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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1094: Void Needle Bahasa Indonesia

The level two Star God charged at Samuel’s battleground. Mortis and Ishtar had moved far away by now.

Exar was about to execute Samuel!

‘All set,’ Gravis thought to himself with a smirk.

Then, Gravis lightly slapped a concentrated ball of gas beside him.


The ball exploded, and everything else around it also exploded in a terrifying cacophony of destruction.

Gravis was consumed by fire, but the explosion only burned some parts of his skin, which healed in no time at all.

At the same time, the needle shot towards the new level two Star God.

Describing the speed of the needle…




None of these words did it justice.

It was simply too fast.

Even a level three Star God would have problems unleashing such a fast attack.

The Major Law of Time increased the flow of time manifold.

The Law of Space shortened the distance between the target and the needle, making it appear even faster.

The explosions had all fully been concentrated on the needle.

The speed of Heavenly Lightning and Void Lightning was added on top of it.

Several Mixed Elements with the power of level seven Laws had been explosively unleashed to speed up the needle.

This was the fastest attack Gravis could unleash, and it needed a long time to be prepared.

In a normal fight, it was impossible to ready this attack. The preparation time was simply too long.

When the Star God noticed the needle, it was already within a kilometer of his body.

A kilometer was nothing to Star Gods.

At the same time, the watching Ancestral God’s eyes widened in terror.

His disciple would die!

The disciple might not be able to react to the attack, but the Ancestral God had enough time.

Even a ridiculously fast attack, such as this one, moved in slow-motion to him.

‘I can’t let my disciple die!’

The Judge glanced at the Ancestral God.

The Ancestral God moved with speeds that no Star God could match to the battlefield.

The Ancestral God’s eyes widened in surprise.

The Judge hadn’t stopped him!

However, this Ancestral God had been in the highest world for millions of years, and he knew exactly what it meant when a Judge didn’t interfere when someone joined the battle.

He had been counted as part of the Sect war from the very beginning!

This could only mean one thing!


Space seemingly broke apart as the Ancestral God blocked a strike with his spear.


However, the Ancestral God was pushed nearly a hundred thousand kilometers into the distance by this attack.

A shooting star made of fire shot after the Ancestral God with speeds that no Star God could match.


Two spears clashed again as the person in the shooting star was unveiled.

He was a tall man with red hair and a broad chest, filled with chest hair.

It was Power Walker!

Why was Power Walker here?

Well, 50,000 years had already passed since the incident.

During that time, Power Walker had tried to flee the mines in a panic.

He needed his tea!

He needed to protect Silent Walker!

However, the overseer just wouldn’t let him go.

After a while, Power Walker had stopped and only mined ore in panic and terror.

During that time, Power Walker talked with all the other miners. After all, it wasn’t forbidden to talk with each other. As long as they mined their ore, they could do whatever they wanted.

In the beginning, all the other miners ridiculed Power Walker for his conduct, but after a while, they realized that something was seriously wrong with him.

It didn’t take them long to figure out what exactly had been wrong with Power Walker. After all, all the miners around Power Walker were also experienced Ancestral Gods.

Over the next thousand years, they all talked with Power Walker, and as the effect of the Favorite Child Poison lessened, Power Walker became receptive to their words.

It was then that the true torture began.

Power Walker was consumed with hatred for Silent Walker and guilt for Broad Walker.

What had he done!?

When his time was up, he traveled to the former Broad Earth Sect and found Broad Walker.

Power Walker immediately fell to his knees and cried in guilt.

He was so sorry for how he had treated his disciple.

Broad Walker quickly accepted his master back and told him that it wasn’t his fault.

Instead of being angry, Power Walker was thankful to the Myriad Sect.

From this day forth, Power Walker decided that he would join the Myriad Sect as a form of guardian. He wouldn’t involve himself with the Myriad Sect, but he would help them in times of crisis.

Power Walker had been the owner of the powerful voice that had advised Manuel on how to proceed in the war.

The Sect Master of the Eternal Fire Sect hadn’t seen Power Walker since Power Walker had been in Opposer City at exactly that moment.

What a coincidence!

Well, Gravis’ friends all had a ridiculous amount of Karmic Luck.

Such a coincidence wasn’t a coincidence when it came to the Myriad Sect.

There was simply too much accumulated Karmic Luck in the Myriad Sect.

This entire clash between the two Ancestral Gods had been so incredibly fast that the needle, which Gravis had shot, had only moved by 500 meters in that time.

The new Star God was too slow.

He had seen the needle near the end, but his body and mind just couldn’t move fast enough to mount any kind of defense in such a fraction of an instant.

The needle touched the Star God’s body.

Then, time seemingly stopped.

As the needle touched the Star God, a black, round portal appeared and extended from that spot, rotating clockwise.

The sound of space being warped could be heard across the battlefield.

The black portal became around 20-meters-wide and completely enveloped the needle and the Star God.

Then, the black portal changed its rotation and began to shrink.

It shrank more and more until it was barely visible.


The sound of a bursting bubble could be heard as all the belongings of the Star God appeared in the air.

The Star God and the needle had utterly vanished.

Gravis smirked.

“Success!” he said to himself.

“Say hello to my Void Needle!”

Void Needle.

This was an upgraded version of Mortality.

It had a far longer preparation time, but its destructive power was simply ridiculous.

Gravis had come up with the idea of this attack when he had seen how Mortis had fought Nira back then.

Mortis had been able to pause the effects of time and space by using a lot of lightning.

Why not use that in an attack?

Gravis had concentrated this effect into a tiny area. A ton of Heavenly Lightning would explode at the tip of the needle in the same way Mortis used it to break time and space.

The force of the Heavenly Lightning was so powerful that space and time would be warped by such an insane degree that it would tear apart everything in a ten-meter radius.

However, there had been a problem.

The portal extended too slowly.

A Star God could easily escape the portal by detonating a massive part of their Energy.

That was when the Major Law of Death came into play.

All the Energy a Star God would unleash would be consumed by the added Major Law of Death.

Yet, it still wasn’t impossible to escape the effects of the Void Needle.

A level two Star God simply needed to unleash over 80% of their Energy.

However, they would only have a single shot.

Of course, no sane Star God would use that much Energy. After all, if they did that, they would be out of Energy.

This meant that, in essence, the Void Needle also preyed on the combat experience of their opponent.

A stupid amateur could escape since they would unleash all they had in a panic, but an experienced fighter would fall victim to the Void Needle.

If the Void Needle hit Gravis’ opponent, they would die.

Sadly, the Void Needle was basically unusable in an actual fight.

It was even a challenge to unleash Mortality, and the Void Needle needed even more time to be prepared.


At the same time, Samuel was vertically bisected by Exar.

The fight between them had obviously ended.

Exar felt his Will-Aura increase a little bit, but not that much.

The tempering had only been so-so.


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