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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1197: Hatred Bahasa Indonesia

The Opposer had been born into a poor farmer family with four other children.

The four children and the two parents worked on the farm, but they didn’t have enough money to give work to all of them.

In essence, the children weren’t working much, but that wasn’t a good thing.

The family had nearly no money, and they could barely live off their own food.

The farm was truly tiny.

When the mother had become pregnant with her fifth child, the two parents began to despair.

They couldn’t just kill the child since it was their child. On top of that, they didn’t even know how to do something like that without endangering the mother’s life.

So, they had decided to give it away to the army of the nearest town. They always accepted young boys since they would be future soldiers.

Yet, when the new mother saw her newborn, she couldn’t bring herself to give him away.

That was when the father stepped in.

He tried to get the newborn from his wife after a lot of arguing, but she wouldn’t give him away. She even attacked her husband.

So, the husband knocked her out with a shovel and took the newborn away.

He couldn’t risk the life of his other four kids for his fifth one.

He brought the newborn to the town guards, who accepted it without question.

They didn’t care where the children came from.

When the father returned, he had noticed that his wife hadn’t woken up.

Even more, a pool of blood had formed on the ground between her legs.

The head injury had killed her.

The father’s world broke down.

He hadn’t wanted to kill his wife!

Yet, reality couldn’t be changed.

His wife was dead.

A couple months later, the guards noticed that the wife of the farmer was absent, and they investigated.

They eventually found her corpse and concluded that the father was the culprit.

The farmer was killed, and his four children were forced to join the guards of the town.

The newborn Opposer knew nothing of these things.

As far as he remembered, he had been born into these barracks.

Eventually, the Opposer grew older.

Yet, on his tenth birthday, a beautiful and noble girl in her late teens took a liking to him.

So, she bought him off the guards.

The guards couldn’t refuse since the background of the girl was too powerful.

The young boy entered the powerful household of a nearby city lord.

The city lord was in the Energy Gathering Realm, and for the people living there, he might as well have been as powerful as a God.

Why had the girl taken a liking to the young boy?

Because he was fragile.

Her parents were forcing her to cultivate, and her masters were constantly abusing her. She was above them in status, but they still dared to hit her!

Of course, the masters weren’t actually abusive.

They were just very strict.

They had been paid extra to be so strict towards the young girl.


So that she would want revenge and power.

Sadly, the rough treatment had the opposite effect.

She didn’t want to become stronger but prove her superiority.

So, she bought weak little boys to abuse them.

They were her outlet.

The next four years were hell for the young boy.

He constantly got abused by all the servants and the girl, and if he dared to show weakness, they ridiculed him.

Eventually, when the young boy hit puberty, a deep hatred and resentment formed inside him.

However, he knew that he couldn’t do anything against the servants or the young woman.

If he did, the punishment would be far worse than what he had done.

As the young boy’s heart and mind hardened, the young woman became frustrated.

He didn’t break anymore.

Now, he just took everything.

Even more, his eyes… his fucking eyes!

They were filled with hatred, disregard, and disdain.

It was like she was worthless in his eyes!

He was supposed to be the worthless one!

How dare he feel that she was worthless!

So, she decided to kill him, but it had to be done covertly.

Abusing servants was fine but killing them was akin to wasting money.

She ordered him into a forest in the night, and she followed.

She struck him from behind, but surprisingly, the young man didn’t fall over.

Instead, all his bottled hatred exploded, and he punched the young woman in the face.

He had kept himself in check for long enough, but now, everything broke out of him.

His power and will were superior to the young woman’s, and he vented all his rage.

He dominated, humiliated, and abused her in all forms one could imagine, and after he was done, he killed her.

Something inside of him was telling him that what he was doing was wrong, but that feeling was buried by unending hatred.

Then, he fled.

After finding his daughter, the city lord issued an arrest warrant, and he even searched for the young man himself.

That was when the Opposer’s life truly began.

Wanted posters depicting him had been placed in all nearby settlements, and he couldn’t come close to another human since everyone knew his face.

He even had to kill children that accidentally spotted him, all for his own survival.

One guard after the other went after him, and the young Opposer went through battle after battle.

Eventually, he managed to temper his body by only doing battle and healing himself after it.

That’s when the father of the woman he had killed found him.

The fight was brutal, but the young boy barely won.

That was when he condensed his Will-Aura.

In his unending hatred, the Opposer went back to the city that had belonged to the dead city lord.

He killed every single living thing he could find.

Everything that had a breath died under his hand.

They all were his enemies!

They all watched as he had been abused!

They never did anything to help him!

He hated them!

Hated them!

He hated all of them!

The guards treated him like shit!

The nobles treated him like shit!

The servants treated him like shit!

The peasants treated him like shit!

Their children treated him like shit!

Their dogs barked at him!

Their cats sneered at him!

They all deserved to die!

When he was done with his massacre, he looked into the bloody and quiet streets of the city.

Something akin to guilt tried to enter his mind.

He thought of that feeling as weakness.

He hated himself for being weak!

Compassion was weakness!

He needed power!

He could kill his enemies with power!

He could do whatever he wanted with power!

No one would treat him like shit again with power!

He hated the world.

However, he also knew that he wasn’t powerful enough to take his revenge on this world that treated him like shit.

So, he vanished from human society and lived in the wilderness.

He killed everything that he found to increase his power.

Everything had to die!

If it could fight back, good! That would only make him more powerful!

If it couldn’t fight back, good! One less worthless piece of shit in the world!

Eventually, some disciples from some Sect found him, and they quickly deduced that he had been the culprit of the massacre of that one city.

He killed them.

That Sect had sent disciples to kill him, which meant that they were all his enemies!

However, he couldn’t find out where that Sect was to take his revenge on them.

So, he lured out more disciples by massacring another city.

More Sect disciples appeared, and he fought a brutal battle again.

By now, the Opposer was in the Energy Gathering Realm, but he had no Elemental Powers, but that didn’t matter to him.

Time passed, and eventually, he killed everyone in the Sect.

Another more powerful Sect targeted him, and he battled for his life again.

Eventually, he also killed that Sect.

He found a beast tribe, and he knew that he needed more power, so he killed that tribe to anger a superior tribe.

By now, mortals no longer interested him.

They couldn’t give him more power, and most of his anger had vanished.

By now, he didn’t hate absolutely everything anymore.

No, he only hated every person that wanted to protect the world for whatever reason.

This world filled with shit didn’t deserve protection!

Time passed, and one Sect after the other vanished from the world.

Everyone knew who was responsible for this mindless slaughter, and they all tried their best to stop him.

Yet, however many they sent was however many died.

Then, everything became quiet.

The Sects searched for the Opposer, but they couldn’t find him.

It was like he had vanished.

After that, a long period of peace arrived.

Everyone assumed that the Opposer had died.

A thousand years passed.

Two thousand years passed.

Five thousand years passed.

The Opposer was still nowhere to be seen.

By now, only the oldest members of the Sects in the surrounding areas still remembered him.

Seven thousand years passed.

Nine thousand years passed.

Yet, just before ten thousand years passed, the Opposer returned.

He had focused on comprehending Laws for the last nearly ten thousand years.

Now, he was the most powerful Law Comprehension Realm Cultivator, and he would take his revenge.

His old enemies had long since died, and the Sects had essentially undergone a complete change of members in these ten thousand years.

Yet, the Opposer didn’t care.

He advanced to the Immortal Realm and killed every last living member of these Sects.

Then, he went to an area with more powerful Sects, leaving behind a land nearly devoid of powerful Cultivators.


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