted in the Vice-Sect Master’s power.

Gravis refused to believe that someone like him would just fall over and die with one attack.

However, the attack had been genuine, and that couldn’t be changed anymore.

Gravis had essentially attacked the Vice-Sect Master with the intention to kill.

“That was an easy one,” Gravis said with the Law of Honesty. “I didn’t even do much with that attack. As you can feel, I’m not as weak as you imagine.”

“Now, can we have a proper discussion about this issue?”

The Vice-Sect Master gnashed his teeth.

Gravis had just made an attempt on his life, and he was supposed to just talk with him!?

The anger in the Vice-Sect Master’s eyes heightened.

Someone had just tried to kill him, and he was supposed to just do nothing!?

However, as more time passed, the Vice-Sect Master’s anger transformed into frustration.

He couldn’t fight here.

Sure, a Judge of The Heaven Company would appear, but they would only block attacks that would damage the living beings except for the two combatants. If Gravis decided to actively target the Eternal Fire Sect, the Judge wouldn’t block the attack.

The entire fight would just change from a fight between two individuals into a fight between one individual and a Sect. The Sect would join the combatants, and the Judges couldn’t protect the combatants against each other.

However, everyone else of the Eternal Fire Sect would also be allowed to interfere at that point, which would essentially mean Gravis’ death.

But that was irrelevant.


Because, in the Vice-Sect Master’s mind, Gravis would only attack the Sect after realizing that he couldn’t win. He would only do that when death was already unavoidable.

Yet, the possibility that Gravis might not attack the Eternal Fire Sect was even worse.

Because if Gravis didn’t attack the Eternal Fire Sect, it meant that he wouldn’t believe that he would die, which would mean that he would win the fight, which would mean that the Vice-Sect Master would die.

Both outcomes were horrible to the Vice-Sect Master, which was why he suppressed all his anger.

He couldn’t allow a fight between him and Gravis to break out.

So, the Vice-Sect Master did the only thing he could.


An emblem appeared in the Vice-Sect Master’s hand.


A couple seconds later, someone new appeared.

Gravis’ Will-Aura was slapped away like a little kid. Obviously, the new person who had appeared was far beyond him in power.

The new person that had appeared was a young woman with long, orange hair. She was a level seven Ancestral God, and she looked at everything around her with furrowed brows.

It was the Sect Master of the Eternal Fire Sect.

The three other people of the Eternal Fire Sect quickly informed her about what had happened in the last minutes.

This level one Ancestral God had demanded that they would allow him to enter and exit the Eternal Fire Sect whenever he wanted.

Then, he had launched an attack on the Vice-Sect Master.

After hearing all of this, the Vice-Sect Master looked at Gravis with narrowed eyes.

Gravis remembered that she and Orpheus had a very unfriendly relationship, and she obviously knew that Gravis was related to Orpheus.

Gravis only looked at the Sect Master with narrowed eyes.


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