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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1072: Interrogation Warrant Bahasa Indonesia

Power Walker’s eyes widened in shock as the clerk in front of him exploded out of nowhere.

What the fuck was going on!?

The other clerks looked at the place of their dead colleague and sneered. ‘Idiot,’ they thought. ‘You’re supposed to report suspicious information, not request a background check.’

The other clerks had been in the Information Pavilion for far longer than this clerk, and they knew what this meant.

Usually, when a background check for a sensitive individual was commissioned, the clerk would only receive a severe pay cut.

However, there was one incidence when the clerk was directly killed.

That was when that person was one of the Opposer’s children.

The clerks knew immediately that their dead colleague had tried to run a background check on one of the Opposer’s children, but they didn’t dare to check who it was.

They didn’t want to die.

Instead, one of the clerks walked over and pocketed all of the dead clerk’s belongings. Then, he looked at Power Walker. “How much did you pay?” they asked.

“150,000 God Stones,” Power Walker said absentmindedly. He still had no idea what was going on.

The clerk handed the 150,000 God Stones back to Power Walker. “I’m sorry, but the information you requested has been classified as Top Secret. We can’t help you.”

The clerk didn’t even check since he knew exactly that it would be classified as Top Secret.

Power Walker’s eyes widened in shock. “Top Secret!? How!? Why!?” he asked in anger.


Power Walker was forcefully teleported out of the Information Pavilion and reappeared on the streets of Opposer City, stunned.


Ring, ring, ring!

Suddenly, Power Walker heard an alarm ring from beside him. He saw one of the guards holding some sort of mechanism in his hands, which pointed at him.


A Commander in golden armor appeared in front of Power Walker. “It is forbidden to wear Aura-concealing equipment in Opposer City. Pay a fine of 1,000 God Stones or be sent to the mines!” he commanded.

Power Walker was still stunned, but his rage exploded. “What!? I didn’t-“


An incredibly powerful Will-Aura pressed down on Power Walker, and he couldn’t move anymore.

“Are you resisting!?” the Commander shouted.

Power Walker gritted his teeth and put the Aura-concealing equipment back into his Spirit Space.

“Oh, it’s you,” the Commander said with a more relaxed tone. “Happy to see you again!”

Then, the Commander extended his right hand. “1,000 God Stones,” he demanded.

Power Walker nearly exploded in anger, but he kept himself in check. He couldn’t antagonize anyone here.

If he did, his junior brother wouldn’t get his revenge!

Power Walker took out 1,000 God Stones wordlessly and handed them over.

The Commander pocketed them and smiled. “Happy to do business with you,” he said before teleporting away.

“Wait!” Power Walker shouted.

The Commander stopped his teleportation as all the other guards scattered. “Do you need something?” he asked. He needed to be polite to such a big customer!

Power Walker gritted his teeth. “I want to issue an Interrogation Warrant!” he transmitted.

The Commander’s smirk immediately widened.

Sure enough, this was a big customer!

“For whom?” he asked via voice transmission.

Power Walker simulated Gravis’ Aura again. “For him,” he transmitted.

The Commander checked the Aura and used his authority as Commander to allow himself to check through the Formation Arrays in Opposer City.

He quickly found Gravis in his apartment.

“That will be 50,000 God Stones,” the Commander answered.

Power Walker nodded and handed the God Stones over.

He would never see these God Stones again.

Power Walker had already spent so much money on this entire thing, but it was worth it for his junior brother’s revenge!

The Commander pocketed the God Stones and nodded.


Then, the Commander teleported away.


And arrived in Gravis’ apartment.

Gravis and Stella were startled as someone suddenly barged into their home.

However, they quickly calmed down when they saw the golden armor of the Commander.

“Commander, what do you need?” Gravis asked in confusion.

“Keep that if you want to live,” the Commander said as he threw a token to Gravis.

Gravis caught the token and looked at it.

Gravis lifted an eyebrow as he saw the token.

He knew exactly what this token meant.

At first, Stella had been afraid. Why was a Commander looking for Gravis? Yet, when she saw the token, she released a sigh of relief.

This token signified that Gravis couldn’t die in the next five years.

However, it also meant that Gravis couldn’t earn any money for five years.

Gravis quickly contacted Eve. “Eve, an Interrogation Warrant has been issued for me,” he said.

“Okay,” Eve answered.

That was all Eve said.

“Alright, everything has been dealt with,” Gravis said to the Commander.

The Commander nodded. “Follow me,” he ordered.


Gravis and the Commander teleported away.

What was an Interrogation Warrant?

As the name implied, Gravis would be interrogated for the next five years.

By whom?

By the one that issued the warrant.

This meant that Gravis would be handed over to Power Walker for interrogation.

But wait, wasn’t that bad?

Not really.

If someone could just kill someone or steal from someone by paying 50,000 God Stones, wouldn’t everyone do that? After all, many Peak Immortal Emperors had things in their Spirit Space that were worth far more.

That was why there were two restrictions to Interrogation Warrants.

First of all, a price had to be paid according to the Realm of the person being interrogated. This discouraged people from issuing wrongful Interrogation Warrants.

The second restriction was the wellbeing of the person being interrogated. If the person died in the next five years, the person issuing the Interrogation Warrant would be killed. Their family, disciples, and masters would also be killed.

This was to stop someone from being a sacrificial pawn. After all, the main reason why someone would give their life for something like this would be their love for someone else, who had probably been taken hostage or something similar.

So, if they sacrificed their life by issuing an Interrogation Warrant and then killing said person, their loved ones would all die, making the act senseless.

Funnily enough, Gravis could even kill all of the ones that were involved in this affair by simply killing himself.

In a morbid sense, this gave Gravis quite some power.

Sadly, sacrificing a clone didn’t work. After all, as long as Gravis still existed in some capacity, the Interrogation Warrant wouldn’t be triggered.


As Gravis appeared in the streets, he saw Power Walker.

‘That should be an Ancestral God. If he were a Divine God, it wouldn’t be a Commander that came to fetch me,’ Gravis thought. ‘I guess this is the master of that one dude that tried to steal from me in the past. Huh, I wondered when he would show up.’

“Hi, I will be under your care for the next five years,” Gravis said casually as he waved at Power Walker.

Power Walker looked with hatred at Gravis. “You will wish that you were never born!”

“Don’t threaten me with a good time,” Gravis sneered. “Are you saying that you want to train my Will-Aura? Please go ahead!”

Power Walker’s rage exploded as he grabbed Gravis by the throat.

Gravis didn’t resist.

Wasn’t this just like back when he had been captured by the Red King?


Gravis’ neck broke as Power Walker looked with fear at him.

He hadn’t pressed down that hard!

He let Gravis go, and Gravis’ neck healed.

“Oh, that was close,” Gravis said with a smile. “I nearly died there. You should really be careful with your strength, senior. What if I accidentally lose my head while falling down some stairs? You should know that I have osteoporosis. You better be careful!”

“The person has been handed over,” the Commander said. “Everything from now on is your responsibility. I presume you know what that means.”

Power Walker nodded. “I know,” he said.

“Good,” the Commander answered. “Do come back to Opposer City. You’re always welcome here!”


The street beneath Power Walker’s feet exploded as he released part of his power in anger. Was this guy mocking him!?

“Ah! That’s another three God Stones!” the Commander shouted, extending his right hand. “Pay up.”

Power Walker had had enough!

Everyone was constantly provoking him!

Power Walker looked with hatred at the Commander and released his Will-Aura.

“Oh, are you threatening me? That’s another 5,000 God Stones!” the Commander said with a smirk.

Power Walker’s mind nearly exploded.

That hadn’t been his intention at all!

However, he knew that the best way out of this was to comply.

Power Walker paid his debt, and the Commander teleported away.

Then, Power Walker looked with furious eyes at Gravis.

Gravis only smiled.


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