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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1110: Shining Purity Sect Bahasa Indonesia

Mortis went to the Myriad Sect after saying goodbye to Arc.

Arc also vanished. He wanted to get back to baiting arrogant Cultivators.

And Gravis?

Gravis wanted to check up on Stella.

Stella was still in the Shining Purity Sect, and Gravis didn’t want to take any chances.

What if they managed to find out about her true affiliation?

After Gravis became a Star God, his speed had increased dramatically.

Something that would have taken him an hour to traverse now barely took two minutes.

After about half an hour, Gravis arrived near the Shining Purity Sect. Of course, Gravis kept himself hidden with the Law of Perceived Reality. As long as no one questioned their perception, no one would be able to see him.

The Shining Purity Sect was on a high mountain surrounded by several shining stars. These stars had obviously been created with some Matter and Blaze Laws, but their light used the Purity Element.

The buildings were pure white, and a ridiculous amount of expensive materials adorned every single building in the Sect.

Gravis hated the appearance of the Shining Purity Sect.

It was the epitome of arrogance and vanity.

Gravis quickly found Stella walking around inside the Sect. That one guy from earlier was leading her around, and he kept himself very close to Stella.

Stella perfectly acted like an innocent maiden, but Gravis could see that she felt disgusted and awkward in front of this guy.

Everything was still fine with her.

Meanwhile, Gravis inspected the entirety of the Sect with his Spirit Sense.

’23 Star Gods. One at level four, zero at level three, four at level two, 18 at level one,’ Gravis thought. ‘They really went all-in on that one disciple. They didn’t even increase the Realm of their other level two Star Gods.’

Gravis looked at the sole level four Star God, and he had to nod in praise.

‘Two level seven Laws and ten level six Laws,’ Gravis thought. ‘No wonder they focused all their resources on him. He’s probably their secret weapon. Every Sect in the surroundings is subservient to the Eternal Fire Sect, and as long as one Sect triumphs over the other Sects, they will be accepted by the Eternal Fire Sect.’

‘Judging from how they are distributing their forces and resources, this is probably their goal. A level three Star God can be killed by several level two Star Gods, but it would take like 50 level two Star Gods to kill a level four Star God.’

‘There should be Sects that nearly have a hundred Star Gods, which would still put the level four Star God in danger. Pretty sure they want him to become a level five Star God before they start invading all the surrounding Sects.’

Gravis looked at the Law fragments of the Peak Immortal Emperors in the Sect.

‘They are incredibly unhappy,’ Gravis realized. ‘They feel unjustly rewarded for their work. They even hate the level four Star God, which is unusual for a Sect. Usually, all the disciples look up to the most powerful disciple under the Elders or leaders. They are kind of an idol.’

‘Yet, everyone hates him, and even more, it isn’t even because of the disciple himself. They hate him because the leaders keep funneling everything into him.’

Gravis smirked.

‘That actually reminds me of that entire thing with Silent Walker and Power Walker. Yet, compared to that situation back then, no poison has been used here. It’s simply a group of scheming old people trying to take down their enemies as quickly as possible.’

Gravis watched the level four Star God for a while longer.

‘Does he actually not want to breakthrough?’ Gravis thought. ‘Sure, it costs like 20 million God Stones to make a level five Star God, which is a ridiculous amount of wealth, but an entire Sect should be able to deal with such an expense.’

Gravis scratched his chin.

‘His Will-Aura is actually an entire level below his Realm. His Will-Aura is equivalent to a level three Star God, which shows that he has progressed with his Realm far too quickly. However, the fact still stands that he knows two level seven Laws. So, even with his relatively weak Will-Aura, he should still have an average amount of Battle-Strength for a level four Star God.’

Gravis also listened in on the conversations between the leaders and Elders.

Of course, they all had isolating Formation Arrays around their discussion halls, but something like that couldn’t stop Gravis.

‘Interesting,’ Gravis thought with a grin. ‘Not even the leaders are happy with him. They talk about the future war with frustration. They have already prepared their plans, but the crucial piece to their plan isn’t willing to cooperate, which is understandable. Being one level below one’s Realm in terms of Will-Aura is still recoverable, but two levels below one’s Realm is too much.’

‘The enemy’s Will-Aura would already suppress the person, making it basically impossible for the guy to fight anyone in his Realm. Yet, enemies one level below him are too weak. In essence, he would only be able to temper himself against geniuses one level below himself. There aren’t even many level four Star Gods in the world, and finding a genius would be even harder.’

‘Do they want to sacrifice this disciple for the Sect? Do they want to make him incredibly powerful in the short term while throwing away his future? That’s quite disgusting.’

Gravis looked at the level four Star God again.

Star Gods’ minds and personalities worked with the True Law of Sentience, making it impossible for Gravis to see through a Star God’s mind.

However, Gravis still knew the level seven Law of Sentience, which was a part of the level ten True Law of Sentience.

So, in a sense, Gravis could read a little bit. He could only read very general things, but that was often already enough.

‘He’s a loyal person,’ Gravis saw. ‘He’s fiercely loyal.’

Gravis sighed.

‘Means, I can’t recruit him,’ Gravis thought as he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly.

‘Well, I wouldn’t mind if he were just some random guy, but he just so happened to be an important part of one of our enemies’ organizations.’

‘Guess I gotta deal with him.’

‘But first of all, I need to provoke them into attacking the Myriad Sect. Broad Walker should now be the third most powerful Star God in the Myriad Sect after Stella and Exar. He now knows two level seven Laws. Manuel sadly isn’t there yet since he’s still missing a good Form Law.’

‘So, the Myriad Sect can fight four level two Star Gods easily. The remainder of the Sect only has to survive against the army of level one Star Gods until one of our level two Star Gods are done with their fight.’

‘It’s definitely dangerous to attempt to withstand so many Star Gods, but tempering is always dangerous.’

‘Also, dealing with this Sect should intimidate the other Sects. They will probably immediately attack us since they think we are easy prey.’

Gravis looked at the Shining Purity Sect, and a smirk slowly formed on Gravis’ face.

He already had a great plan.

“Stella, let’s turn this Sect upside down,” Gravis transmitted.

Down below, Stella was still talking with that guy from earlier.

“Tell me what to do,” Stella answered with a voice transmission.


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